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Nothing is Irreversible



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On turning 36

Somehow I have found myself 36 and nowhere near the life I had pictured for myself.

Instead of giving into gloom and misery, I have decided to take charge and start doing the things I would like to do/would have thought I’d done.

To that end I have composed a list, a la Hula 70, of things to do in the coming year. (hint: scroll down to the bottom of the page to see her full list)

The List - Take 2

I think it’s going to be fun. Most of them are do-able. On my own or with family/friends.

I’ve already completed #32:  PJ’s and Popcorn night. It was a total blast:  Art. Tea. Cookies. Lindor chocolates. Popcorn. Fun little origami popcorn tubs. 5 kids in their PJ’s upstairs. 4 adults in their PJ’s downstairs. Super cozy woodfire. Great conversation.

It’s definitely something to be repeated.

I may not document them all here…then again, maybe I will.

The List in a readable format:


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