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Just in time for Oscar season!

10 Favourite Best Picture Winners


1. Amadeus — how I love this movie!!



2. Out of Africa – makes me cry like a baby. The music alone can do that!

3. Gone With the Wind – totally remember renting a video player in the silver case and spending an entire evening as a family watching this — 2 videos! An intermission people!

4. The Sound of Music — here comes the parade of musicals. Our family was into these in a big way…Eidelweiss broke my heart. 😦

5. My Fair Lady — aayyyohhh guv-nah. I do believe this was the very first film I saw with…gasp:Swearing!

6. Gigi — 2nd only to Show Boat, this was my favourite musical as a child. I haven’t watched it as an adult – I have a feeling it won’t hold up well. I thought Leslie Caron was the most beautiful girl/woman I had ever seen. I loved her bangs.

7. The Godfather Part 2 — love the music, love the young De Niro and Pacino meerroww!

8. Rebecca — so moody and mysterious.

9. The Last Emperor — don’t remember a lot of this movie (well, except for that wetnurse for the full grown child!) but distinctly recall being stunned by the beauty of the filming.

10. LotR — though I think that the 1st movie should have won.

and just one more….

11. Schindler’s List — I’m still not recovered.

And while we’re on the topic…Someone tell me how Life is Beautiful is not a Best Picture??


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