Wintry Weekend

After a brisk walk in the cold wind, Kira and I let the chickens out to explore. It’s their favourite thing – in all weather.


Lone bird

The best part of spending time in the outdoors?

Snuggling back inside.


New Project

-5 with the windchill

 Hope you’ve enjoyed a cozy winters’ weekend.


is the end.


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Well the marathon that was Episode 17 and 18 of LOST is mid-post for me — and I’m trying to think of some way to take it apart that won’t equal a 12 page post — here is one relieving bit of news:

Crash footage at end of LOST Explained!!

As well as something to look forward to at the end of August!

Honestly – I was a mess while viewing, and even afterwards. Writing the post is even causing tears to spill. 🙂

There’s also this bit of silliness.

And this for the Ladies….

I know

the review of Lost 616 is incomplete — just before I went to publish some glitch happened so my last hour of writing disappeared.

I wanted so much to get the post up before the finale aired.


More later.

LOST 616

What They Died For

Special Note: Yes – my LOST reviews are behind. Stinkin’ life. Keeps getting in the way. But not to worry – I’ve seen every episode. (some more than once) The LOST reviews will appear here – I apologize for their delay and swear they will remain true to my responses upon first viewing — meaning, not slanted by the finale. BTW – how is it the finale all ready?

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Hi All!

I apologize for neglecting this blog most dreadfully.
I am 6 episodes behind on my LOST blogging — sheesh! And I have been knitting gifts and exchange items that I haven’t even taken pictures of yet.

Chalk it up to Spring weather, overtime, conferences, company and cable! Yes – finally cable in my own home. Ahhh to watch LOST from the comfort of my own sofa — or, in keeping with the high number of C’s in the earlier sentence — couch.

Also…there’s been some bike riding that resulted in:

                                    hdfjjk 003            Oh noooooo!

2 disgustingly scraped and swollen knees + 1 dramatic phone call/rescue from my Uncle. Days and days of stiffness and Bride of Frankenstein lurching.

Train tracks in the rain. Not a good idea friends.

Doesn’t that 2nd one look Mr. Bill-ish? With lipstick? or making the Mr. Yuck face?

LOST + Knitting

It is a knit blog right?

Well…not so much during LOST. Thankfully I am not the only fibre-freak LOSTfanatic.

Check out these awesome colourways:

That’s the Bad Robot colourway from RiverPoet Fiber and Yarn. There’s one skein remaining….



This is the 4815162342 colourway from Yarntini — quick! There are 5 left! My skein was a gift (in a Ravelry One Skein exchange) from Pipp of Pipp’s Purses.

I haven’t decided what to make yet but…I love them all the same. One day soon I’ll post some pics of my current projects — I’ve just been crazy busy. Add Lost blogging to that and…I have no time!

sorry the pics are blurry – only have a crap camera at the moment!