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We have had a wonderfully mild week – warm temperatures and sunshine!
It’s a bit of a tease because it is too early for spring, but it has been feeling like it.

We’ve taken advantage of this exceptional weather and spent a lot of time out of doors.

Watcha got there?

After an impromptu trip to a park (someone misread the Ice Arena schedule and it was Men’s Drop-In Hockey when we arrived not Family Skate! oops — who could that have been?) we were driving past some horses and I thought – why not?


The horses, promptly named Diamond Crystal and Nipper by their visitors, came right over and sampled some of the dried grass and leaves the children generously offered.
These horses are along the regular walk route Kira and I take – usually she is happy to see them and they have a little face to face time. But…apparently she was not comfortable enough for a photo shoot. This was the best I could do.

Kira & the Horse

The depressing job of frogging my Aunty’s Anemoi Mitt has been postponed. Instead I cast on for my Drops Eskimo Jacket. So far it is simple and moving along quite quickly. Could be those US 11 needles…

Eskimo Jacket

It might even be mindless enough to knit during Lost! We’ll find out tonight.

Last night I watched a BBC version of Shakespeare’s 12th Night. It wasn’t that great – but… it was good accompaniment to my new knitting project.
Most hilarious was this fellow’s hairdo:


Mainly because it mirrors exactly the haircut one of our kinder girls just gave herself the other week! Only her bangs are closer to her scalp – that jagged, just shorter. Poor thing. ūüôā

Brandon’s Comfort Blanket update: Look at those stats! (to your right in the sidebar)
I am so touched by the response I’ve been getting. I was speaking with Brandon’s Mom the other day and she is coping very well – and so is he. He is going in to BC Children’s for 4 days of treatment and then has 4 days off. This allows him to be home with his family which is so important. And….Mom is pregnant! She has a very full plate right now and I really admire the grace with which she is handling things.

Thank you once again – and please, if you can link to the project from your blog that would be awesome!


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Some of my Harry Potter sock yarn arrived yesterday.

pict2167.jpg Ronald Weasley

pict2169.jpg Albus Dumbledore

The colours are luscious – and they just happen to fit perfectly with the new colour triad of PS2. If you need some fabulous sock yarn of your own check out the selection at Sheby B’s Designs.

Sorry – no FO pics. My Mom cut her finger quite badly so we were at the hospital for a good 2 hrs this evening. 2 stitches and a tetanus shot later she is resting in bed. The doctor assured her that her knitting will not be adversely affected – piffle I say. It’s her index finger.

In the meanwhile I’ll leave you with a song from Ep.4 of Flight of the Conchords (my latest television addiction).¬† I love these guys. I swear they are The Monkees for the new millennium — ok. They’re my new Monkees! Only hotter – Jemaine Clement anyone?

“All the things I’d do,¬†things I’d¬†do for you.”

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Where did the time go? How is it that another segment of Project Spectrum 2 is over already? This time I didn’t even get to dye my wool yet!

Oh wait – I did dye some of my handspun in the colours – see:

pict2054.jpg¬† Oops – I haven’t loaded a pic of the black onto the computer yet — pardon me. It turned out more blue than black – but the baggie exploded in the microwave while I was playing losing at online chess and after cleaning up that mess, I didn’t want to dye anymore that night.

Sheesh. I just finished my Jaywalkers from the 1st segment of PS2 for goodness sake. Ah well. So, now that I have all these Potter themed socks in the works I will have to integrate some of the new colours into Summer of Socks.

Hmmmm…Well the Weasley yarn will be ideal with the browns and oranges. The purple – well, my ambitious (read insane!)¬†knee socks made in fingering weight could be started¬† I suppose…

 No WLC report this week: I am going to Bard on the Beach instead!! Taming of the Shrew with a salmon bbq and the Symphony of Fire after the show. Should be a fantastic evening.

I also managed another book this month – yippee! I am almost back to my pre-knitting level of reading. Check out the review on the 2007 Reads page.

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of a sock in progress, in pictures.
imgp0239.jpg     Nexen Beach РWednesday

Porteau Cove     Porteau Cove РThursday

 imgp0257.jpg     Construction stop on Hwy 99 РFriday

I am sorry to say that the road stop is the only pic from Friday. I had this fantastic plan to get a pic of the sock at the Grand Entry ¬†(video link) to the Squamish Nation Pow Wow (which is where we were headed to) but ah, the guy who gave me the info was quite off re: time. He told us it was at 1 pm. Yeah. That was for vendors to set up. Grand Entry wasn’t until 7 pm. Daycare closes at 6 pm – and it takes an hour to get back. So – no Pow Wow for the kids. ūüė¶

They didn’t mind – they thought the Pow Wow was ‘awesome’. They bought jewellery and food and saw ‘real’ arrows and spears and animal pelts. Here they are so excited to be seated in the bleachers – totally not getting it.¬†¬†imgp0259.jpg¬†¬† But when you don’t know what you’re missing…notice just how empty it is behind them? We went swimming instead for the rest of the afternoon.

Sadly since then – no sock knitting progress. Is it just me, or do other people get bored beyond belief after the heel? I can’t stand the dull, dull, dull knitting for the top of the foot. Mostly though, this week has been just nutty busy and pretty hot so the kids are all kind of cranky and whiny and needing lots of adult support. I can’t always knit at work! Oh, and we have been hiking too – that makes it hard.¬† Tomorrow though, my co-worker is going to drive so perhaps, Perhaps that foot will be ready to graft when I get home.

Look for a WLC update tomorrow — whoops, didn’t post last week!

In the meanwhile look at what my Mom brought home tonight!!!!


Really all she knows is that it is more than 150 yrs old — do any of you recognize it? I am off to scour the internet! Hee hee!!

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Yes, it is Summer!

Today was the 1st day of our Summer Program. We hiked the 4 Lakes Trail and spent the day lazing at the river. Well, after a fashion.

The children explored, built a ‘castle’, found ‘diamonds’, crossed the river, found snails, built a monument and a dam.

I knit. I managed 7 colour repeats on my PS2 Jaywalker the 2nd. Check it out (far right).


There you see a current pic of my Math Whiz, PS2 Jaywalker the 1st and PS2 Jaywalker the 2nd. I am amazed at how much better the Jaywalker suits the self striping yarn – though I have read that elsewhere, I thought the 1st looked pretty good but Thank You Eunny!

And ok Рthis time I really have updated the 2007 Reads page.                               

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Somehow, in the midst of not tracking what I ate this past week, I lost 4.6 lbs! Coulda been the stress…
That brings my total loss to 19.8 lbs – boo ya!
So I have 10.2 to go to make my July goal — is it strange that I don’t remember if my goal was for the beginning of July or the end of July? ‘Cause I can’t. So let’s call it the end of July, ok? Ok.
I think that the veggie soup helped get me back on track. I must have needed it too because it tasted heavenly to me. Now I have got to drop the TimBits this week. D*mn those things.

In other news: The Summer of Socks has begun! I already have 3 pairs on the go…so, no need to cast on a new pair just yet.

pict2071.jpgHere are my Math Whiz socks. They are progressing quite nicely(given I have only spent 40 min or so on them – gotta love sportweight) and though you might not be able to see it in this pic, the pattern is so cool. All triangle-y. Who knew Math could be so fun?

I do have lots of plans for socks – coming in a future post. ūüôā

Now, an update on Kira. She is doing very, very well. She has needed a little more cuddle time than usual, but Thursday night she was back to her old perky self. Phew. She has a new, summer haircut.
Her wound is closing very rapidly (which is good since she pulled the staples out, little devil) but she was licking it quite a bit. So…she has had to be coned during parts of the day to prevent infection.

For bedtime we rig her up like this

Gauze covered by a baby sock! She has only pulled it off once, which is pretty darned good if you ask me. Other than that, she has resigned herself to it.


Thank you so much for all of your comments, e-mails and well wishes for Kira (and me!). We really appreciate it.

I know I referred to the high cost of her vet bill, and really it only seems high because we don’t have medical bills (for the most part) here in Canada. Our friends to the South are not so fortunate. One knitting friend, Annie Modesitt, is in need of some help offsetting her husband’s medical bills. Please stop by her site, read a little of their story and buy a knitting pattern – or two, or three.

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New Projects

I am hoping for a quiet weekend Рand so far the rainy weather is helping! I would like to do some more spinning РI did a little this afternoon. Enough to knit up a square for Rebuilding Greensburg.    imgp0229.jpg   What do you think? My first ever hand spun yarn. Boy, do I have a lot to learn. Including how you finish spinning your roving without having it untwist! That was exciting.

I also began the Jaywalkers with the yarn I dyed for PS2 part 2 (green, pink and yellow). I am so pleased that the striping is working. I used Eunny’s tutorial and it worked really well. ¬†Even with my Math skills!


I also knit a swatch for the Mystery Stole 3. Since I have never knit lace before, I thought for once I should knit a swatch. I cheated and only did one pattern repeat, instead of the 3 asked for Рbut come on! That is a lot of non-knitting knitting.


I forgot to take a picture of it re-pinned when I saw the other swatches. It is now pinned so that the bottom extends to points beneath the center of the pyramids. There is a lot of guessing going on as to the theme. I am thinking Isis & Osiris – given the colours, the clues and the pyramid shapes. Or Phantom of the Opera (which has very little to do with pyramids – unless you have read this version). Two more weeks!

Now I am going to swatch for Eris – what is with all this new found swatching? Will it continue? Stay tuned.

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