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It is a knit blog right?

Well…not so much during LOST. Thankfully I am not the only fibre-freak LOSTfanatic.

Check out these awesome colourways:

That’s the Bad Robot colourway from RiverPoet Fiber and Yarn. There’s one skein remaining….



This is the 4815162342 colourway from Yarntini — quick! There are 5 left! My skein was a gift (in a Ravelry One Skein exchange) from Pipp of Pipp’s Purses.

I haven’t decided what to make yet but…I love them all the same. One day soon I’ll post some pics of my current projects — I’ve just been crazy busy. Add Lost blogging to that and…I have no time!

sorry the pics are blurry – only have a crap camera at the moment!


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Knitting Content!!

Yes. Your eyes are not deceiving you — it’s a slew (or is it slough?) of FO’s!

Topmost is the Tudora Ruff– or Tudorica. 😉  


I think this picture turned out quite funny – I was actually trying to avoid a triple chin but…it makes me look kinda threatening.

mo 002


Great Canadian Traveling ScarfI joined a traveling Scarf Exchange, which is pretty fun – we just mailed off the second section. You start a scarf – knit the 1st 6″, send it on to the next knitter, they add 6″ and so on. Finally your scarf is returned to you and you knit the final 6″. Voila!  A complete scarf. And this way you – ok I – totally avoid the dread that comes upon me about 8″ in to a scarf — that certainty that the scarf is not growing – a fact that seems to be proven by measuring! Does anyone know how that works? How can you measure something at 8″, knit 10 rows and remeasure and it is still 8″?? I don’t know how it happens but it has happened to me more than once.

vfds 019

I used the leftover wool from Tudorica and chose a pattern from the Stitch Dictionary my Mom gifted me. This is not the best picture. At least I hope it’s the picture.

I also joined a Granny Square Exchange and this is a terrible pic of the one I sent out. (at least there is a bit of a theme to the post!)

AND last of all: Aunty K’s Amendment Thrummed Mittens


So named because they were to make up for the socks I made her for her anniversary that fit her granddaughter! (I’ve seen her wear them twice already!)

Thrumming was much easier than I thought and it is super-duper cozy. I might have to look into a pair for myself for next season since, you know.

Knit while watching: Lost Seasons 1&2; True Blood Seasons 1&2

Tudorica & Amendment Thrummed Mittens were projects for the BSG Fleet Power Battle (on Ravelry). Go Galactica!!

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10 on Tuesday

10 Things You Want but Wouldn’t Buy for Yourself

1. I totally second Yano’s Roomba – the one designed for pet hair! That would be one Cylon I would totally welcome with open arms.
Well, that and maybe Sam.

2. Might as well add the collector’s edition of BSG to this list – to go with the Cylon above.

3.  Hmmm…what else? Well, how about a Wii? I want it but…I just can’t bring myself to buy it. So far.

4. And…since I love this show more than BSG, pre-buy me this LOST box set. Only in my dream world full of gifts I’d like it to contain the final season AND an endless amount of insider & dvd extras.

5.  I want my own one of these too.

You know, so I can get my spinster-on more fully than I already have.

6. Would it be amoral to want someone to finalize adoption arrangements for me as something I wouldn’t buy myself? Adoption is expensive.

7. Backyard pond/water system with Koi.

8. I’ll add this to my backyard wishing too. Can you picture reading and lounging here in the summer with some freshly squeezed lemonade? I know I can.

9. And I would LOVE one of these Cedar Greenhouses with the planting boxes and the built in sink.


10. And in the interest of not appearing to be completely into expensive-only gifts (of the kind my non-existent husband should be supplying me with)  – any of myriad skeins of hand dyed wool, hand made stationary, jewelery or home decorating accessories from Etsy.

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Ta Da!


See, there has been some knitting around here!  While I was away my lovely landlords looked after my place. And my cats. And my chickens. And my fish.
Kind of a lot to look after.
As a way of saying thanks, I knit her some Mason Dixon Ball Band dishcloths (I love the way the colours pooled!) and added a jar of my Accidental Plum Sauce*. On the morning of my 1st piano lesson, I brought them with me. Her surprise was well worth the effort. 😀

I am also trying my hand at quilting. See below:

Quilt top

I’ve finished the top. Now the applique begins! Someday.

I accidentally cut out some of the fabric the regular way, not knowing what “on the bias” meant. My mother educated me and…I had to pick up some more fabric. Once I cut that out I discovered, I don’t own any pins?!?? So I had to make a trip to Wal*Mart and pick some up. By the time I got home…interest had waned in favour of The Office Season 3. So…there you have it.

scan001001A little closeup of the binding strips dividing the panels. Love the little ladybugs.

Now I wanted to make a gift for a friend who had a new baby, oh 6 months ago (yes Queen of Procrastination am I) and I love this little coat. So darned cute. I decided to make one for the new baby and one for her toddler sister. I cast on for the 6-12 months size and made quick (for me!) progress.New Project? YIP>5/365

I really like the fabric the seed stitch creates. As I was knitting and watching the Battlestar Galactica Miniseries premiere, I became increasingly uneasy with the piece.

Check this out:

Umm that is my February Lady Sweater placed below the Smock Coat. And yes. They are the same width.

Ahh…I’m a plus-sized gal and this baby is decidedly typical, size-wise that is. 😉 I don’t know what sort of monster this coat would fit! Maybe this guy: So I was going to scrap it completely (though I did wonder if I kept on if it might fit me…)but after reading boards at Ravelry etc. Debbie Bliss’ patterns would seem to run wide. So now I am thinking this might be ok for the toddler and I could make the next size down for the baby?

What do you think?

 *I tried to preserve plums according to directions – they had only cooked 12 of the 38 minutes and were mush already — plus they were supposed to be processed for an additional 10 minutes! madness — my Aunt shared a simpler, more effective recipce with me that might have done the trick. You prepare syrup, fill hot jars with plums, pour the syrup over and then process the jars. The plums still softened up but at least they retained their shape! I’ll let you know later in the year how they taste === looking forward to that. Mmmm….

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I’ve seen this at a few blogs I read and thought I would try it out…let’s see if I keep it up!

this week’s theme: 10 Things You Plan For

1) Waxing — your hair has to be a certain gorilla-length to make it worthwhile

2) Vacation — though even that I leave to the last minute

3) Blog posts — I’m going to try not to over think them – HA! that should be interesting…or not

4) Gifts — I love to buy or make them — it’s the joy of the giving.

5) Projects — sometimes. Most of the time I’m pretty impulsive.

6) Reading —  just a necessary part of each day!

7) Work! I do the scheduling of the children AND staff. This Fall was particularly complex. Let’s not even talk about it.

8 ) Fine viewing. I am cable-less and online-less at my Little House in the Woods. So I either have to finangle some burned discs or pirate my way into a viewing … which reminds me, LOST is only how many weeks away?

9) Eating. Yeah – I should plan that. Since tonight I am likely having an apple and maybe some Kentucky Bluegrass Fudge Pie with whipping cream So you know, fruit AND dairy. As soon as I get home I am running right out the door again. Poor pets. 😦

10) Sleep. I like planning a little nap during the day where I can — usually it happens on weekend afternoons — could be part of the reason there is a shortage of FO’s & project news here… Just sayin’ ;-D

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I really have to thank my Secret Pal assigned to spoil me this last round, because she has really been wonderful! So: Thank you Scoutleader!! Go say hello to her won’t you?

This is the fabulous package I received this week:


2 skeins of the softest Debbie Bliss yarn to go with the brand new Debbie Bliss magazine! What fun. And the colour is divine — not that I could get a picture of it in our rainy West Coast weather.

She included so many great little extras – lovely candles, a handy notepad, funny kleenex (when did you think you’d hear that?), a mini potted daisy to grow.  And my favourite: new linens for my new kitchen! So thoughtful.

 IMG_0702 IMG_0687

They arrived at just the right time – our leaves are changing colour and falling to the forest floor – and now I have Fall pot holders and centrepiece/table runner. I love reflecting the season in my home. (now to do that!)

I also received the latest installment of the 7 Deadly Spins — such fun! IMG_0653

It comes at a great time -I keep thinking I want to try my hand at lace. Annnnd I’ve even bought lace weight and a pattern or two, but…now it’s Socktoberfest! Honestly. I need to find a way to quit my workaday world and knit full time. Maybe then I would get half of the knit plans I have, done. Or at least cast on.


Look at the awesome hand mirror the Pride kit included . Isn’t that clever?

What are you working on? Did you join Socktoberfest?

Me? I’m ALMOST finished my 1st Picot Edged Monkey – here’s a little proof that I do still knit. 


Granted, I only returned to it this Weds. and my was it hard to knit through the last 4 episodes of Damages! Egads! If you haven’t seen it yet – go. get. it. Today!

I might have to finish the toe with some co-ordinating colour since I seem to be running low…and have 1/3rd of the foot body to go still. Look for a Socktoberfest post soon!

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Scoutleader is the name of the lady who is spoiling me during SP12 — and spoiling me she is! Look at what arrived today:

This is the most incredible package! Well beyond anything I expected.

Listen to this, there are 2 skeins of the softest Bamboo/Silk/Merino blend sock woll in vibrant, happy fall colours. Then there is a skein of 100% bamboo — it feels so much like cotton. Bamboo is really amazing stuff. I’ve never used 100% before and I’m thrilled to try it out.

There is a great sock pattern to go with the luxe bamboo & silk AND Addi Turbos! My favourite – the join is so smooth. And she is much better than I am at choosing – she sent me 40″ length. I got the 16″ length and it is a little tricky to Magic Loop with.

She also sent me the Yarn Harlot’s book At Knit’s End – my favourite and one I was thinking of borrowing from the library again! Synchronicity I’m tellin’ ya.

There are 2 pyramid teas in Earl Grey and Chai — my absolute preference in teas. And a box of scrumptious looking Caramel Latte biscotti — it’s like she knows my guilty secret: Medium Creme Caramel Lattes from the coffee shop behind my house (ok, not directly behind my house but a 3 min walk. ok, not that I’m walking).

As if that’s not enough – there are handmade stitchmarkers with the prettiest beads and a set of Narcissus notecards.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! You are far too generous. But I love it! 😉

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