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Hi All!

I apologize for neglecting this blog most dreadfully.
I am 6 episodes behind on my LOST blogging — sheesh! And I have been knitting gifts and exchange items that I haven’t even taken pictures of yet.

Chalk it up to Spring weather, overtime, conferences, company and cable! Yes – finally cable in my own home. Ahhh to watch LOST from the comfort of my own sofa — or, in keeping with the high number of C’s in the earlier sentence — couch.

Also…there’s been some bike riding that resulted in:

                                    hdfjjk 003            Oh noooooo!

2 disgustingly scraped and swollen knees + 1 dramatic phone call/rescue from my Uncle. Days and days of stiffness and Bride of Frankenstein lurching.

Train tracks in the rain. Not a good idea friends.

Doesn’t that 2nd one look Mr. Bill-ish? With lipstick? or making the Mr. Yuck face?

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