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10 on Tue-Wednesday!

10 Things I do Everyday

1. Procrastinate/Forget things! — perhaps the day late blog post makes this info a given. 😉

2. Have a latte on my way to work (that should likely read: For Breakfast – not the best habit, and one I should break!)

3. Let my chickens out to roam and peck in the backyard, forest area. Either first thing in the morning, or when I get home from work. They are totally conditioned to this routine and if I try to skip it they protest LOUD and long.
First Foray
4. Have cuddle time with my doggy. She’s a snuggler. Well…so am I. 😉

5. Read. Even if I only squeeze one page into my day – most likely in bed when I should be asleep – I will eke out time to read. A book, a magazine, the paper. Something. Anything.

6. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. If I don’t laugh 10x a day it’s a bad day. I think it’s the key to my youthful good looks. Ha!

7. Actively avoid housework. Mostly by reading. And laughing.

8. It’s a rare thing if I don’t take some time to blog surf. I have a routine number of sites I visit each day. Sometimes I explore other people’s blog lists if mine haven’t posted that day.

9. Drink water. Lots of it. It’s second only to coffee among my daily priorities.

10. Apologize. Whether I need to or not. I tend to assume people will be/are upset with me so I pepper my speech with sorries. Like a regular routine, it’s something I need to work on. Which brings me back to #1…(I wish there was a way to add a musical note symbol here – ala Doe a Deer a female deer…get it?)


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10 on Tuesday

10 Favourite Non-Knitting Blogs

1. SouleMama: I love this warm, family centred blog. It makes me so happy to read/see a family so connected.  (disclaimer: there has been some knitting on this blog…)

2. Posie Gets Cosy: Another happy craft/home centred blog – with a clever little dog too.

3. Further Dispatches: Hilarious and lighthearted posts about dogs, travel, gardening, as-seen-on-tv products etc.

4. Handmade Chronicles: I adore the writer of this blog. She’s uber talented! and…just could be a relative…

5. Trailer Tracker: Wondering what to see next? This guy’s got you covered! He could be another relative…

6.  A Way to Garden: Just started following this blog. I love her gorgeous photos. Her garden knowledge is intimidating! And inspiring.

7.  Oh, Fransson!: Delightful quilting blog. She has fun projects and easy to follow tutorials. Plus…a new book…I have no idea what her blog’s title is referring to…nor am I inclined to find out. I like hearing it in a bad rendition of a Quebecois accent. 😉

8. Losing It: Jillian Michaels’ blogs tips for diet, excercise, nutrition etc. Super informative. (I didn’t include the link because her blog is a commercial site) 

9. Hula Seventy: Awesome photo-centric blog

10. Some Girls Wander: I love, love this woman’s style. Wishing I had the nerve/figure to carry it off myself. Hmmm….something to work on.

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Well the marathon that was Episode 17 and 18 of LOST is mid-post for me — and I’m trying to think of some way to take it apart that won’t equal a 12 page post — here is one relieving bit of news:

Crash footage at end of LOST Explained!!

As well as something to look forward to at the end of August!

Honestly – I was a mess while viewing, and even afterwards. Writing the post is even causing tears to spill. 🙂

There’s also this bit of silliness.

And this for the Ladies….

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I know

the review of Lost 616 is incomplete — just before I went to publish some glitch happened so my last hour of writing disappeared.

I wanted so much to get the post up before the finale aired.


More later.

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Hi All!

I apologize for neglecting this blog most dreadfully.
I am 6 episodes behind on my LOST blogging — sheesh! And I have been knitting gifts and exchange items that I haven’t even taken pictures of yet.

Chalk it up to Spring weather, overtime, conferences, company and cable! Yes – finally cable in my own home. Ahhh to watch LOST from the comfort of my own sofa — or, in keeping with the high number of C’s in the earlier sentence — couch.

Also…there’s been some bike riding that resulted in:

                                    hdfjjk 003            Oh noooooo!

2 disgustingly scraped and swollen knees + 1 dramatic phone call/rescue from my Uncle. Days and days of stiffness and Bride of Frankenstein lurching.

Train tracks in the rain. Not a good idea friends.

Doesn’t that 2nd one look Mr. Bill-ish? With lipstick? or making the Mr. Yuck face?

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Nothing is Irreversible


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Just popping in to say: I’m all moved into my new house! My Mom is settled in hers.

My internet isn’t connected at home yet — so no pictures/posts for a few more weeks. 😀

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