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Now that winter is here — recognizable by it’s driving rain — it’s kinda drafty upstairs, what with the wall of windows.
So yesterday, I made these:

Ta Daaaa!

I was kind of amazed at how expensive curtains are, and I was not checking out the costly kind either.

For $22 I was able to make these. Such a relief. The timing was really good too because a windstorm came up last night – last year there was an actual breeze from the single paned wall ‘o windows – this year? Just cozy time spent watching Lost and knitting calluses onto my fingertips.

Pilot - taken by Smoke Monster

Kira’s not quite as enthralled:

Thank you Google

The funny part, I didn’t think curtains would be possible because of the angle of the windows. Fortunately greater minds are not so challenged and I googled the issue.

Ahhh…angle the curtain rods you say…genius!


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WiP Weds

Hey, I’m really trying to get in some daily knitting time.
While it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting done in time for the contest, I might have a pair of socks by December:
Picture 358
Here is my Tranisitions Yoke Cardi at the moment:Picture 360

I’ve finished the transistions and am now beginning the body – I’ve already checked to measure for fit because I was getting a little freaked out about the stitch increases – since it’s not a pattern that specifies numbers etc, this is a play by ear situation (does that illustration even work with knitting?? ah well)

I think it’s going to be ok. But I was sadly farther from being able to seperate off the sleeve stitches than I’d hoped. Curse you Zuma’s Revenge!! Glee’s not helping either, since I forgot to bring my knitting with me. Foolish! (whoah! I didn’t even know it was on Fox – when’s the last time they had a decent show?)

I would have rather been doing this today:
Picture 361
This was the response to the flash:
Picture 362
Cheeky number!

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10 on Tuesday

10 Favourite Movie or Song Remakes

I went with songs because having the choice of both was too hard for me — you saw that last movie post right?

Also, you can really spot my age with this list!

1. Strumming my Pain — Fugees
2. Sweet Jane — Cowboy Junkies
3. Hallelujah — Bono
4. All Apologies — Sinead O’Connor
5. Masters of War — Pearl Jam
6. Hurt — Johnny Cash
7. I Put A Spell on You — Marilyn Manson
8. Lighter Shade of Pale — Annie Lennox
9. Turn the Page — Metallica
10. It Ain’t Me Babe — Joaquin Phoenix

How about you?

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I don’t usually do these kind of posts because I don’t usually have much to show. Happily, that is not the case this week!

Here is my Socktober Mystery Sock thus far. (sorry it’s blurry)
Mystery Sock

Yes, I know. October and therefore Socktoberfest is over BUT we have until the end of November to post our Mystery Socks for the contest so…I will carry on.

Bravely, I might add since I learned this morning, via Turtlegirl, that I am making a version of the Mystery Sock and not the actual pattern. Ah me.

I have begun my NaKniSweMo project – the Transitions Yoke Cardigan. Purchasing the yarn and casting on this Sunday – kind of a gift to myself – that I hope works out!
Picture 345
I thought I was making quick progress until I raveled about it. Whoo those knitters are speed freaks! Some of them are approaching the halfway mark on their sweaters!

I’ll be content with what I can – after all, it took 11.5 months to complete my last sweater. Sheesh. Anything’s progress compared to that. Unless I take longer this year…

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10 Ways to Waste Time on the Internet….
as if any of us need pointers!

1) I waste loads of time browsing Etsy

2) More on Flickr — checking the entries in 365 and Explore

3) Naturally I’m wasting time at Ravelry

4) Dreaming at deviantART

5) I have been known to scroll through these LOLdogs for a hefty dose of cute

6) One of myriad LOST sites – not that I have been there lately. I HATE spoilers!

7) Oh man — I haven’t been here for awhile. MSN games – Collapse

8) There is Facebook. I am a recovering addict. It has been 28 days since my last login.

9) The majority of my online time is spent reading blogs and blogging. Just check out that sidebar!

10) I recently learned of TVShack — a life saver for Canadians blocked from watching anything worthwhile!

Where do you waste time?

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An FO!Picture 344

Shocking isn’t it? If you saw the Ravelry input you’d know that this little number took 11 months! Oh my goodness.

Picture 336

Despite how long I took, I’m really happy with this sweater. It’s cozy, it feels good, it hangs well and the button holes worked! What next for my knitting?

Wellllll – if you believe it, I joined NaKniSweMo. Which is National Knit a Sweater in a Month. I seriously need to get faster – let’s see if I can do it!

Picture 342

Nothing’s too flattering when you have this shape but…I’m still pleased. And yes, it’s missing a button. I bought 2 packets of buttons but when I got home I had 1 packet. Irritating. So now I’ll be making another trip to the store. Blergh.

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Olympic madness that is.
Case in point:The embarassing S.A.M. — Squamish Axe Man to those in the know — has reached new heights, or rather lows. Here he is in his Olypmic finery:

Picture 312

Check out the detail though – the knit stitches visible in his ‘mittens’ – that did make me smile…

Picture 316

I’m pretty sure real loggers don’t wear mitts.
The real topper would have been a Cowichan Sweater – given the classy approach we’re taking to the Olypmics in the Sea to Sky corridor, it would not have been a genuine Cowichan sweater, but an HBC special. Nothing says machine knit like a $350 price tag!

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