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After a brisk walk in the cold wind, Kira and I let the chickens out to explore. It’s their favourite thing – in all weather.


Lone bird

The best part of spending time in the outdoors?

Snuggling back inside.


New Project

-5 with the windchill

 Hope you’ve enjoyed a cozy winters’ weekend.


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Living between the venues for the 2010 Winter Games has turned out much better than anticipated.
Sure, there’s little to no snow and driving was held up for 7 years in the making but…now that it’s here, might as well enjoy it right?

Miga, Excuse MeWe took our Daycare kids to 2 Olympic events — and they were fantastic! We had the best weather, the nicest volunteers and some pretty happy kids!

 They were delighted to see the mascots in person – convinced they know each other from waaay back. Pretty darn adorable.

One exception: At the Whistler Olympic Park an overzealous RCMP member ‘confiscated’  my knitting to ‘destroy’ it. Here’s the dangerous knitting on that morning’s bus:Olympic Knitting on Bus

The good news is: VanOc is having my needles (yep, the volunteer and I managed to convince him to take just the needles and not the whole thing – which was a relief because it was the 2nd sock!) brought to me. That’s right: BROUGHT to ME!

Sleeping on the hillI was utterly amazed by the fantastic and personal response I had when I reported what happened (I had called ahead to make sure knitting/needles were acceptable to bring and was told it was A-ok). Even in the midst of a much larger problem, VanOc took excellent care of me and that totally added to the entire Olympic Experience.

While I didn’t get to spend that day on the hill knitting, I still had a good time. The kids paid little to no attention to what was happening – and even though I tried to, I could not tell at all what was going on! (and yet they said there was not enough French…) The day was spent sliding up and down the hill overlooking the X-Country races, drinking coffee and laughing. Pretty good day I’d say. This little one crashed for about 15 minutes — all that fresh air!

vfds 085Our 2nd day was at the Whistler Sliding Centre – and it was fabulous! We got seats in the bandstand above the finish line – so we had a perfect view of the athletes.

Security didn’t even blink at my knitting so…a good 4 inches was completed there and now the heel is ready to be turned on a very old WIP (can you say 2006? I knew you could)

Olympic Knitters Meet UpThe next morning I drove into the city for a Ravelympics Knitters Meet Up.

It was wonderful! I met lots of knitters (and failed to meet others — sorry!), had a fabulous breakfast (stuffed French Toast!), toured Sweet Georgia’s studio and scored some gorgeous yarn to commemorate the event.

Joining a table of 20 or more people knitting in public was good for the soul. 😀

Lolly and IA big Thank You to Lolly and Felicia for organizing this great Meet Up!

Sweet Georgia's StudioHere’s a glimpse of the studio — it’s a truly beautiful space – and that’s not even including the fibre!

Studio CourtyardThis is a view of the courtyard outside the studio – those are clematis: Blooming! Clematis.

The studio was filled with natural light and the twitter of birds on the wing in the courtyard. So restful.

In ending I’ll leave you with a glimpse of my Ravelympics project (that has no chance of being completed in time, but…I learned a few new skills)

Here is the Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do! Shawl from yesterday afternoon:

DTMWICD! Shawl the 2nd

Overheard at the Olympics:

Finnish Santa5 yr old girl: That’s not Real Santa ’cause he’s just wearing a bathrobe. looks him over again And black pants.

7 yr old boy: Oh when are they ever going to stop for a commercial break?! of the female skeleton competitors

5 yr old boy: Quatchi, it’s me your son! waves mini Quatchi toy to mascot a good 100 ft away!! Dad! Quatchi Dad, I’m over here. pause pause+ a few more Quatchis!!!  Ok, I’ll see you at home Dad. I love you!

6 yr old boy: This is a so healthy hot dog ’cause this bread is better than a bun for you. Buns aren’t good for you. Those buns. of his $8 hot dog made wtih a baguette style bread 

5 yr old girl: O Canada….a true piece of love, in all the son’s sweet hands. Unprompted and at top volume!

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A Coming of Age


Their friend dies – and they’re all grown up. ;-D

I got my first egg today!


I was cleaning the coop, freshening the water etc. and saw the egg just laying in the pine shavings. Inside their coop I bought specially for them! Such a relief – because they sleep in the rafters of the enclosure and I wasn’t at all sure they would know to lay in the coop.

I brought the egg to work to show the children. After we marveled over its size, shape and colour we shared it – scrambled in butter. (I know – heartless) 9 children and one adult had two spoons of scrambled egg each.

And it was delicious!

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Prince Charles

Prince Charles was so named because he was a shy rooster that didn’t seem to know he was a rooster at all. He only crowed once, over the holidays, and he was very surprised when it happened! (seeing his reaction was comical!)

The Flock YIP>1/365Though he should have been in charge, given that he was the only rooster, he spent his days being led around by the two most dominant hens in his life. Once and awhile they let him assert himself while they looked on in what appeared to be tolerant amusement.

There his resemblance to his namesake ends, because he was a very handsome rooster. The picture of him, top, is from his brief teenage-period. Prince Charles was robust, very tall and always had his feathers in impeccable array.
Picture 092
He died in my arms, of shock, this morning – after being snatched by a neighbours dog. He is buried beneath the apple tree.

Awww — look at him – so much smaller than the water bowl! (he’s the teeny one in front)

ETA: I sincerely hope no google searches lead here re: the real Prince Charles!

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10 Things I’m Looking forward to in 2010

1. Meeting my new cousin (mid-June)
2. Final season of LOST
3. Ravelympics — though I think it might be more of a commitment than I get
4. Being debt-free
5. Completing: The List
6. Baby chicks!
7. Alice in Wonderland
8. Traveling — not sure where yet
9. Blogging and blog reading
10. Can’t Stop the Serenity fundraiser

What about you?

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An FO!Picture 344

Shocking isn’t it? If you saw the Ravelry input you’d know that this little number took 11 months! Oh my goodness.

Picture 336

Despite how long I took, I’m really happy with this sweater. It’s cozy, it feels good, it hangs well and the button holes worked! What next for my knitting?

Wellllll – if you believe it, I joined NaKniSweMo. Which is National Knit a Sweater in a Month. I seriously need to get faster – let’s see if I can do it!

Picture 342

Nothing’s too flattering when you have this shape but…I’m still pleased. And yes, it’s missing a button. I bought 2 packets of buttons but when I got home I had 1 packet. Irritating. So now I’ll be making another trip to the store. Blergh.

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Olympic madness that is.
Case in point:The embarassing S.A.M. — Squamish Axe Man to those in the know — has reached new heights, or rather lows. Here he is in his Olypmic finery:

Picture 312

Check out the detail though – the knit stitches visible in his ‘mittens’ – that did make me smile…

Picture 316

I’m pretty sure real loggers don’t wear mitts.
The real topper would have been a Cowichan Sweater – given the classy approach we’re taking to the Olypmics in the Sea to Sky corridor, it would not have been a genuine Cowichan sweater, but an HBC special. Nothing says machine knit like a $350 price tag!

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