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10 on Tuesday

10 Things I buy every week (not groceries)

1. Medium Non-Fat Creme Caramel w/Whip

This is the most amazing drink! I get it at a local Bean Around the World — I’ve been to other shops and they have nothing as good as it. (though it really depends on your barista!)

I try to buy something fun each week for myself- this is a range of things:

2.  . New Knitting/Craft /Garden magazine

3. a book

4. cool handmade item from the Farmer’s Market or Etsy

5. fabric

6. yarn

7. new pet toy/accessory

8. cookbook/magazine

9. makeup

10. hair styling product

While making this list I realized 2 things: 1- I buy a lot of coffee! 2- I usually treat myself to grocery type items — I think it’s past time I chanage that!

Ooh — I also like buying things for the garden, and plants.


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