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10 on Tuesday

10 Things You Want but Wouldn’t Buy for Yourself

1. I totally second Yano’s Roomba – the one designed for pet hair! That would be one Cylon I would totally welcome with open arms.
Well, that and maybe Sam.

2. Might as well add the collector’s edition of BSG to this list – to go with the Cylon above.

3.  Hmmm…what else? Well, how about a Wii? I want it but…I just can’t bring myself to buy it. So far.

4. And…since I love this show more than BSG, pre-buy me this LOST box set. Only in my dream world full of gifts I’d like it to contain the final season AND an endless amount of insider & dvd extras.

5.  I want my own one of these too.

You know, so I can get my spinster-on more fully than I already have.

6. Would it be amoral to want someone to finalize adoption arrangements for me as something I wouldn’t buy myself? Adoption is expensive.

7. Backyard pond/water system with Koi.

8. I’ll add this to my backyard wishing too. Can you picture reading and lounging here in the summer with some freshly squeezed lemonade? I know I can.

9. And I would LOVE one of these Cedar Greenhouses with the planting boxes and the built in sink.


10. And in the interest of not appearing to be completely into expensive-only gifts (of the kind my non-existent husband should be supplying me with)  – any of myriad skeins of hand dyed wool, hand made stationary, jewelery or home decorating accessories from Etsy.


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