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Olympic madness that is.
Case in point:The embarassing S.A.M. — Squamish Axe Man to those in the know — has reached new heights, or rather lows. Here he is in his Olypmic finery:

Picture 312

Check out the detail though – the knit stitches visible in his ‘mittens’ – that did make me smile…

Picture 316

I’m pretty sure real loggers don’t wear mitts.
The real topper would have been a Cowichan Sweater – given the classy approach we’re taking to the Olypmics in the Sea to Sky corridor, it would not have been a genuine Cowichan sweater, but an HBC special. Nothing says machine knit like a $350 price tag!

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Whatever Happened, Happened

This episode was beautiful. It had such depth & warmth. Emotionally riveting and still driving the plot forward – this show continues to amaze me with its complexities and subtle nuances.

This episode had true soul.


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**Important question at end of post!!

I am going to try and make this a regular Weds. post — past notions like this (poetry thursday for example) have lasted for a time and then…gone the way of the Dodo.
Since it is so long between FO’s though, this should help keep up the fibre content on the blog. And we can all use more fibre content!

Kira’s blankie is moving along. Two squares to go and then I can start seaming.

She is having a hard time waiting I think. She keeps digging into the wool while I am working.

Elaine’s mitt is still progressing. I have set aside 4 hrs per week to work on it so…it is going to take awhile, but you can start to see the winds in the pattern’s namesake.

Now onto the feline from the title.

I have 3 cats. All with their unique personalities, attributes and quirks.
Jeeksy – so named for his tendency to be cheeky – is a skitzy type of cat.

We attribute it to his partial Siamese background – goodness knows he has always been treated well!

He is particularly fond of me, follows me about the house when I get home from work. Sleeps with me. Purrs when I talk to him.
And….bites me. Usually he gets a look on his face not unlike the one in the picture and tenses his body. Notice I said usually.

Yesterday morning I was laying in bed, petting him, postponing rising when he suddenly bit me.

HARD!  Check out the span of his teeth marks:

I was so shocked by the suddenness and the sheer strength of his jaw.
He managed to crunch my hand in half – my baby finger was touching my thumb! The puncture nearest my thumb actually extended (the redness no longer showed by the time I took the pic) 1 1/4″ sideways beneath the skin.

He was gone before I could say anything. After a few moments of pain, I sucked it up and carried on with my day. In the afternoon I noticed my hand was increasingly stiff and swollen. I thought I would just call the vet to ask what to do about a cat that would bite that hard. The vet interrupted to ask if I had seen a doctor yet.

Apparently cat bites are the most infectious of all domesticated pets. They have a bacteria in their mouths that causes 90% of all bites to become infected. Seriously infected. She told me that if ignored people end up on IV antibiotics and I’d better get to a Walk In Clinic.

So…I drove up to the clinic after work – but it was packed in the waiting area and I kept driving. I crocheted while watching Lost – thinking I needed to just get on with things. It’s just a catbite. By bedtime I couldn’t see 2 of my knuckles anymore. I decided to go to the clinic 1st thing in the morning.

In the morning it looked and felt much better. I nearly didn’t go – but the wait area was empty so I went in. I was worried about being a bother, wasting the doctor’s time and resources for a silly bite.

Uh I was so wrong! The doctor was very concerned about my hand and the amount of time I’d already waited. I am on a 2 week course of super strength antibiotics. I have to check my lymph nodes 3x a day for the next 48 hrs. If the redness extends in any direction I have to go right to the hospital for IV antibiotics. It’s crazy! I need to keep my hand elevated above my heart as much as possible (which blogging doesn’t quite allow come to think of it – oops) Oh. And I’m not supposed to use my hand – it will speed the spread of infection. No crochet/knit for me!

She told me if I hadn’t come in she would have been seeing me tonight or tomorrow at the Emergency Room and that I could expect to get sicker before I got better.

She was so right! Around 2 this afternoon I started to have more pain and to feel fatigued and ill. By 5 I had a raging fever and the swelling had increased.

This was taken around lunchtime. Right now I am fevered, clammy, exhausted and my hand is super red.

If I hadn’t gone to the clinic I would have totally thought I was getting the flu from these symptoms and maybe iced my hand. Sheesh.

I’m sharing this story since I am a person who has had cats all my life and I had no idea catbites could be so serious.

Also I’m putting this out there because I think I don’t have a clear perspective: What would you do about a cat that bites like this? Jeeksy has never bitten this hard before but he does bite me (just me for some reason). The vet said there is no need to have him put down but I have had a few people say I should. I think he has no way of knowing how bad this bite is and he is generally a purry happy guy. Should a pet really die for making a mistake?

Please know I will accept answers of all kinds – but still make my own decision in the end. I’m not asking for a poll to decide the outcome. Just wondering where other people would stand on this issue.

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Paring the Stash?

Did I say that? Did I join that 2008 Stash group on Ravelry? Hmmm…must have slipped my mind…

I went to the LYS yesterday to pick up some prize materials (not the Knitty violator – the LYS that is actually an hour away) and I might have just got a few things for myself while I was there.


This is a teensy skein of artisan yarn – 100% silk – beaded. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but there was no way I was leaving without it once I had felt it.

I’m thinking of using it to border a hat and mitt set? I bought some co-ordinating pine green just in case that is what I do.

Boy Socks

Girl Socks

My Mom picked up some sock yarn for her grand-nephews and grand-niece.

Here is some proof that while I have been off sick (and neglecting the blog) I have been knitting. Oh – and using yarn I already had…so kind of stash paring. 😉

The Paton’s V-Neck Pullover

Paton’s V-Neck - 95% done!

I had to rip the sleeves back because the decreases before the cuff were a little too Cirque d’Bizarre. After re-knitting, I discovered that somehow the darning needle — the very last one — was lost and so had to buy more yesterday too. Tonight, during Survivor’s finale (starting in t-8 minutes) I will seam them up and wear it to work tomorrow! yay!

And here is my Trapeze Jacket so far. Jeeksy asks “Oh, was there a camera?”


I like the construction of this sweater so far – but let me tell you, either I am used to being spoon fed patterns or I don’t know what. There have been a few steps that I was like what-the? and just carried on like they didn’t matter so….we’ll see where that gets me when it is time to do the sleeves. Eep!

I really love the slipped stitch ribbing. It looks so elegant and sort of tidy.


Uh-oh – Survivor’s on in 6 minutes. Gotta go!

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My friend e-mailed me some pics from our cruise – thought I would share them while I wait for some blogging inspiration to strike.


I knew someone had to have one of these – Chef’s Night.


My cousin R – King of the Sarcastic Pose


Everyone’s favourite place to be.


Knitting in a lounge – the pathetic look on my face? No idea. Hopefully I was midsentence…My friend has a collection building up of pics like this in which I appear legless. I guess I constantly fold my legs up beneath myself – or something. 😉

My Mom and I took a lace class this weekend wherein we didn’t learn anything about lace but…I did learn that I knit ‘wrong’ and am correcting that. Here’s the thing though – the teacher used and handed out some patterns with their business logo on them. She never actually said who designed them, I assumed she had. Until I looked at them. They seemed familiar. I looked closer and recognized the font and page set up of Knitty.

I checked online when we got home and sure enough – they were all patterns from Knitty. I realize they are online to be shared but it seems wrong to reprint them without giving credit to the site or the designers…and doubly so to print them with their own business logo. This is YS I shop at fairly often (mainly out of necessity) but this has made me really uncomfortable. I feel like not going there anymore, but I have been known to  overreact…quit acting so surprised! Seriously though – what do you think? What would you do? or not do?

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The famed Whitepass Railway.


The Volendam.


Can you even believe there is finally a picture of Passin’ the Dress Code?


The pesky hem kept rolling above the elbows! Something to be said for blocking I suppose.

Here are some of the towel ‘pets’ that would greet us after dinner.




I loved the little paper eyes they used. So cute. There was a puppy and a snake too – but…no pics.

The day in Skagway was followed by Dessert Extravaganza night. When I walked into the pool area of the Lido deck a woman said to me “Welcome to Heaven”. There was more cake, chocolate, carved fruit and ice than I have ever seen. It was actually a little ridiculous – and those poor people! They had been up at some god awful hour to serve breakfast at the 6am buffet and now they were slicing cake at 11:30pm. What a job.

One of the servers gifted my friend this little tropical bird made of marzipan.


The next day we sauntered through Glacier Bay. Again I spent most of the day securely esconced on a deck chair. Come on – look at the great view I had! There was one particularly awesome calving – an entire tower of ice crashed into the water. The crack was tremendously loud.



As we sailed out of Glacier Bay there was a clear demarcation in the water


I did knit for a little while but really – it was too blasted cold! Even still – look at how quickly Bellatrix was knitting up.


A crew member walking by decided to help me out with my photoshoot.


As she was helping me, my Uncle passed by – he wasn’t sure who was crazier: Me for knitting or her for posing my sock in front of the glacier. When I saw the picture later I felt badly that I hadn’t included her – just her arm. Nice eh? She was actually the Assistant Cruise Director that had just been told at morning trivia by a (quite hard of hearing I am sure) senior that she needed to learn to E-NuN-CI-Ate or speak ‘English’. Might I add that she spoke perfectly clearly, with virtually no detectable accent (from Ontario) at a reasonable volume. Our group was shocked – but among the seniors there was a general muttering concensus that she couldn’t speak. Sheesh. On this cruise there was an appalling number of embittered and rude seniors. It was very strange.

We had fantastic weather that afternoon – cold and lightly raining, but there were some sunny breaks.


And some great fog.




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one Helluva(n) overdue post.

So…here’s the knitting update. Still no pic of the Dress Code – tomorrow should be a red letter day (aka I’ll be wearing makeup and my hair should be somewhat styled) so it could make for a good photo shoot. Then there’s Nagini.

                                      Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ah. Nagini. Just writing about it makes me hissss. I have ripped back 3 times now. The foot is perfect. The cables are a dream. The blasted thing won’t fit past my ankle. So. Here is hoping the 3rd time’s the charm or I am going to hex that horrid thing.

Perhaps because of Nagini, camping, family visits and work moves (don’t even let me get started on that!) or perhaps because of numerous intangibles I have been feeling disinclined to knit.

I haven’t even bought any yarn. Shocking isn’t it?

I have been doing the strangest things instead. Excercising. Reading — books! Organizing my house. Watching movies in the dark (remember that?). Talking on the phone. Learning – somewhat – how to work my Ipod (now to load up/upload some new files…).

This is Kira’s reaction to our new schedule of extra long walks.


Speaking of excercising – I realize that I have thoroughly neglected the Weight Loss Challenge – mostly because I was kicking *ss at the Weight Gain Challenge, what with all the chips, smokies and s’mores during 3 weeks of camping adventures. This week marks my return to WW’s and I sincerely hope I have gotten this binging out of my system. At least until my CRUISE!! 12 more sleeps people!

And now that we’ve gotten into binging…I cannot stop with the Flight of the Conchords. They are comedic perfection. Cousin M and I watched the whole season online last weekend. I cannot get their music out of my head. This afternoon an HBO special of theirs was on — right after Rushmore. 

                                           Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Max Fischer: Tell that stupid Mick he just made my list of things to do today.

Thank you Wes Anderson.  😀

What are you watching?

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