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Living between the venues for the 2010 Winter Games has turned out much better than anticipated.
Sure, there’s little to no snow and driving was held up for 7 years in the making but…now that it’s here, might as well enjoy it right?

Miga, Excuse MeWe took our Daycare kids to 2 Olympic events — and they were fantastic! We had the best weather, the nicest volunteers and some pretty happy kids!

 They were delighted to see the mascots in person – convinced they know each other from waaay back. Pretty darn adorable.

One exception: At the Whistler Olympic Park an overzealous RCMP member ‘confiscated’  my knitting to ‘destroy’ it. Here’s the dangerous knitting on that morning’s bus:Olympic Knitting on Bus

The good news is: VanOc is having my needles (yep, the volunteer and I managed to convince him to take just the needles and not the whole thing – which was a relief because it was the 2nd sock!) brought to me. That’s right: BROUGHT to ME!

Sleeping on the hillI was utterly amazed by the fantastic and personal response I had when I reported what happened (I had called ahead to make sure knitting/needles were acceptable to bring and was told it was A-ok). Even in the midst of a much larger problem, VanOc took excellent care of me and that totally added to the entire Olympic Experience.

While I didn’t get to spend that day on the hill knitting, I still had a good time. The kids paid little to no attention to what was happening – and even though I tried to, I could not tell at all what was going on! (and yet they said there was not enough French…) The day was spent sliding up and down the hill overlooking the X-Country races, drinking coffee and laughing. Pretty good day I’d say. This little one crashed for about 15 minutes — all that fresh air!

vfds 085Our 2nd day was at the Whistler Sliding Centre – and it was fabulous! We got seats in the bandstand above the finish line – so we had a perfect view of the athletes.

Security didn’t even blink at my knitting so…a good 4 inches was completed there and now the heel is ready to be turned on a very old WIP (can you say 2006? I knew you could)

Olympic Knitters Meet UpThe next morning I drove into the city for a Ravelympics Knitters Meet Up.

It was wonderful! I met lots of knitters (and failed to meet others — sorry!), had a fabulous breakfast (stuffed French Toast!), toured Sweet Georgia’s studio and scored some gorgeous yarn to commemorate the event.

Joining a table of 20 or more people knitting in public was good for the soul. 😀

Lolly and IA big Thank You to Lolly and Felicia for organizing this great Meet Up!

Sweet Georgia's StudioHere’s a glimpse of the studio — it’s a truly beautiful space – and that’s not even including the fibre!

Studio CourtyardThis is a view of the courtyard outside the studio – those are clematis: Blooming! Clematis.

The studio was filled with natural light and the twitter of birds on the wing in the courtyard. So restful.

In ending I’ll leave you with a glimpse of my Ravelympics project (that has no chance of being completed in time, but…I learned a few new skills)

Here is the Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do! Shawl from yesterday afternoon:

DTMWICD! Shawl the 2nd

Overheard at the Olympics:

Finnish Santa5 yr old girl: That’s not Real Santa ’cause he’s just wearing a bathrobe. looks him over again And black pants.

7 yr old boy: Oh when are they ever going to stop for a commercial break?! of the female skeleton competitors

5 yr old boy: Quatchi, it’s me your son! waves mini Quatchi toy to mascot a good 100 ft away!! Dad! Quatchi Dad, I’m over here. pause pause+ a few more Quatchis!!!  Ok, I’ll see you at home Dad. I love you!

6 yr old boy: This is a so healthy hot dog ’cause this bread is better than a bun for you. Buns aren’t good for you. Those buns. of his $8 hot dog made wtih a baguette style bread 

5 yr old girl: O Canada….a true piece of love, in all the son’s sweet hands. Unprompted and at top volume!

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A Coming of Age


Their friend dies – and they’re all grown up. ;-D

I got my first egg today!


I was cleaning the coop, freshening the water etc. and saw the egg just laying in the pine shavings. Inside their coop I bought specially for them! Such a relief – because they sleep in the rafters of the enclosure and I wasn’t at all sure they would know to lay in the coop.

I brought the egg to work to show the children. After we marveled over its size, shape and colour we shared it – scrambled in butter. (I know – heartless) 9 children and one adult had two spoons of scrambled egg each.

And it was delicious!

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Ta Da!


See, there has been some knitting around here!  While I was away my lovely landlords looked after my place. And my cats. And my chickens. And my fish.
Kind of a lot to look after.
As a way of saying thanks, I knit her some Mason Dixon Ball Band dishcloths (I love the way the colours pooled!) and added a jar of my Accidental Plum Sauce*. On the morning of my 1st piano lesson, I brought them with me. Her surprise was well worth the effort. 😀

I am also trying my hand at quilting. See below:

Quilt top

I’ve finished the top. Now the applique begins! Someday.

I accidentally cut out some of the fabric the regular way, not knowing what “on the bias” meant. My mother educated me and…I had to pick up some more fabric. Once I cut that out I discovered, I don’t own any pins?!?? So I had to make a trip to Wal*Mart and pick some up. By the time I got home…interest had waned in favour of The Office Season 3. So…there you have it.

scan001001A little closeup of the binding strips dividing the panels. Love the little ladybugs.

Now I wanted to make a gift for a friend who had a new baby, oh 6 months ago (yes Queen of Procrastination am I) and I love this little coat. So darned cute. I decided to make one for the new baby and one for her toddler sister. I cast on for the 6-12 months size and made quick (for me!) progress.New Project? YIP>5/365

I really like the fabric the seed stitch creates. As I was knitting and watching the Battlestar Galactica Miniseries premiere, I became increasingly uneasy with the piece.

Check this out:

Umm that is my February Lady Sweater placed below the Smock Coat. And yes. They are the same width.

Ahh…I’m a plus-sized gal and this baby is decidedly typical, size-wise that is. 😉 I don’t know what sort of monster this coat would fit! Maybe this guy: So I was going to scrap it completely (though I did wonder if I kept on if it might fit me…)but after reading boards at Ravelry etc. Debbie Bliss’ patterns would seem to run wide. So now I am thinking this might be ok for the toddler and I could make the next size down for the baby?

What do you think?

 *I tried to preserve plums according to directions – they had only cooked 12 of the 38 minutes and were mush already — plus they were supposed to be processed for an additional 10 minutes! madness — my Aunt shared a simpler, more effective recipce with me that might have done the trick. You prepare syrup, fill hot jars with plums, pour the syrup over and then process the jars. The plums still softened up but at least they retained their shape! I’ll let you know later in the year how they taste === looking forward to that. Mmmm….

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I’ve seen this at a few blogs I read and thought I would try it out…let’s see if I keep it up!

this week’s theme: 10 Things You Plan For

1) Waxing — your hair has to be a certain gorilla-length to make it worthwhile

2) Vacation — though even that I leave to the last minute

3) Blog posts — I’m going to try not to over think them – HA! that should be interesting…or not

4) Gifts — I love to buy or make them — it’s the joy of the giving.

5) Projects — sometimes. Most of the time I’m pretty impulsive.

6) Reading —  just a necessary part of each day!

7) Work! I do the scheduling of the children AND staff. This Fall was particularly complex. Let’s not even talk about it.

8 ) Fine viewing. I am cable-less and online-less at my Little House in the Woods. So I either have to finangle some burned discs or pirate my way into a viewing … which reminds me, LOST is only how many weeks away?

9) Eating. Yeah – I should plan that. Since tonight I am likely having an apple and maybe some Kentucky Bluegrass Fudge Pie with whipping cream So you know, fruit AND dairy. As soon as I get home I am running right out the door again. Poor pets. 😦

10) Sleep. I like planning a little nap during the day where I can — usually it happens on weekend afternoons — could be part of the reason there is a shortage of FO’s & project news here… Just sayin’ ;-D

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Last weekend was the Brackendale Fall Fair. The weather was perfect – sunny and warm. Even at opening, the place was packed. So much to see and do.

Picture 233

This young violinist was very talented (but I was country-musiced-out in about 20 seconds — ugh) 

 Cutest Cupcakes!Over in the food tent (not sure what it was really called) there were the most amazing cupcakes! A troop of Beavers – and check out that Cob of Corn! People can be so creative.

I was disappointed for them that they were only second place. 😦

1st Prize Cake @ Fall FairThis Sandwich rivals the Ace of Cakes, I think. A well-deserved Blue Ribbon.

Hair cuts at the Fall FairThis struck me as very funny – you could get your haircut. Right next to the Petting Zoo – for $10 no less!

I had the best breakfast at the Ninja Crepe. Fresh strawberries, Nutello and whipped cream folded into a hot crepe. Yum!

There were awesome booths this year and I am determined to have some FO’s by next September so I can enter them.

This year I entered some Kiwi Lime Marmalade that I made. I love it — I think it tastes like a Morning Margarita. Mmmmm….I used the recipe from the excellent book, Well Preserved, that I picked up while on Quadra Island.

And looky! It won 1st Prize! My very own Blue Ribbon preserve.
My Award Winning Jam

To celebrate, I picked up a coupla old gals and headed home.

Need a lift?

My Mom made some delectable scones, I whipped up some mock Devonshire Cream and voila:

Afternoon Tea

A most delicious day.


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Back Home

Picture 192

Home from camping on Quadra Island.
I realize that I have continued to neglect this blog. I have written so many entries in my mind…that I forget I haven’t actually published them.
I wish life were a lot slower!

I took a week and slowed down intentionally. You can’t beat camping for introspection.

Picture 177

I’ve been up to a few things since my last post — sadly, I had to get new chickens. RIP Chickanzees. {these are the new ones – 4 little girls and 1 boy}

Picture 092

Spent some time being a tourist close to home:

Picture 062

Started quilting:

1st Quilt!

Took up canning:

Picture 090Picture 091


Spent time with family:

Picture 116
Picture 126








and pets:

Picture 099

How did you spend your summer?

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Whoa! Where does the time go??

I will finish reviewing Lost — this season was incredible? wasn’t it? The posts are in draft form, I’ve just been outrageously busy since like April!

Here is a glimpse of just some of the things occupying my time:

Been Awhile

Left to Right – Top to Bottom

1> I fostered 3 kittens for the local SPCA. Lots of fun, but a LOT of work. Naturally, I wound up keeping one – I’m pretty sure they know that will happen! I kept the fluffy black and white one on the end. Chaplin. One of my cousins adopted the black kitten, Poe (great name hey?). Right now I am kitten-sitting Poe while she is at ComiCon — the two boys are having a blast together.
The girl at the SPCA might need me to foster more kittens – they have 25 in the shelter! Madness!

2> I have 3 chickens! I’m hoping that at least 2 of them are hens — I would like eggs. They started out as the cutest little puffballs. This is Reepicheep in my arms.

3> Spending lots of times at the beach, the lakes, the river (freezing glacier run off!!) and the pool. This summer has been a scorcher so far.

4> I completed my RCM 1st year and received First Class Honours on my Exam! Such a relief — my 1st ever piano exam. I’m really looking forward to my 2nd year this Fall. I find it a great balance between calming and challenging myself. (if that makes any sense!)

5> Been on a few roadtrips – personally and work related. We have been going on near-daily field trips and this summer’s program is turning into a great success. 🙂

6> The chickens have grown! They are hardly recognizable as the little balls they arrived as. Last weekend I built them an enclosure. Myself! With a door that opens and closes — myself! I’m amazed. Their adorable coop was made my a family friend and they love it. Their enclosure is located outside my kitchen window — they seem to get a real kick out of peering in at me when I do the dishes/cook – which is what they are doing in this pic.

7> mmmm….Clafoutis! I adapted Alicia Paulson’s Blackberry version to use some of the abundant and delicious raspberries in my landlady’s garden. I had only made a WW’s version before and it was good. This however? This is heavenly. The tart of the raspberries contrasts nicely with the crystallized raw sugar the custard is poured over.

8> I started a small garden at my new place. This is it shortly after transplanting seedlings — it’s jungly these days. Even the green peppers are growing – due to the scorching summer weather I’ve mentioned earlier. The chickens love exploring the backyard and I’ve discovered that, likely because they arrived on the same day, the kittens watch but don’t interfere when the chickens are out and about (not that I leave them alone!) I hope they are helping to keep the garden tick free. Ugh. 
In addition to the clafoutis, I’ve also been experimenting with SouleMama’s Ruby June. I tried the rhubarb syrup but found it rather tasteless – so next I made a raspberry syrup. It made a divine drink! Very nice with sparkling soda and actually alright added to ice water.

9> Seen some great movies and some not so great movies. The latter was not-so-great because it was viewed with a very sensitive child whose first words to follow the intro: “I know one thing, I’m going to have nightmares tonight.” While sparing us from potetnially gory footage there were still a lot of ominously intoned “he won’t survive for long” & “if they don’t…they will surely die” . Sheesh.

10> Lots of BBQ’s already. This is a great year for it. Loving the quick and easy recipes that lend themselves to summer weather cooking. mmmmm…the company is the best ingredient though. ;-D

11> I finished the 365 Project…not that it’s up to date yet…but the photo’s have all been taken!

12> And what is summer without reading? Getting a surprising amount of reading done depsite all the other activities AND since I have started quilting! (pics coming soon)

What have you been up to?

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This knitter has completed a project.
And then photographed the project.
And actually posted it – on her blog.

So very flattering, taking your own picture in a bathroom mirror.

You can see I couldn’t wait until I had added the collar and woven in the ends. I had to try it on. I did have someone else take my picture in my new sweater – but they were even less flattering. They all turned out to have either a vacant expression or my mouth open explaining how to work the camera.

Here is the best of those attempts:

See what I mean? Call 1-800-TIPS is what I’m seeing.

It is done, reblocked and resting – waiting to be worn to work tomorrow. If I ever get a better picture than on the back of a chair…I’ll put it up here.

I’m really, really happy with this sweater. It’s cozy, it’s comfy and I made it in less than 1.5 months! I might always work with Size 11 needles from now on.

I love the Sand Stitch that embellishes the cuffs and the fronts. Excuse the poor lighting – the colour is exactly as pictured on the back of the chair (for some reason seeing my sweater laying there like it’s just been taken off feels so good! like this is a real sweater)

I watched a record amount of television programming and movies while knitting this. But probably I will associate it with Knocked Up – which I watched two nights in a row (thank you Movie Central) as I finished the collar, redid the collar and then wove in those ends. Seth Rogen is so adorable. But, to quote B-Nessa, “I digress.”

I am still struggling to catch up on my blog reading (sorry folks – I’ll get to you – though it may not be safe). Some of my reading is leading to immediate action.

Mmmm….Elvis cake.

A rich, moist banana cake with incredible Peanut Butter icing. Honestly, I am tolerating the cake so I can have more icing! I never thought I would be the weird person in line at the grocery store with a jar of Marshmallow Creme but people – one taste of this icing has let me know it is worth cringing in the baked goods aisle as you add this totally kitzchy ingredient to your basket of organic snap peas, soy milk and eco friendly dishwasher detergent (though I’m thinking the energy it takes to run our old dishwasher probably negates the benefit of phosphate free soap).

Anyways, if you want some of your own you’ll have to go here and then get in line for the Marshmallow Creme.


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Mmmm…what is the connection between Knit Blogs and fabulous food? I’m not sure – but I’m grateful.

Look at what I made for breakfast this morning. Recipe here! I would use a little less butter – just sayin’.


So delicious – the aroma of baking apples, fresh cinammon and cloves.


I found this via Fig and Plum – and let me tell you her menu for a Farmer’s Market feast? Fabulous. I am off to our mini version of a FM this afternoon. I love chilled soup – I ordered a different flavour each night on our cruise. The blueberry was divine.

I am going to scour the Internet for a chilled Apple soup because I have this sitting on my kitchen counter:


From a friend’s tree. We’ve already had Apple Crisp, Apple Pie, Harvest Meatballs, Apple Clafouti (or is it Flongarde?), baked apples — you get it.

I’m a major fan of Brussel Sprouts and just look at the sprouts Cirilia made. Not to mention the adorable Coffee Cardigan. I’m really into knitted covers for things — according to my Ravelry queue. Actually making some is another beast altogether. 🙂

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After losing Trivia again.


Yep – I was knitting in the bar.


So cozy.

The big Chef’s night – which included singing, dancing and juggling waiters as well.



Not all of us could wear our hats so well.


Our last port of call: Ketchikan. The salmon were running.



Dolly’s House.


Here’s an interior shot of my favourite bookstore. This chair is conveniently located beside the crafts section – which carried nearly all of the YarnHarlot’s books.


Now don’t take this the wrong way but the following seems like something you would only find in the USA. It is the Post Office and the Taxidermist. Together. In one building.


Please note the realism of the display – the feathers in the mouths. And in case you were wondering, the ptarmigan does come with the otter. Hey, that’s a bargain!


And we thought we were the only one’s out there bastardizing this joke.

Our last day was spent sailing down the Inside Passage. We stayed out on deck quite a bit, chatting, reading, napping and knitting (ok that was just me). And yep – it was still chilly.


Chilly but beautiful.


Check out the Rainbow Topaz ring my Aunt bought – you know, if you can spot it. (not actually my Aunt’s hand)


CONTEST: I took the photo from the wrong side. Curses. This has got to be the all time funniest moment that was certainly not meant to be funny. Just follow the link and if you know whose hand that is and from what program…it might just win you a prize in honour of Socktoberfest! If there is more than one correct answer I will draw names. Leave your guess in the comments. 😀 (Unless that is you in the mock photo!)


I love this pic of my cousin but…he wouldn’t buy it. So I improvised. Shhhh!


This sub-group played a lot of cards during our trip. Here’s their last game in the lounge where the loveliest string quartet played each night.


I knit while I waited to be picked up. Err… I mean Reunited!


I had a fabulous trip but I am happy to be back. Just look at what a gorgeous day it was when we arrived home:


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