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Tonight at 6 when the Opening Ceremonies begin there will be a mass Cast-On taking place all over the Knitverse!

I am representing Team 4815162342 from the LOST board and will be making the Adamas Shawl – it sounds BSG but the Greek translation is: indomitable or untamable. Which feels like John Locke’s attitude at times.

So I am calling my project: Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t DO! Shawl

Pretty ambitious for a 2 week project but…I’ve had this yarn kicking around forever and I need to jump into the lace at some point.
vfds 041

I made a bag to tote my project around in the theme from our board…

vfds 040vfds 039

I be ‘cited!!!


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I think I am not the only one who is so excited to see this guy return:

Hee hee! I’ll never forget that shy/sly grin he wore as he rationalized stealing the other tribes shoes:”Pirates pillage. Pirates steal. Pirates take advantage. We are pirates, so we pirated.”
I laughed out loud!

I am casting on a new project today:

It’s part of a challenge on the BSG Fleet Power Battle at Ravelry — so much fun! But I might be getting in over my head with all of the challenges/exchanges I’ve signed on for in the last 3 days!

I joined an awesome Scarf-along/exchange and a Granny Square exchange. And then a One Skein — but that is from your stash, so that’s cheap at least. Actually, they are all cheap. But…do I have time? Likely not.
I’ll keep you posted. :-p

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I don’t usually do these kind of posts because I don’t usually have much to show. Happily, that is not the case this week!

Here is my Socktober Mystery Sock thus far. (sorry it’s blurry)
Mystery Sock

Yes, I know. October and therefore Socktoberfest is over BUT we have until the end of November to post our Mystery Socks for the contest so…I will carry on.

Bravely, I might add since I learned this morning, via Turtlegirl, that I am making a version of the Mystery Sock and not the actual pattern. Ah me.

I have begun my NaKniSweMo project – the Transitions Yoke Cardigan. Purchasing the yarn and casting on this Sunday – kind of a gift to myself – that I hope works out!
Picture 345
I thought I was making quick progress until I raveled about it. Whoo those knitters are speed freaks! Some of them are approaching the halfway mark on their sweaters!

I’ll be content with what I can – after all, it took 11.5 months to complete my last sweater. Sheesh. Anything’s progress compared to that. Unless I take longer this year…

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I’ve joined the Mystery Sock group at Ravelry.

Picture 286

Scanning the HorizonI am knitting like a fiend while watching Seasons 1&2 of Battlestar Galactica. I’m so glad I didn’t watch this live and don’t have to wait! It’s amazing to see local places showing up – Gaius Baltar’s beach house is not far from where we camp each year – recognize that horizon?

bsg_1589 Ok, so their resolution is much better…the house they shot this from is just 20 min from here. Makes me almost wish I’d known about it at the time…

When I was a kid I loved the  original Battlestar — I know, total cheese. I had a major crush on Starbuck  and I loved this little guy:  Whoo boy was I afraid of those Cylons! I would watch each Sunday afternoon but most of the time I was regretting my choice! Then again, I was 5….

 Here’s my finished cuff, resting beneath the Engelman’s Ivy. I love this time of year!

Picture 287

A closeup of the stitch pattern…more or less. ;-D

Picture 288

Tonight I’ll finish Season 2 and cast on the sleeves for my February Lady’s Sweater.  My goodness, what if I finish something?!

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Listen to this

so I didn’t get makeup on yesterday so…no Dress Code pic. Sorry. I am not a woman of my word – but most of you already know that.

What I really was going to say is this: The other morning I woke up, it was early, I was in no rush. I stretched my arms out to the side and what the?! Agonizing pain in my left arm. What in the holy h*ll is that?

I thought maybe a cat had dropped a nail (seriously, it happens) and so I grabbed at it to pull it out. And it was a squirming WASP! I threw it across the room and it flew right back at me.

What was it doing in my bed? Whatever. It hurt. Really, really hurt. And truly – it is 3 or 4 days later and my arm is still itchy. I have a bad feeling that means I am allergic or getting allergic.

Ever since My Girl it has been a paranoia of mine. Yuk.

In other news: It’s about time to gather your weapons. The War will commence shortly…


And now that I actually knit socks – or more accurately, buy sock yarn – my victims will be slain with the nicest of yarns. What a way to go!

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Yes, it is Summer!

Today was the 1st day of our Summer Program. We hiked the 4 Lakes Trail and spent the day lazing at the river. Well, after a fashion.

The children explored, built a ‘castle’, found ‘diamonds’, crossed the river, found snails, built a monument and a dam.

I knit. I managed 7 colour repeats on my PS2 Jaywalker the 2nd. Check it out (far right).


There you see a current pic of my Math Whiz, PS2 Jaywalker the 1st and PS2 Jaywalker the 2nd. I am amazed at how much better the Jaywalker suits the self striping yarn – though I have read that elsewhere, I thought the 1st looked pretty good but Thank You Eunny!

And ok – this time I really have updated the 2007 Reads page.                               

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I am so excited! {I should really be casting on my Mystery Stole 3, but after waiting 2 weeks I have lost my momentum. 😦    It’ll be back I am sure.} My patterns arrived from Stitch Poet Designs!! I have cast on and will be stitching away on Passin’ the Dress Code tonight while I re-watch Season 2 of Rome — I am house/dog sitting and just saw that they have the DVD’s!

Look at all these furry babies – isn’t it funny how great big dogs want to sit in your lap? Look at them all over my Mom.


Sorry about the ‘haunted’ look we have in the photo – there is big mirror over the couch that is making the big blurs of light.

Now, since it is the Summer of Socks – here are some progress pics of the socks on the needles. Yep, more Jaywalkers.

pict2084.jpg                    pict2085.jpg

My Mom is making an ankle sock version that is working up very quickly — the green. Sorry to say that for some reason my Math Whiz sock pic didn’t load, I’ll try to remedy that another time.

Mmmm (forgot to take pics) went to the Farmer’s Market today and picked up some more scrumptious locally grown lettuces and radishes. Ooh, and a big bag of Okanagan Cherries that are ridiculously sweet and juicy. I also may have stopped in at the pastry/bread booth and indulged somewhat BUT I was walking and then did go for a big walk tonight too….so I don’t feel guilty at all.

Got some reading in, though I haven’t been doing a good job of updating the sidebar at all – look for a new post on the 2007 Reads page.

Have a great long weekend everyone!

ETA: I linked to 2 pics of Passin’ the Dress Code – The designer doesn’t have a website for her knitting, but you can contact her by e-mail and she will send you her list of designs – and you know what? They are all super cute and hip.

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