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Some Like it Hoth 

 One of my favourite episode titles thus far. Much better than Eggtown — I was hoping for more babies because of that title. Sigh…



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Knitting Content!!

Yes. Your eyes are not deceiving you — it’s a slew (or is it slough?) of FO’s!

Topmost is the Tudora Ruff– or Tudorica. 😉  


I think this picture turned out quite funny – I was actually trying to avoid a triple chin but…it makes me look kinda threatening.

mo 002


Great Canadian Traveling ScarfI joined a traveling Scarf Exchange, which is pretty fun – we just mailed off the second section. You start a scarf – knit the 1st 6″, send it on to the next knitter, they add 6″ and so on. Finally your scarf is returned to you and you knit the final 6″. Voila!  A complete scarf. And this way you – ok I – totally avoid the dread that comes upon me about 8″ in to a scarf — that certainty that the scarf is not growing – a fact that seems to be proven by measuring! Does anyone know how that works? How can you measure something at 8″, knit 10 rows and remeasure and it is still 8″?? I don’t know how it happens but it has happened to me more than once.

vfds 019

I used the leftover wool from Tudorica and chose a pattern from the Stitch Dictionary my Mom gifted me. This is not the best picture. At least I hope it’s the picture.

I also joined a Granny Square Exchange and this is a terrible pic of the one I sent out. (at least there is a bit of a theme to the post!)

AND last of all: Aunty K’s Amendment Thrummed Mittens


So named because they were to make up for the socks I made her for her anniversary that fit her granddaughter! (I’ve seen her wear them twice already!)

Thrumming was much easier than I thought and it is super-duper cozy. I might have to look into a pair for myself for next season since, you know.

Knit while watching: Lost Seasons 1&2; True Blood Seasons 1&2

Tudorica & Amendment Thrummed Mittens were projects for the BSG Fleet Power Battle (on Ravelry). Go Galactica!!

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Craft Hope for Haiti Shop Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a timeThe internet is abuzz with news of Haiti and how we can each assist as we are able. Over at Ravelry there are patterns tagged for  Haiti Help  – parts of the proceeds will be given to Doctors Without Borders. So…if you were going to be buying a pattern soon, and you do it before Jan. 31st you’ll also be helping DwB/MSF

Yesterday the children at the Daycare asked to work on helping the ‘sad people’. They decided that they would make crafts and have a craft sale. Pretty sweet of them and whoever buys the wallpaper and construction paper hats, the faux fur cuffs, the pom-pom people they’ve made so far.

Two of the little girls have had everyone write their names on paper so that the ‘people in Haiti know who loves them’.

They are donating their empty juice boxes and bottles from home and offering to ‘just bring some money’. We’re sending the money they raise to MSF. They aren’t affiliated with any religions/churches and very little, if any, of the monies are used for administrative purposes.

Not all of their ideas were workable, they wanted to gather wood and bricks and send it on the boats from Canada, but they all came from the heart. Which is pretty amazing.

I thought it might be a good time to remind people of the government initiative that all of us be ready for a disaster – they reccommend being self sufficient for up to 72 hours. This is really important for us on the West Coast since we live directly on a major faultline — eek!

A daunting and potentially stressful task, contemplating the worst but it could make a real difference for you and your loved ones.

We are ready for the Flood

In November a friend who teaches Earthquake Preparedness for teens and families helped me complete my readiness kit.

Yes – that’s my Emergency Knitting kit – it’s clipped to my pack ($10 2nd hand, pretty awesome find). It holds 2 complete projects with instructions, needles, tape measure, beads, darning needle and scissors. I have one complicated project from the 7 Deadly Spins club and one plain vanilla sock project.

This pack, that I was relieved to learn I can put on and carry unassisted, has food, medicine and water for 1 week, plus the tools to build a temporary shelter.

My friend told me about an awesome cooker and I highly recommend it. It is lightweight — like a feather! — and lasts for hours.

Naturally I have a leash, food, treats and a sweater for Kira in my pack too. 😀 She’s my baby!

Altogether assembling my kit cost between $60-$80. If anyone wants I can send you a copy of the supply list I used.

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Better late than never – I want to get these reviews up before the new season starts in…15 days! Whoo! It’s nearly here…which also means, it’s nearly over. 😦

Dead is Dead


 Whoo Nelly! Just when I think I can’t love this show more…the next episode airs!


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A Coming of Age


Their friend dies – and they’re all grown up. ;-D

I got my first egg today!


I was cleaning the coop, freshening the water etc. and saw the egg just laying in the pine shavings. Inside their coop I bought specially for them! Such a relief – because they sleep in the rafters of the enclosure and I wasn’t at all sure they would know to lay in the coop.

I brought the egg to work to show the children. After we marveled over its size, shape and colour we shared it – scrambled in butter. (I know – heartless) 9 children and one adult had two spoons of scrambled egg each.

And it was delicious!

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Prince Charles

Prince Charles was so named because he was a shy rooster that didn’t seem to know he was a rooster at all. He only crowed once, over the holidays, and he was very surprised when it happened! (seeing his reaction was comical!)

The Flock YIP>1/365Though he should have been in charge, given that he was the only rooster, he spent his days being led around by the two most dominant hens in his life. Once and awhile they let him assert himself while they looked on in what appeared to be tolerant amusement.

There his resemblance to his namesake ends, because he was a very handsome rooster. The picture of him, top, is from his brief teenage-period. Prince Charles was robust, very tall and always had his feathers in impeccable array.
Picture 092
He died in my arms, of shock, this morning – after being snatched by a neighbours dog. He is buried beneath the apple tree.

Awww — look at him – so much smaller than the water bowl! (he’s the teeny one in front)

ETA: I sincerely hope no google searches lead here re: the real Prince Charles!

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For Season 6! 


It won’t embed right now – here’s the linky.


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