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Dog Days of Summer

Our Summer Program is in full swing at work. We are off on field trips every day. We’ve been to some pretty amazing places already but we are also getting plenty of time back at our building for dressup and K’nex building.

Despite my best efforts, when left to their own devices this is how the children see knitters:scan0005                 


As Grannies. Though perhaps cool Grannies since they are wearing sunglasses indoors….? The wooden sticks beside the rocking chair is their cane. Don’t you love how they hold their needles? And check out that ‘tangle’ of wool as they call it themselves!

365.24See, I do knit in front of them!

This was on a field trip to a local campground and I’m working away, Magic Loop style on my Monkeys. Kira joined us – she loves being able to run around with the children. When she needs a break, she finds me and curls up on my knee.

She’s really quite tolerant of the children.
Check out these flowers one of little boys picked for me!


He’s a little enthusiastic!

How have you been spending your summer so far?


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Lost Revisted: Season 1.5

White Rabbit

Young Jack‘s eye opens to getting the beats, which he’s chosen rather than just letting his friend be hit. Brave little gaffer.

On Island we open with an emergency – there is a women flailing in the water and Charlie is tearing down the beach to Jack shouting “I don’t swim!” Really? Apparently no one else does either as the Losties gather onshore to watch Jack swim out alone.

He dives down and comes back up with Boone. What?!? Boone can barely hold his head above water – he’s choking and sputtering. He asks Jack if he saved the woman. Jack looks farther out to sea and…there’s the flailing woman. Jack swims Boone into shore — all the freaking way to shore, these people are USELESS — and heads back out for the lady.

Daddy‘s drunk after letting a kid die on his operating table – how’s he coping with it? By teaching his son a life lesson. Namely: You don’t have what it takes. Is that why Daddy drinks? ’cause he’s got what it takes? Maybe – seems Jack’s Mom thinks so too. When Jack tells her he can’t bring his father home she retorts “You don’t get to say I can’t. Not after what you did.” Whoa. The Ice Queen Cometh. 


The lady didn’t survive. Jack rebuffes Kate‘s attempts at sympathy by berating himself for not even knowing the victim. As they speak he sees his father standing in the water…and in the far distance Vincent watches—interesting, no?        

Claire isn’t feeling too good and there are only a few bottles of water left. Out of nowhere Boone arrives blaming Jack for letting the lady die. He claims he was fine and could have easily made it back to shore — ummm the guy couldn’t even walk once he was on land – 3 people had to help lay him down — He even accuses Jack of appointing himself ‘Saviour’ of the group.


Jack is paying little attention because behind Boone he can see:

He keeps scaring me! I’m wondering about my cousin’s referring to what happened to Christian as reanimation – because he is moving very oddly, zombie-like even, while he walks through the jungle – and if you look closely at the stills from the 1st time he’s shown, he appears to still be wearing the funeral home makeup – no wonder those glimpses of him were so creepy! but now we can see most of that makeup is gone.

Jack follows his White Rabbit into the jungle. Claire collapses and Charlie discovers that someone has ‘nicked’ the water. Locke‘s angry response to the water crisis “Where is the Dr.?” Pressured much Jack? After a few days without sleeping or drinking enough water, he is easily disoriented and is stumbling about. I slo-mo’d the show and there was a blue blur slightly above and to the left of Jack as he takes his fall over a log and down a ravine where he winds up dangling from a cliff – but it isn’t entirely clear. I speculate that the Island may have been trying to do him in. But if it was…why did it change it’s mind?**

so damn creepy

Jack’s gone to Sydney to find his Dad – and even though his father is clearly a disaster, Jack defends him to the hotel staff. He ultimately finds his father in the morgue. His mother’s choice of words “bring your father home” have a final significance.


Locke comes along, saves Jack (thanks Izi – I’d never noticed the hand twitching thing before and now I’ve seen it 3x! ack – method acting) and then gives him a pep talk urging him to become a leader saying “they all treat you like one” – yeah, including you sir. Jack quotes his father saying he can’t lead because he ‘hasn’t got what it takes.’ Locke disagrees and goes on to say the Island is different, it’s special and that things happen for a reason. That he has “looked into the eye of the Island” and it “was beautiful”. WHAT did he see when he was looking at Smokey??!

He leaves Jack alone at the fire because “a leader can’t lead til he knows where he’s going” — the man really does inspire at times. ARGHGH Christian is back! Jack chases him with his Ever Burn torch and what does he find? The caves. The water. A terrifying porcelain doll laying in the stream. Phew. Just plane debris.

Cut to Jack arguing at the airline that he needs to get his father’s body on the plane because in 16 hours (#’s), he needs to bury him.

In the jungle he finds his father’s coffin and…it’s EMPTY.

Meanwhile someone has brought Claire water — gee, it’s Boone. He stole the water and hid it all day and when he is caught he blames Jack! This kid has a serious problem – maybe he should be drinking more water.

Jack interupts the camp stomping of Boone with his infamous speech “If we can’t live together, than we are going to die alone.”

Best lines of the show goes to Sawyer: he says to Boone “How’s it feel takin’ my place on the everyone’s most hated list? Sucks don’t it?”

To Shannon: “Out of my light, sticks.” Shannon: “Lightsticks? As much as I like my new nickname–” “Light comma sticks, as in legs…”
Only with a character as dumb as Shannon would you have to say the word Comma aloud!

**Actually something just occurred to me: Look at Christian‘s face in the last pic I posted – he looks angry doesn’t he? Maybe he was still pissed with Jack and led him to the cliff but this was not Jacob/Island‘s plan so that is why Locke was there to save him?
Theory? Yes.
Also — just noticed that it is both of Christian‘s children who are in trouble in this episode. Significant? No clue.

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“The truly rich are those who enjoy what they have.”
Yiddish Proverb

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Walkaboutor as I call it: The premiere of ” Don’t tell me what I can’t do!!”

This episode opens with another gorgeous eye shot – those are so powerful.
We’re returned to the mayhem following the planes crash – Shannon‘s awesome screaming is in the background (honestly – do you think someone could be hired based on the quality of their scream?)

More great lines – on hearing the pigs rooting through the Fuselage, Jack says it’s Sawyer. “Right behind ya, Jackass.” is Sawyer’s response. Later when Jack intervenes between Sawyer and Hurley‘s fight over the last of the peanuts he calls Jack “Metro”. I love this guy. Shannon says to Boone “What’s a 4 letter word for I don’t care?” what kind of kiddy crossword is she doing? a 4 letter word.

The look on Sawyer‘s face when Locke‘s knife lands beside him is only topped by Locke’s words “We hunt.” followed by Hurley asking “Who is this guy?”
After a cruel exchange between Locke and his pipsqueak boss Locke enters some numbers into an electric calculator and the sound morphs into Smokey‘s sound effect as we return to the Island.

More heartwarming exchanges between Michael and Walt: “Mr. Locke doesn’t want to waste his time talking to kids all day.” and the even more sensitive:” ‘Coz I said so.” followed by yet another reference to Walt as “Ma Boy” – ya boy has a name Dad of the Year.

Big question: Why did Locke seem to temporarily lose power over his legs when he saved Kate from the boar? or was it Michael he saved? What was it he had done that made the Island punish him – or remind him of what he owed it?

Locke had the slimiest kid as a manager – why was he so mean to Locke? Whatever his reason he brought on the first use of “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” which we get to hear 5x this episode alone. The mention of Helen is followed immediately by Claire giving Sayid his photos of Nadja. Tragic. (I still think Ben had something to do with her murder – what could Widmore gain from that?!?)

This is the first episode we get to see how uncomfortable Jack is with everyone treating him like the leader – and you know what? he hadn’t been trying to lead. Sayid was making all the big decisions while Jack was being a doctor. The only decision he made was to burn the bodies in the fuselage quickly, before maruading boars returned — that is gross. Boone, Claire, Hurley, Kate & Sayid are all asking him what to do – and implying that he has to tell them. That’s a lot of responsibility for a person – and you can see it’s getting to him. He’s snappish with people – Claire imparticular – about it. I noticed that Claire stepped in to be the person to lead the ceremony – maybe this sort of kind responsibility taking is part of the ‘family thing’ Jack refers to when he is comforting Rose.

It made me cry (I’m noticing a trend here…) when Jack so gently put the sweater on Rose and kept talking to her even though she didn’t answer him and then he says “Ok. Let’s just sit here.” and sits with her all day. Of course I do think he blows it when he tries to insist her husband is dead but she tells him, with complete conviction “Dr., my husband is not dead.” and ack! CHRISTIAN is staring at them.

Holy $&*% (a 4 letter word for: surprise!) I forgot that happens this early! My racing heart. Later Kate‘s telling him about the triangulation not working out and OH MY GOD! He’s standing there again!

How tragic when we learn that Locke’s Helen was an $90/hr telephone ‘solicitor’ – and that even she has tried to tell him what’s what. And we all know how well Locke takes to that!

As soon as Kate starts to put the triangulation device (??) in the tree we hear the approach of Smokey. We don’t get to see Smokey but he (it) and Locke stand eye to eye – which leads Kate and Michael to think Locke is dead. The 2nd time Jack sees Christian he follows him into jungle and meets up with Locke bringing a monstrous looking boar back to camp.

Locke arguably has the saddest life off Island. Now he’s being told he can’t go on the Walkabout. But it’s his DESTINY! Don’t tell him what he can’t – ah. The bus is leaving without him. Remember the shock the first time you saw Locke in the wheelchair? I still think that shouldn’t have stopped him from joining the tour. Ratty little company. But I guess it was his destiny to miss the tour and be on that flight out of Sydney (and uber creepy that Abaddon originally told him to go on a Walkabout — that guy freaks me out!)

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A Movie Meme

Movie Meme – as seen at Tiennie’s:
1. One movie that made you laugh: One Upon A Time in Mexico
2. One movie that made you cry: Knocked Up – hey! what movie doesn’t make me cry? it’s the song at the end…everytime.
3. One movie that you loved as a child: Showboat
4. One movie you’ve seen more than once: Gangs of New York
5. One movie you loved, but were embarrassed to admit it: You’ve Got Mail? not really that embarassing… 
6. One movie you hated: Born Yesterday – my mother LOVES that show – shudddderrrr                                                                                                                                7. One movie that scared you: 28 Days Later any disaster film freaks me out!                                                                                                                                                                        8. One movie that bored you: Eyes Wide Shut 
9. One movie that made you happy: Juno                                                                                                                                                       10. One movie that made you miserable: Schindler’s List — miserable is not really the right word – it was more that I was in a state of despair for about 2 weeks — same thing happened with Life is Beautiful.
11. One movie that you weren’t brave enough to see: King Kong & Snowdogs — ummm…I can’t watch dogs or even a giant gorilla die, yeah it’s fake but..I can’t cope.
12. One movie character you’ve fallen in love with: Captain Wentworth. sigh.                                                                                                                                          13. The last movie you saw: The Happening
14. The next movie you hope to see: X-Files!!!

Please play along — or leave your answers in the comments!

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WiP’s on a Wednesday

So I can’t promise to post like this each Wednesday — in case you haven’t noticed, I have an aversion towards schedules…Shhh. It’s fine!

We have been running at half our normal attendance all week — yay! — which has allowed for plenty of knit time on field trips. Which has led to this: 


Yep – that ‘s a heel. Turned no less. Go me! I only cast this sock on what, last November or something? No big deal.

Amidst the re-viewing of Lost, I have made progress on Ophelia as well – which is not as easy when you’re taking notes.


I have reached the waist ribbing. I also quite successfully found replacement yarn – not as simple as it sounds when you are dealing with a discontinued yarn.  I love this yarn so much – I’m not sure what they were thinking – and since I’ve found a treasure trove of it still available, I’m thinking of getting enough to make the February Lady Sweater. No, it’s not the most poetic name; but the sweater is adorable! I like to put unbearable pressure on as-yet-unmade-items, that somehow their fabulousness will result in me looking good too. So far…meh. But dreaming is good. Good for online merchants!

And, just in case I run out of hobbies to neglect, I’ve started this again:


Not yet back in lessons, but I’ve started reviewing scales, triads and my old recital pieces. Perhaps in the Fall I’ll get back into lessons. Hey, I can imagine the Fall to be slower than Summer. It’s my perogative!

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Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa – Blank Slate. Good idea – but impossible as our Losties learn during their stay on Island — well, maybe only some of them learn.

Last year when I rewatched the series was the first time I really noticed how funny the show was. I was so stressed out/engrossed with the bigger storyline when it first aired that I rarely laughed but there really are some great comedic lines:
Kate: Put your gun back in your pants Sawyer.

Sayid uses some rocks and sticks around the fire to explain how badly off course they may be. Years ago a friend of mine did the same thing at a bonfire on an Oregon Beach – it’s really a very effective way of illustrating an argument. He was wrong of course (my friend) but props can help strengthen your position.

Despite his disgusting nails, Sayid does a lot for the Losties in this episode. He organizes them to get food and water and decides that they should not learn of the hope squashing transmission they intercepted. Explaining that “hope is a very dangerous thing to lose”. Amen brutha.

I’ve noticed that Hurley and Charlie were often used as foils – they ask the questions the audience would & were asking, all the yeah-but-what-if’s. When Hurley sees Kate‘s mugshot he has a rational response to it: fear and mistrust. He is wrong when he says she “looks hardcore man”. She looks hopeless and as Sayid pointed out, a hopeless person is dangerous — what might that mean on Island?

Is it significant that Kate calls herself Annie when she is with Ray Mullen? Names have been recycled a few times on Lost (Sarah, ok…lost my other example…) but does this particular name signify something? Maybe. We’ll learn later about Kate’s very strong (and tragic) connection to her childhood sweetheart and we’re yet to learn the tragic, but we do know the strong connection between Ben and Annie – his childhood sweetheart. There are a lot of parallels, mirroring and interconnections among the characters on Lost.

Old Ray Mullen always makes me laugh when he gripes about his wife dying and leaving him with ‘ a heck of a mortgage’. Come on! The guy is like 70 – what about his wife’s death caused him a financial hardship? If his farm wasn’t cutting it by his age, a living wife is not going to make much of a difference financially. I always add “and a crop in the field” (sidenote: when I was little I thought the words to that song were ‘500 children and a crop in the field’ I’ve since learned that it was ‘5 hungry children’ – that doesnt’ seem as much of a problem)
Ray tells Annie he gets ‘it. Everyone deserves a fresh start.” Um yeah. Then why turn her in? Old git.
Oh, right. The mortgage – the $23,000 reward money. Case of the numbers there – they might have shown up already and I didn’t notice – I miss the numbers in the show often. I’m more attuned to the human equation. 😉
Hang on a tick — sidepoint: how bizarre it is that this old git has a fake arm. That pops off when Kate rescues him. The fake arm seems more at home in the classic film stylings of the Farrelly Brothers or Robert Rodriguez — and I’ve read online that Dr.Marvin Candlewick has a fake arm in one of the Dharma films too – what the?!

What is that Marshall’s problem? He is so cruel and clearly angry with Kate.

I mean at this point we don’t know what she has done – but I thought she must be a serial killer or something by the way he treats her. I mean – as soon as he sees her he strangles her! That is some seriously misplaced rage. But wait… I have a theory. When he asks Jack to see Kate alone, he says “She got to you too.” I speculate that this means he, the Marshall, cared for Kate. Maybe cared enough to trust her and she ‘betrayed’ him somehow and so he is humiliated professionally, and as a man (sheesh the fragility of the male ego) and now he is driven to conquer her. Just a guess. Maybe their connection will be explained in the 5th season? Maybe never. The guy was wearing a wedding ring and never once mentioned his wife – not even when he knew he was going to die. Classy.

So Locke‘s secret is that a miracle happened on the Island. Nothing too sinsister there. I would worry that he was perhaps a religious fanatic but Michael doesn’t seem to worried about that. I love that he promises to find the dog as soon as the rain stops and then…the rain stops. Did Walt do that? Did the Island? Either way – he doesn’t find the dog. He finds Sun, obediently bathing herself. And like a gentleman he awkwardly hands her a top and leaves – lyingly telling her he didn’t see anything.

We learn that Kate‘s favour that was interrupted by the plane crash was that Ray Mullen really get his money. She saves his life and wants to make sure he’s paid for betraying her. She really is good.
I mean, her question to Jack isn’t selfish (well, eventually) she wants to know if “he’ll suffer”, if “he’ll feel it.” She’s too kind. The Marshall‘s suffering raises an issue that pits Jack against Sawyer with Kate in the middle – that was quick! He should be ‘put out of his misery’. I totally agree – in real life too. I do not understand why if my cat became ill I can make sure, no questions asked, that she doesn’t suffer – but my Nana can linger on for months in agony, begging to die and it’s not something I am even allowed to legally consider. (the Nana is a fictional example – my real Nana didn’t suffer, luckily – or at least that we know of, she was senile) Poor, poor Sawyer. He tried to do the right thing. Again, Hurley has the Everyman response “No way Dude.” when he hears the man still breathing after being shot!

I HATE that Jack tells Kate that he doesn’t want to know what she did. He is lying to himself and we are frustrated as an audience — though suspense is good. He is wrong that everyone is getting a chance to start over. No one really gets that – have you heard that adage: Wherever you go – there you are? It’s true. And the Losties pasts will catch up with all of them eventually.

Doesn’t John Locke look at home on the beach? He makes me want to go on vacation. Sigh. Locke’s making a whistle to call the dog brings tears to my eyes – that whole montage of the Losties showing various levels of forgiveness/kindness to one another makes me cry. And even though we know Michael forgets – how generous of Locke to let Michael be the one to bring Vincent back to Walt. But seriously – what is with the evil music they play as the show closes on Locke’s face? Misdirection again? or foreshadowing?

Oh, one last thing: How sweet are Charlie and Claire?

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