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10 Ways to Waste Time on the Internet….
as if any of us need pointers!

1) I waste loads of time browsing Etsy

2) More on Flickr — checking the entries in 365 and Explore

3) Naturally I’m wasting time at Ravelry

4) Dreaming at deviantART

5) I have been known to scroll through these LOLdogs for a hefty dose of cute

6) One of myriad LOST sites – not that I have been there lately. I HATE spoilers!

7) Oh man — I haven’t been here for awhile. MSN games – Collapse

8) There is Facebook. I am a recovering addict. It has been 28 days since my last login.

9) The majority of my online time is spent reading blogs and blogging. Just check out that sidebar!

10) I recently learned of TVShack — a life saver for Canadians blocked from watching anything worthwhile!

Where do you waste time?


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Hey, LOST Fans

Check this out:

Fanmail that Jorge shared with us on his blog.

What can you even say?

Hope you had a laugh/smile!

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10 on Tuesday

Ummmm this is going to be impossible!

10 Favourite Current Athletes

first of all – do I even KNOW 10 athletes? from any time period? let alone current? Doubtful.

Here goes:

1) Lance Armstrong — is he current? no idea

2) Roberto Luongo — even if he is whiny, he has something

3) Derek Jeter — ’cause he’s cute — SO shallow!

4 & 5) The Williams’ girls because they’re not in the trash news – that I have ever heard of

6) Kyle Shewfelt…..

and I’m out.

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I’ve seen this at a few blogs I read and thought I would try it out…let’s see if I keep it up!

this week’s theme: 10 Things You Plan For

1) Waxing — your hair has to be a certain gorilla-length to make it worthwhile

2) Vacation — though even that I leave to the last minute

3) Blog posts — I’m going to try not to over think them – HA! that should be interesting…or not

4) Gifts — I love to buy or make them — it’s the joy of the giving.

5) Projects — sometimes. Most of the time I’m pretty impulsive.

6) Reading —  just a necessary part of each day!

7) Work! I do the scheduling of the children AND staff. This Fall was particularly complex. Let’s not even talk about it.

8 ) Fine viewing. I am cable-less and online-less at my Little House in the Woods. So I either have to finangle some burned discs or pirate my way into a viewing … which reminds me, LOST is only how many weeks away?

9) Eating. Yeah – I should plan that. Since tonight I am likely having an apple and maybe some Kentucky Bluegrass Fudge Pie with whipping cream So you know, fruit AND dairy. As soon as I get home I am running right out the door again. Poor pets. 😦

10) Sleep. I like planning a little nap during the day where I can — usually it happens on weekend afternoons — could be part of the reason there is a shortage of FO’s & project news here… Just sayin’ ;-D

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“Picture a box. You know something about boxes, don’t you John? Now picture a box that you can wish anything into. What would you say to that?”
                                                        – Benjamin Linus


If someone looked at me the way Ben looks at John Locke my insides would shrivel up!

What would you wish into the box?

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You already know I’m a joiner. Well, I joined the 365 Day Project.

My dog might like cameras. After she heard the camera click this photo of me reading outside on the 1st summery day in some time (it’s raining even now and about 6 degrees) her little head popped up from where she was napping.

Rejected 365.2


I barely had time to snap her peeking face before this was my new portrait for Day 365.2.


I kind of like seeing the strap from the camera trailing across the table – adds some perspective. I’m off to walk my attention-whore dog.

ETA: Another month until this (hopefully arg) begins!

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This round of Secret Pal has hosts asking weekly questions of participants. Our first question is:

What is your favourite summer drink?

Hmmm…That totally depends. 9 times out of 10 I choose cold water with lemon (yes, I’ve read that restuarant health warning about lemon wedges! eeek But I’m risking it – I’ve made it this far)

If it’s coffee we are talking about I’m newly addicted to Venti Starbucks Double Shot on Ice.

If we’re talking ‘adult’ drinks citrus makes an appearance again. I love crisp (oh my mouth is watering already) Bombay Sapphire gin overnight in the freezer with slices of lime & lemon. Add ice and chilled tonic water. Relax in your garden with a good book – or some great conversation or, just look around you. I like to have 2-3 highball glasses ready to go.

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