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is the end.



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LOST 616

What They Died For

Special Note: Yes – my LOST reviews are behind. Stinkin’ life. Keeps getting in the way. But not to worry – I’ve seen every episode. (some more than once) The LOST reviews will appear here – I apologize for their delay and swear they will remain true to my responses upon first viewing — meaning, not slanted by the finale. BTW – how is it the finale all ready?


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I have never liked a Sayid episode until now!!! (more…)

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The Lighthouse

Here we go! (more…)

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The Substitute



Sufferin’ Succotash! Was this an episode and a half!!

Oh LOST – what will we do without you? (more…)

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Tonight at 6 when the Opening Ceremonies begin there will be a mass Cast-On taking place all over the Knitverse!

I am representing Team 4815162342 from the LOST board and will be making the Adamas Shawl – it sounds BSG but the Greek translation is: indomitable or untamable. Which feels like John Locke’s attitude at times.

So I am calling my project: Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t DO! Shawl

Pretty ambitious for a 2 week project but…I’ve had this yarn kicking around forever and I need to jump into the lace at some point.
vfds 041

I made a bag to tote my project around in the theme from our board…

vfds 040vfds 039

I be ‘cited!!!

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What Kate Does

This episode felt less like it was about Kate and more about the people she interacts with the most.


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