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An FO!Picture 344

Shocking isn’t it? If you saw the Ravelry input you’d know that this little number took 11 months! Oh my goodness.

Picture 336

Despite how long I took, I’m really happy with this sweater. It’s cozy, it feels good, it hangs well and the button holes worked! What next for my knitting?

Wellllll – if you believe it, I joined NaKniSweMo. Which is National Knit a Sweater in a Month. I seriously need to get faster – let’s see if I can do it!

Picture 342

Nothing’s too flattering when you have this shape but…I’m still pleased. And yes, it’s missing a button. I bought 2 packets of buttons but when I got home I had 1 packet. Irritating. So now I’ll be making another trip to the store. Blergh.


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It’s hard enough taking a picture of yourself in a mirror – one that is somewhat complimentary! But add to that an eye-bending blend of purples and…this is the clearest shot I got.

Picture 297

These are the “good” pictures – and I took about 20. There was a line forming for the bathroom! In this one you can kind of see the stitch pattern…

Picture 296

See the pretzel-like human struggle with the camera!

Picture 294

In the end, there are no good pics but…it is a very warm sweater. Which will be excellent because it was only 2 degrees this morning! Ugh. When did winter arrive??

Tonight I’ll be snug in my house, finishing the sleeve (not too ambitious, notice the singular ‘sleeve’) and watching Season 3 of BSG.

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I’ve joined the Mystery Sock group at Ravelry.

Picture 286

Scanning the HorizonI am knitting like a fiend while watching Seasons 1&2 of Battlestar Galactica. I’m so glad I didn’t watch this live and don’t have to wait! It’s amazing to see local places showing up – Gaius Baltar’s beach house is not far from where we camp each year – recognize that horizon?

bsg_1589 Ok, so their resolution is much better…the house they shot this from is just 20 min from here. Makes me almost wish I’d known about it at the time…

When I was a kid I loved the  original Battlestar — I know, total cheese. I had a major crush on Starbuck  and I loved this little guy:  Whoo boy was I afraid of those Cylons! I would watch each Sunday afternoon but most of the time I was regretting my choice! Then again, I was 5….

 Here’s my finished cuff, resting beneath the Engelman’s Ivy. I love this time of year!

Picture 287

A closeup of the stitch pattern…more or less. ;-D

Picture 288

Tonight I’ll finish Season 2 and cast on the sleeves for my February Lady’s Sweater.  My goodness, what if I finish something?!

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