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He’s Our You

Is this the betrayal that created Ben Linus?


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Eek! How Stephen King-y was that? Shivery.


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Though it’s hard to tell these days!

Wanna little proof? Here ya go.


Did you spy that label? Ah the joys of High Scope. 😉 We just love to state the obvious!

I am sure most of you recognize a February Lady Sweater in-progress. I am using the delectably smooshy Dyed in the Wool handpainted wool in a shade I call Bruised Purple.

Since this was taken I have joined the body and fronts together and started the Gull Lace pattern — it’s so simple! I’m really relieved. This is my first time knitting lace — not that I haven’t bought lace-weight or lace patterns – but that’s another story!

My knitting mojo seems to have returned — that was a looong hiatus and I appreciate the readers who have stayed in touch with all the TV blogging I’m doing lately. 😀

Though it may be too soon to say for sure (it was snowing an hour ago!) I think Spring might be here! Yesterday I had a delightful walk in the wet woods and here are some highlights:


These also work for the latest iteration of Project Spectrum: Cardinal Directions.

It was such a quiet stroll through the woods – but thrilling to hear the awakening of Spring all around. Just listen:

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I honestly believe each episode has been incredible this season. Just when I am sure the previous show can’t be beat….Weds night comes around again!


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