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and I will be on my ship. Ahhhhh.

In the meanwhile I am working for the 4th time on Nagini – the b*stard sock from h*ll. It finally fits properly and now I have to stop myself from changing it into an ankle sock to just be finished with the blasted thing already.

I have packed Bellatrix, because one Nagini is going to be enough for me. I can tell. Can’t you? I am going to be using some evily-tinged green bamboo blend yarn named Hedera Helix from Perchance to Knit. Gorgeous stuff.


I have been catching up on my blog reading (sorry if I haven’t gotten to you yet –  I will) and the posts at Fat Chick Crafts have been giving me a lot to think about. Being overweight can be an all consuming thing and it is amazing how polarized discussions about weight/weight loss quickly become.

In that department – I was down 3.2 lbs at the last weigh in. Which means I actually lost close to 11 lbs, because I didn’t go back for 3 weeks – I couldn’t cope with having those numbers recorded — or paying $15 to be told what I already knew.

Oh and speaking of $’s – could our dollar be any better as I head off to Alaska? Let the shopping begin! That reminds me, I need to do an internet search for yarn shops in the ports of call since I haven’t found any in the past.

I haven’t been able to put Pope Joan down but I abandoned Until I Find You – I saw too much of an online review while linking to the sidebar and had no interest in ‘gratuitous passages of sexual abuse’. Come on.

I’ll leave you with a pic of the last Hydrangeas of this season.


Oooh and also today while I was in the dentist’s chair, struggling to relax during a root canal, what comes on the radio? Yep. Flight of the Conchords. Business Time. Jemaine Clement. A perfect distraction.

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one Helluva(n) overdue post.

So…here’s the knitting update. Still no pic of the Dress Code – tomorrow should be a red letter day (aka I’ll be wearing makeup and my hair should be somewhat styled) so it could make for a good photo shoot. Then there’s Nagini.

                                      Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ah. Nagini. Just writing about it makes me hissss. I have ripped back 3 times now. The foot is perfect. The cables are a dream. The blasted thing won’t fit past my ankle. So. Here is hoping the 3rd time’s the charm or I am going to hex that horrid thing.

Perhaps because of Nagini, camping, family visits and work moves (don’t even let me get started on that!) or perhaps because of numerous intangibles I have been feeling disinclined to knit.

I haven’t even bought any yarn. Shocking isn’t it?

I have been doing the strangest things instead. Excercising. Reading — books! Organizing my house. Watching movies in the dark (remember that?). Talking on the phone. Learning – somewhat – how to work my Ipod (now to load up/upload some new files…).

This is Kira’s reaction to our new schedule of extra long walks.


Speaking of excercising – I realize that I have thoroughly neglected the Weight Loss Challenge – mostly because I was kicking *ss at the Weight Gain Challenge, what with all the chips, smokies and s’mores during 3 weeks of camping adventures. This week marks my return to WW’s and I sincerely hope I have gotten this binging out of my system. At least until my CRUISE!! 12 more sleeps people!

And now that we’ve gotten into binging…I cannot stop with the Flight of the Conchords. They are comedic perfection. Cousin M and I watched the whole season online last weekend. I cannot get their music out of my head. This afternoon an HBO special of theirs was on — right after Rushmore. 

                                           Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Max Fischer: Tell that stupid Mick he just made my list of things to do today.

Thank you Wes Anderson.  😀

What are you watching?

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What does it mean when something arrives in the mail that you have no recollection ordering?


I was seriously thinking I should order this over the weekend – and here it is in my mail box. (super fast shipping – thank you Sandra Singh!) I adore this designer’s patterns. Versatile, feminine, unique and let me tell you – generously sized. I am going to have a hard time choosing what to knit first. I’m pretty sure it will be Anais in a brownish rose.

When I was on the Island for the Yarn Harlot, Debbie and I pored over Knitting Nature and I told myself I would buy the book when I reached my 10% WLC goal. This week – week 16 – I was up 3 lbs. Sigh. I need to kickstart myself again. I have 11lbs to go to reach my 10% , 5 lbs for my co-workers wedding in 2 weeks (or at the very least a flatter stomach which means EXCERCISING, practically a foreign word) and a cruise to Alaska late September. None of these goals will be reached by consuming the peanutbutter M&M’s I am craving.

At any rate. The Addi turbo circular needles I splashed out on at Ebay also arrived this week. Whoo! They are so much nicer than the ones I have been using. Those had such a rough join that my left thumbnail is actually a little warped from working so hard to ‘slip’ the stitches onto the needle. The Addi turbo’s are not as pointed as I would like, but the flexible cable and the smooth, butter smooth join really make up for that. Nagini is progressing nicely on the new needles (pics added tomorrow – when I get the camera out of the trunk – me laaazy).

Have you seen this gorgeous top? The other day I popped in for a pb choco fix at our local Gelato, only to discover a yarn sale. I mean Sale people. Anywhere from 10% to 70%. The choices, the choices.

I decided to go with the reccommended light colour for Ophelia and I bought all 7 balls of  in White #3. Ready to cast on, I went to double check I had more than enough (6 balls were required) yarn. Oh. How long have I been knitting? No matter what people tell you – it is not the number of balls, it is the size.

Yeah. 6 balls at 137m each not 6 balls of 78m each – which is what I had. Knowing that I had bought ALL of the yarn available I began a 2 day online search for 3 more balls of this rarer than rare yarn – and it’s particular dyelot, I might forget about yardage but I know this requirement. After fruitless attempts to buy online, I went back to the Gelato after work tonight, all prepared to trade in my squishy, soft, luxe white yarn for another just-as-good-but-not-in-love-with-it yarn. But what is this? Lurking beneath some purpley Debbie Bliss is…OMG a ball of White #3. Now I am searching all of the shelves. I found another ball. 2!! 2 out of 3. Yes!

I bravely asked if there was more Sale yarn, of this particular type and dyelot, in the back. Nope. But never fear. The shop owner is going to root through her personal stash tonight, just in case she has one or two at home. I’ll be back there tomorrow. If she doesn’t have another ball I think I will still be ok. I only needed about 13m from the last ball, and I do have incredibly tight tension and in making all other patterns I have found I have 1, if not 2, balls leftover afterwards. Too naive? Too Pollyanna? I could always tweak the pattern a little…

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WLC Week 14

Thanks in part to everyone’s support of my efforts, I dug deep and really took my excercise up a notch this week. I rode my bike to work each day – and home (before I was getting picked up after work). I took some very long walks and made some of those little changes, like parking at the far end of the parking lot.

I relaxed my diet a litte more, adding back in some foods I had cut — but still no fast food (yippee!) — and tried to just carry on like I wasn’t worried about it.

At this week’s Weigh In I was down 5 lbs!! Even. Yay!

In knitting news: Tragedy was averted. Narrowly. I was unable to find my blue Jaywalkers for 6 days. I was convinced (but fortunately not angry) that my Mom had thrown them out by accident. I cast on Nagini to console myself. But I couldn’t shake the image of that nearly finished 2nd sock. It haunted me. Yesterday, when I was no longer looking for it, I went to put something in a box at work and there they were! Packed, in a box, for the Preschool. Weird but such a relief. So…the Jaywalkers continue unfinished into another week of the SoS’s.

If you are a sensitive knitter you may not want to scroll down for this pic…


I thought this was a dead leaf. I nearly used my hand to take it off the curtain. Ugh! Upon learning that moths do in fact eat wool I have a new found fear to combat. Curse these warm nights – we need to install new screens. Pronto. I can’t knit very fast and my stash could be threatened.

To soothe worried knitters I have included this picture of the Hydrangea growing outside our front door.

pict2072.jpg    Lovely isn’t it?

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So it has been two weeks since my last Weight Loss Challenge update and folks, it’s not going too well.

I shouldn’t be so dramatic. Really the WI on the 4th I was up .2 lbs   No big deal right? I had been expecting a loss because, well I was used to them. So the next week I made some big changes to my diet. I totally shook things up.

For 9 days I had no, absolutely NO drive-thru or restaurant food. I made my own meals, I ate nearly only veggies and fruit and I started excercising.

3 hikes, 3 times swimming, daily walks. But I had a week from H. E. Double Hockey Sticks: work + family in care +Ministry Investigation = No sleep and lots of stress.

2 things that fight against weight loss. So this Wednesday, I was up 1.6 lbs. And I was Upset. I know, in the scheme of things that is not quite 2lbs – so why am I so shaken up over it? Too tired to think it over much.

This is the 3rd week in a row that I am suffering from insomnia. Add to all these things that it has been too hot to knit (aaahhh!!)  so hot that for the last 4 days I haven’t wanted to eat a thing. Except for maybe Frozen Yogurt or an Ice Capp. Not good things when you are trying to lose weight.

I haven’t given up. I had salad and chicken for dinner. Soy Blueberry and Plum pancakes for breakfast. Dullsville sandwich for lunch and lite (read Dry) popcorn for a snack. And loads of water. I told you – it’s hot here.

So if anyone has some helpful advice, some words of encouragement, or a good kick in the seat for me – I could really use it!

In other news: I saw OtP the other night. I didn’t hate it…but….I didn’t love it either. I think they did an incredibly bad job with Sirius and Harry’s relationship – two winks and an accidental “James” right at the end? what sense does that make to most viewers? I LOVED Luna. She was perfect.

Maybe I am a little disappointed because I expected more Snape in this film. Harry and he did spend a lot of time together in OtP. I have to say, in our theatre there was a very young boy (5 or 6) and when Harry accessed Snape’s memories his little voice piped up a beat later “So THAT’S why he hates him so much.” Savvy little Potter-phile.

I am reading Book 6 in preparation for next weekend. Somehow I have to shield myself from all media and public conversations. I won’t be able to read the book until Sunday night. Good thing I have Monday and Tuesday off (not that I think it will take that long but…it is nice to think I can linger if I want to)

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Well, another week and I have lost .6 lbs!
Again, I was surprised. I was pretty sure I would have gained but…I somehow pulled out a loss. Hmmmm…

I have seen this quiz at a few blogs now and thought I would try it out – since things have been all about the dogs lately. Kira and her accident & quick recovery, I am dog sitting again for 5 days (so fun but soooo busy) AND …. let the rant begin Now: An Animal Control Officer has been going door to door in our town and fining people for having unlicensed dogs. Entering their private property after talking to neighbours, watching from her van etc. and  then quizzing them about the dog in their home and issuing tickets if the dog is unlicensed.

Now generally I think of myself as a reasonable person (stop smirking!), I know I do more than my share to support animal shelters, animal activist groups {and at the Farmer’s Market the other day I donated to the new foundation that pays vet bills etc. for the pets of the homeless and low income people in our community – a foundation NOT affiliated with our municipality btw} and I am all for helping to fund community initiatives.

I came home to one of these ‘tickets’ after my book club Weds. to find out my Mom had voluntarily given the woman all kinds of info I would have refused and closed the door.

Ever since getting Kira I have chosen not to license her for a $50 fee EACH year because in this small community pet owners talk and our Animal ‘Control’ lady is known to take leashed dogs from outside businesses and from within their own fenced in yards. She has personally stopped me twice while I was out with Kira – once to ask if she was a “stray”. Yep, take her away please before she attacks these children we’re walking with – and once to tell me Kira needed to be wearing her license in our fenced in Daycare yard. “Oh, did she forget it again?” I replied rolling my eyes.

Ok so I have a personal issue with the employee BUT the kick in the pants is that while nearly every 3rd house in our community of 18,00 has a dog – there is not one dog park here. Dogs are prohibited from being on trails, parks, beaches, lakes and if seen unleashed and unlicensed from the rivers and forests too. Of course the vast majority of people ignore these rules. I get that some dogs are unsafe, I really do. I understand that there are dogs requiring shelter, food and medical care who have no owners and Animal Control cares for them at the pound – BUT the food, vet care, walking and grooming are taken care of by VOLUNTEERS and DONATION. Oh, there’s taxes too helping to cover these costs and pay wages.  Oh wait – there are biodegradable doggie waste bags all over town but…what is this? Oh, covered by corporate and private donation – NOT the municipality.

So why such a high charge and why each year? I can see $50 the 1st year and then up to $10 renewal each subsequent year. But seriously.

Here is the thing – my friend has a dog. A family dog. He is 17 yrs old. He is blind, deaf and in failing health (I know, I think it would be a kindness to say good bye but – he is not my dog) and unlikely to survive the summer.

This Animal Control chick rang their doorbell and handed them a $50 fine for having an unlicensed dog. She saw him in the window and cross referenced their address to learn there was no dog registered there. And had the audacity to tell them this.

Don’t you think tax payer’s money could go to some other cause than allowing this woman to harass people? I am pretty sure the shelter dogs could do with a comfier bed or a bigger run or a location not beside the Human Waste Treatment Facility. Or heck, personalized licenses of their own.

Let’s say just for fun there are 18,000 people here and every 4th home had a dog, that would be 1334 dogs or $66,700 in licensing fees alone, per year. Doesn’t that seem like an egregious money grab? And to be going door to door in each neighbourhood – boy I can think of a whole lot of ways to spend this woman’s wages that would help pets out more.

I left a lengthy voice mail to this affect and oddly enough – no answer. I just want to know what the money actually does to help me, my pet and the community. What does this over priced license DO for us? Anyone know? I sincerely want to know.

So {if you are still reading} are you surprised by these results?

You Are: 40% Dog, 60% Cat

You and cats have a lot in common.
You’re both smart and in charge – with a good amount of attitude.
However, you do have a very playful side that occasionally comes out!

Are You More Cat or Dog?

No? What about this?

You Are 54% Bitchy

Generally, you’re an average woman, with average moods. But sometimes… well, watch out!
Sometimes, you let your mean side get the better of you. And you enjoy every minute of it.

How Bitchy Are You?

or even this:

Your Wrath Quotient: 45%

Ouch! You’ve got a bit of a temper going on there, don’t you?
Just make sure to keep your revenge fantasies just that… fantasies only!

How Much Wrath Do You Have?

I hope you’re smiling!

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Somehow, in the midst of not tracking what I ate this past week, I lost 4.6 lbs! Coulda been the stress…
That brings my total loss to 19.8 lbs – boo ya!
So I have 10.2 to go to make my July goal — is it strange that I don’t remember if my goal was for the beginning of July or the end of July? ‘Cause I can’t. So let’s call it the end of July, ok? Ok.
I think that the veggie soup helped get me back on track. I must have needed it too because it tasted heavenly to me. Now I have got to drop the TimBits this week. D*mn those things.

In other news: The Summer of Socks has begun! I already have 3 pairs on the go…so, no need to cast on a new pair just yet.

pict2071.jpgHere are my Math Whiz socks. They are progressing quite nicely(given I have only spent 40 min or so on them – gotta love sportweight) and though you might not be able to see it in this pic, the pattern is so cool. All triangle-y. Who knew Math could be so fun?

I do have lots of plans for socks – coming in a future post. 🙂

Now, an update on Kira. She is doing very, very well. She has needed a little more cuddle time than usual, but Thursday night she was back to her old perky self. Phew. She has a new, summer haircut.
Her wound is closing very rapidly (which is good since she pulled the staples out, little devil) but she was licking it quite a bit. So…she has had to be coned during parts of the day to prevent infection.

For bedtime we rig her up like this

Gauze covered by a baby sock! She has only pulled it off once, which is pretty darned good if you ask me. Other than that, she has resigned herself to it.


Thank you so much for all of your comments, e-mails and well wishes for Kira (and me!). We really appreciate it.

I know I referred to the high cost of her vet bill, and really it only seems high because we don’t have medical bills (for the most part) here in Canada. Our friends to the South are not so fortunate. One knitting friend, Annie Modesitt, is in need of some help offsetting her husband’s medical bills. Please stop by her site, read a little of their story and buy a knitting pattern – or two, or three.

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Sooo I really let things fall by the wayside while I was away. Yes, yes we walked nearly everywhere for most of each day but…not enough to counterbalance the food choices I was making.

But oh was it yummy! We had Thai, Dim Sum, Vietnamese (oh the Iced Coffee!! – not many calories in that condensed milk, no way) and desserts, scones and devonshire cream….oh I could go on.

End result: A gain of 1.8 lbs             Not as badly as I was expecting so I can live with it. I am just shaking myself out of old food habits (so easy to fall back into aren’t they?) and trying to keep on moving. I am also focusing on more changes other than the scale. For example I am now wearing a Size 18! Down from a 22. Yep – Size 22 folks. And those pants were getting tight when I joined WW’s 11 weeks ago. I am wearing some black cords, and wearing them comfortably – when I could not even pull them up past my thighs 3.5 weeks ago! How is that for progress?

Also – today at work I was carrying some water cups out of the kitchen and a Kinder said to me, “Michelle you aren’t so — and made a puffed out face and held his hands in front of his belly (they can be so sensitive!) — as you used to be. You’re getting skinny looking.” And another little guy said, “That’s because she’s getting a new shape on. Right Michelle?”  Out of the mouths of babes. 😀

Ok – here are some new links/projects I have to share with you.
First: If you are in Canada, and would like to take part in a Dish Rag Tag game (you recieve a box with a cloth, some treats and 2 balls of cotton – make a cloth from one of the balls, add new treats and new cotton and pass it on) please contact Dorothy @ Knitting Stuff and Going On and On. This is an American swap game but she is working with the organizer to start a Canadian chapter – she needs 10 people to sign up and I think she has 3 right now. Come on – you know you wanna!
Second: Ravelry continues to get me in hot knitting water — there is so much to see and do! I might need to drop down to part time work (yeah right!). I found a Mystery Stole KAL queued in a friend’s notebook and couldn’t resist. Even though I have never knit lace before…I had to join. Check it out – sign ups close July 6th at midnight.

And now, here is what you have all been waiting for:

imgp0215a.jpgClick for a closeup view of the gorgeous pattern I found at the Beehive. This is what I am going to make with the Grape Fizz! The wonderful ladies sold me their store copy when they found out they were all out of this Regia booklet – talk about customer service.

imgp0219.jpgThese are going to be used to make up this little number. What do you think? A Scarlet Capelet for Miss Scarlett? I think it is too perfect. I do plan on making it a little longer…

And now that I have one Spinning lesson under my belt, I couldn’t resist buying roving. imgp0225.jpg

And some silk hankies that seemed ludicrously low priced. imgp0214.jpg There are 7 large hankies and 4 little bitty ones. $3 altogether.

Picked up some more sock yarn that was priced to fly off the table.pict2020.jpgpict2021.jpg

I also bought a few things that are not knit or for knitting – shocking isn’t it?imgp0216.jpg

I couldn’t leave Kira out.imgp0217.jpg I picked these goodies up at t

he sweetest little shop with 2 resident dogs. The owner was so friendly – he included sample doggie cupcakes with my purchase. I will definitely be back – and if you are in the area, and know a doggie or love a doggie (really can those two things be seperated?) you have got to pay a visit to High End Dog in Fan Tan Alley. BTW – Kira totally gobbled her cupcakes! Yum.

Oh I nearly fogot! Debbie began knitting class at Beehive on Tuesday! She learned to cast on, knit, purl and cast off. Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting Debbie!


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Well – even though I ate a bit like a maniac the last couple of days I managed to lose .4 lbs. Which brings my total weight loss to 17 lbs! yay 12 lbs to go til goal. Though I am starting to think that might be a little optimistic for July. Ah well.

I was surprised I lost at all, becuase while I stayed within my daily points allowance I was making poorer choices last week AND yesterday I was a snacking fiend. And all of the snacks I wanted were salty – annnnd I had a McDonalds cheeseburger. Talk about water retention – oh, and the good old monthly reason for water retention is here too. Such fun to be a female isn’t it?

We are off for Victoria, the Yarn Harlot, Fibre Festival and my first spinning class – I have a bad feeling I am about to become even poorer! Lots of pictures to come next week.

In the meantime here is a glimpse of some of the fibrey goodies that came in the mail this week.
Some pink 100% wool from Destash.
My very first Vesper Sock Yarn – in Crew.
Boy was that ever hard to buy I had to check in so many times to catch it before it was all sold out.

ETA: Yes!!!! I was just added to Ravelry! Yay. Me so ‘cited!  (too bad I am heading out the door now)

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Boo ya!!

I have lost another 3.2 lbs!
Seriously, this is working so well this time.

I am down 16.6 lbs altogether – putting me more than halfway to my 10% goal of 29 lbs by the end of July.

My realtionship to food seems to be changing. I am having less urges to indulge – or overindulge as the case may be 😉   I am wanting more veggies and fruit. In fact I have really missed veggies the last few days (I stopped at the store on my break today and picked up some more zucchini — lovin’ it grilled on the bbq YUM! and some super crispy green grapes)

Today I rode my bike again – and somehow got faster. Pretty surprising after just two days of riding. It took me about 18 mins this morning – and I ride just over 8 km  (or 5.29 miles for my friends south of the border) Not too shabby for someone who has been pretty darned sedentary the last few years.

I do have to say though, my allergies are something fierce tonight. Itchy, itchy, itchy eyes. Might just have something to do with the cottonwood that started blowing about this afternoon. A sure sign of summer here. That and the emergence of the Carpenter Ants. And 3 wasps nests at work. I cannot begin to count how many times I have heard a child shriek “Bee! Bee!” and those were the guys.

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