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Living between the venues for the 2010 Winter Games has turned out much better than anticipated.
Sure, there’s little to no snow and driving was held up for 7 years in the making but…now that it’s here, might as well enjoy it right?

Miga, Excuse MeWe took our Daycare kids to 2 Olympic events — and they were fantastic! We had the best weather, the nicest volunteers and some pretty happy kids!

 They were delighted to see the mascots in person – convinced they know each other from waaay back. Pretty darn adorable.

One exception: At the Whistler Olympic Park an overzealous RCMP member ‘confiscated’  my knitting to ‘destroy’ it. Here’s the dangerous knitting on that morning’s bus:Olympic Knitting on Bus

The good news is: VanOc is having my needles (yep, the volunteer and I managed to convince him to take just the needles and not the whole thing – which was a relief because it was the 2nd sock!) brought to me. That’s right: BROUGHT to ME!

Sleeping on the hillI was utterly amazed by the fantastic and personal response I had when I reported what happened (I had called ahead to make sure knitting/needles were acceptable to bring and was told it was A-ok). Even in the midst of a much larger problem, VanOc took excellent care of me and that totally added to the entire Olympic Experience.

While I didn’t get to spend that day on the hill knitting, I still had a good time. The kids paid little to no attention to what was happening – and even though I tried to, I could not tell at all what was going on! (and yet they said there was not enough French…) The day was spent sliding up and down the hill overlooking the X-Country races, drinking coffee and laughing. Pretty good day I’d say. This little one crashed for about 15 minutes — all that fresh air!

vfds 085Our 2nd day was at the Whistler Sliding Centre – and it was fabulous! We got seats in the bandstand above the finish line – so we had a perfect view of the athletes.

Security didn’t even blink at my knitting so…a good 4 inches was completed there and now the heel is ready to be turned on a very old WIP (can you say 2006? I knew you could)

Olympic Knitters Meet UpThe next morning I drove into the city for a Ravelympics Knitters Meet Up.

It was wonderful! I met lots of knitters (and failed to meet others — sorry!), had a fabulous breakfast (stuffed French Toast!), toured Sweet Georgia’s studio and scored some gorgeous yarn to commemorate the event.

Joining a table of 20 or more people knitting in public was good for the soul. 😀

Lolly and IA big Thank You to Lolly and Felicia for organizing this great Meet Up!

Sweet Georgia's StudioHere’s a glimpse of the studio — it’s a truly beautiful space – and that’s not even including the fibre!

Studio CourtyardThis is a view of the courtyard outside the studio – those are clematis: Blooming! Clematis.

The studio was filled with natural light and the twitter of birds on the wing in the courtyard. So restful.

In ending I’ll leave you with a glimpse of my Ravelympics project (that has no chance of being completed in time, but…I learned a few new skills)

Here is the Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do! Shawl from yesterday afternoon:

DTMWICD! Shawl the 2nd

Overheard at the Olympics:

Finnish Santa5 yr old girl: That’s not Real Santa ’cause he’s just wearing a bathrobe. looks him over again And black pants.

7 yr old boy: Oh when are they ever going to stop for a commercial break?! of the female skeleton competitors

5 yr old boy: Quatchi, it’s me your son! waves mini Quatchi toy to mascot a good 100 ft away!! Dad! Quatchi Dad, I’m over here. pause pause+ a few more Quatchis!!!  Ok, I’ll see you at home Dad. I love you!

6 yr old boy: This is a so healthy hot dog ’cause this bread is better than a bun for you. Buns aren’t good for you. Those buns. of his $8 hot dog made wtih a baguette style bread 

5 yr old girl: O Canada….a true piece of love, in all the son’s sweet hands. Unprompted and at top volume!

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WiP Weds

Hey, I’m really trying to get in some daily knitting time.
While it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting done in time for the contest, I might have a pair of socks by December:
Picture 358
Here is my Tranisitions Yoke Cardi at the moment:Picture 360

I’ve finished the transistions and am now beginning the body – I’ve already checked to measure for fit because I was getting a little freaked out about the stitch increases – since it’s not a pattern that specifies numbers etc, this is a play by ear situation (does that illustration even work with knitting?? ah well)

I think it’s going to be ok. But I was sadly farther from being able to seperate off the sleeve stitches than I’d hoped. Curse you Zuma’s Revenge!! Glee’s not helping either, since I forgot to bring my knitting with me. Foolish! (whoah! I didn’t even know it was on Fox – when’s the last time they had a decent show?)

I would have rather been doing this today:
Picture 361
This was the response to the flash:
Picture 362
Cheeky number!

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I don’t usually do these kind of posts because I don’t usually have much to show. Happily, that is not the case this week!

Here is my Socktober Mystery Sock thus far. (sorry it’s blurry)
Mystery Sock

Yes, I know. October and therefore Socktoberfest is over BUT we have until the end of November to post our Mystery Socks for the contest so…I will carry on.

Bravely, I might add since I learned this morning, via Turtlegirl, that I am making a version of the Mystery Sock and not the actual pattern. Ah me.

I have begun my NaKniSweMo project – the Transitions Yoke Cardigan. Purchasing the yarn and casting on this Sunday – kind of a gift to myself – that I hope works out!
Picture 345
I thought I was making quick progress until I raveled about it. Whoo those knitters are speed freaks! Some of them are approaching the halfway mark on their sweaters!

I’ll be content with what I can – after all, it took 11.5 months to complete my last sweater. Sheesh. Anything’s progress compared to that. Unless I take longer this year…

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I’ve joined the Mystery Sock group at Ravelry.

Picture 286

Scanning the HorizonI am knitting like a fiend while watching Seasons 1&2 of Battlestar Galactica. I’m so glad I didn’t watch this live and don’t have to wait! It’s amazing to see local places showing up – Gaius Baltar’s beach house is not far from where we camp each year – recognize that horizon?

bsg_1589 Ok, so their resolution is much better…the house they shot this from is just 20 min from here. Makes me almost wish I’d known about it at the time…

When I was a kid I loved the  original Battlestar — I know, total cheese. I had a major crush on Starbuck  and I loved this little guy:  Whoo boy was I afraid of those Cylons! I would watch each Sunday afternoon but most of the time I was regretting my choice! Then again, I was 5….

 Here’s my finished cuff, resting beneath the Engelman’s Ivy. I love this time of year!

Picture 287

A closeup of the stitch pattern…more or less. ;-D

Picture 288

Tonight I’ll finish Season 2 and cast on the sleeves for my February Lady’s Sweater.  My goodness, what if I finish something?!

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Update…of sorts

I swear, I am going to start blogging again. What a difference it makes not being online at home!

Before I resume regular blogging, here is a visual of what’s been going on the last 3 months.

Update Mosaic

Centre: Loving, loving, loving living out in the woods. It may be a bit of a drive, but it is so beautiful. Calm. Restful. Quiet. I love it.

Left to Right                                                                                                                           1. Muldy loves it too. This is her favourite spot to spend an evening – the heat from the woodstove rises up these stairs and she is soo cozy.
2. We have had some exceptionally beautiful days this fall. Clear. Sunny. Dry. Check out that cloud I captured at work, doesn’t it look a bit like Optimus Prime?
3.  Ligsy loves the wool! Almost as much as I do.
4. I lurve this new buttonhole technique — it looks like an actual buttonhole, doesn’t it?
5. Gorgeous shawl that was on display at our Library’s Artisan Gallery in November. It was hard to choose a favourite – but I think this one was it for me. Great name too: Aura.
6.  Just look at that sunset!
7.  First freezing cold day – iced over puddles, frost on the car. Spent the better part of the day at the river. Watching eagles soar.
8.  Having fun with Flickr 365 group. It can actually be kinda hard to remember to take a picture every day. It has really made me want to invest in a better camera and some photo editing software. Sigh. What hobby doesn’t cost money?
9.  We’ve had a few power outages lately (winter storms! yay) and Kira was particularly cold one night. 20 mins later the fire was roaring and she was all warmed up. I love the woodstove!
10. Oh, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is the most up to date picture of my dreaded Monkey socks. God those things. I still haven’t finished the ONE SOCK! I am on the toe and was way bored. What will I ever do with that cursed sock?
11.  Might be a little addicted to the Wii. About one year after everyone else I know! (hey! I didn’t make Kira’s avatar/Mii…but I would have)
12.  Saw NIN with my baby brother this month. Awesome — though I did like the last tour better.

Aside from a few installments of stash enhancing…you’re caught up.  I’m on vacation until the 30th and am planning on knitting, spending time with family, watching dvd’s and baking.

How are you spending your holidays?

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Signs of Fall

On the way to work this morning.


Lunchtime visitor yesterday.


View from worksite this morning – there’s snow on those mountains!


Of course I need a Fall inspired profect for Socktoberfest too.


I chose Nutkin for its Fall-feel and am thrilled to use the soft, lush new Panda sock yarn from Scoutleader.

Do you have a Fall project on the go?

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I really have to thank my Secret Pal assigned to spoil me this last round, because she has really been wonderful! So: Thank you Scoutleader!! Go say hello to her won’t you?

This is the fabulous package I received this week:


2 skeins of the softest Debbie Bliss yarn to go with the brand new Debbie Bliss magazine! What fun. And the colour is divine — not that I could get a picture of it in our rainy West Coast weather.

She included so many great little extras – lovely candles, a handy notepad, funny kleenex (when did you think you’d hear that?), a mini potted daisy to grow.  And my favourite: new linens for my new kitchen! So thoughtful.

 IMG_0702 IMG_0687

They arrived at just the right time – our leaves are changing colour and falling to the forest floor – and now I have Fall pot holders and centrepiece/table runner. I love reflecting the season in my home. (now to do that!)

I also received the latest installment of the 7 Deadly Spins — such fun! IMG_0653

It comes at a great time -I keep thinking I want to try my hand at lace. Annnnd I’ve even bought lace weight and a pattern or two, but…now it’s Socktoberfest! Honestly. I need to find a way to quit my workaday world and knit full time. Maybe then I would get half of the knit plans I have, done. Or at least cast on.


Look at the awesome hand mirror the Pride kit included . Isn’t that clever?

What are you working on? Did you join Socktoberfest?

Me? I’m ALMOST finished my 1st Picot Edged Monkey – here’s a little proof that I do still knit. 


Granted, I only returned to it this Weds. and my was it hard to knit through the last 4 episodes of Damages! Egads! If you haven’t seen it yet – go. get. it. Today!

I might have to finish the toe with some co-ordinating colour since I seem to be running low…and have 1/3rd of the foot body to go still. Look for a Socktoberfest post soon!

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