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Update…of sorts

I swear, I am going to start blogging again. What a difference it makes not being online at home!

Before I resume regular blogging, here is a visual of what’s been going on the last 3 months.

Update Mosaic

Centre: Loving, loving, loving living out in the woods. It may be a bit of a drive, but it is so beautiful. Calm. Restful. Quiet. I love it.

Left to Right                                                                                                                           1. Muldy loves it too. This is her favourite spot to spend an evening – the heat from the woodstove rises up these stairs and she is soo cozy.
2. We have had some exceptionally beautiful days this fall. Clear. Sunny. Dry. Check out that cloud I captured at work, doesn’t it look a bit like Optimus Prime?
3.  Ligsy loves the wool! Almost as much as I do.
4. I lurve this new buttonhole technique — it looks like an actual buttonhole, doesn’t it?
5. Gorgeous shawl that was on display at our Library’s Artisan Gallery in November. It was hard to choose a favourite – but I think this one was it for me. Great name too: Aura.
6.  Just look at that sunset!
7.  First freezing cold day – iced over puddles, frost on the car. Spent the better part of the day at the river. Watching eagles soar.
8.  Having fun with Flickr 365 group. It can actually be kinda hard to remember to take a picture every day. It has really made me want to invest in a better camera and some photo editing software. Sigh. What hobby doesn’t cost money?
9.  We’ve had a few power outages lately (winter storms! yay) and Kira was particularly cold one night. 20 mins later the fire was roaring and she was all warmed up. I love the woodstove!
10. Oh, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is the most up to date picture of my dreaded Monkey socks. God those things. I still haven’t finished the ONE SOCK! I am on the toe and was way bored. What will I ever do with that cursed sock?
11.  Might be a little addicted to the Wii. About one year after everyone else I know! (hey! I didn’t make Kira’s avatar/Mii…but I would have)
12.  Saw NIN with my baby brother this month. Awesome — though I did like the last tour better.

Aside from a few installments of stash enhancing…you’re caught up.  I’m on vacation until the 30th and am planning on knitting, spending time with family, watching dvd’s and baking.

How are you spending your holidays?

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