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Since I saw Jamie Oliver’s new At Home episode about peas & beans, I have been waiting to try the pea sprouts. (incidentally: what I wouldn’t give for that garden of his!) Turns out they are totally delicious & refreshing – they taste just like young peas.

Kira cannot stand to see us eat anything without her. She had a good deal more trouble trying the sprouts than we did!


I don’t think she’ll bother with them again.

In other long weekend news: It’s been a little warm here.


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‘The Mail is good to me

And so I  thank the Mail

For giving me the things I need

A book

Oh, we're livin' it.

and some prep for emergencies.

Emergency! Emergency!

The Mail is good to me.’

Based on a childhood favourite (which has somehow become censored in my memory from Lord to Earth — not sure how that happened…)

My Grandparents had a copy of this Disney book and Johnny Appleseed was a hero to me. I used to wish I could travel around planting and harvesting. It might have helped create my lifelong interest in gardening actually.

Another inspirational children’s book is Miss Rumphius. Last year I harvested the seeds from our Lupins at work and we gave them to all the children on Earth Day in celebration of Miss Rumphius with a little cup and some soil.

What books from your childhood do you still cherish?

re: mail order goodies – The book is written by this blogger and the Emergency Knitting Kit is available here.

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The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.
Marcus Aurelius

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Secret Pal 12 – Question #3

What would I consider the perfect amount of stash?

That is a difficult one – it varies for each knitter/crocheter…or just plain stasher!

For me it would be perfect to be able to start whichever project I felt like at any time because I had the stash for it. No need to take a jaunt to the LYS (which isn’t open at 10 pm when urges to cast on new projects seem to hit). It would be truly amazing to have so much stash you could choose between 2 or 3 colours for your project.

Actually…I might just need my own Yarn Store. That way I would have the keys and the alarm code. Full time access baby.

What about you?

ETA- not my stash – image from google

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So this weekend was quiet. It began with a dreadful bout of stomach flu and a LOT of sleeping/napping. Before the flu hit I went to the garden centre and added this lovely to my backyard — it helps screen out the neighbours (nice as they are, it can be awkward staring at each other while we eat) somewhat.


Daisy Tree

I am sure it has a proper name (the latin was something like Eurocopyborus) but I call it a Daisy Tree. The bees love it.

Quite a lot of progress was made on Ophelia..only to discover that sometime during the end of The Good Shepherd (I hope I was not the only person thoroughly in the dark throughout that movie! I had no clue what was going on or WHY?!) I had reversed the pattern half way through the 1st ball of yarn and nearly all of the 2nd ball. Temporary depression set in and I nearly frogged it and left it for something else – I also considered NOT ripping back but…better judgement prevailed and I ripped, knit 2 rows backward (to make sure I had the 4 row pattern in hand at the right row!) and last night during Eagle vs. Shark I nearly caught up to half of what I had ripped back. Argh!



I apologize for the blurry pic – I really need a new camera. This one will not photograph white at all – it leaves me with pics that look like there has been a visitation.

On Saturday we went to our local Farmer’s Market, where we got the most delicious strawberries ever! Yum. And we arrived there to find a celebration in progress.


I only just found out that it was a Sikh holiday: Essentially Sikh history, with respect to Sikhs as a distinct political body, can be said to have began with the martyrdom of the fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev in 1606. Sikh distinction was further enhanced by the establishment of the Sikh ‘Pure’ brotherhood or Khalsa (ਖਾਲਸਾ), by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699.[33] This gives the Sikhs, as an organized political grouping, a history of around 400 years.


My Mother loved this young girl’s torquise Sari and asked to take a picture. They were a little embarassed, but willing (little did they know they’d be blogged!) We enjoyed the most delicious fresh samosas, dhal, barfi etc. Along with fresh fruits and drinks of all kinds from our generous Sikh community.

The rest of the weekend consisted of this:


interrupted by bouts of reading and feeding 30 more baby fish!

In other yard news: Look what bloomed!



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Only 3 more days of school left here in BC. This weeks question is: As a kid, what did you look forward to most about summer vacation/break/holiday?

Well there were a few things I loved about being home for the summer.

1. Unlimited reading time – most of which I did outdoors in the tall, tall grass that went unmown in one section of our backyard, close to our raspberries which would last for the first few weeks of summer at least.

2. Unlimited outdoor time – if I wasn’t reading I was running around outside. Building forts in the forest, catching minnows, exploring the woods and swimming in the rivers and lakes close to home. More time was spent in the river than my Mom would ever want to know about! I would head out of the house in the morning with a cup, (or bucket) a book and a package of Premium Plus crackers. No towel. I would dry in the sun. I would return home in late afternoon or right before dinner depending on the weather or how hungry I was. Sigh. Those were the days.

This was the view from the river I swam in.

3. Family Visits/Kids Party – when we were all young one of our cousin’s lived in California and each summer they drove up for 6-8 weeks. They brought gifts (yay!) and a bit of the exotic with them. We had many family rituals during those summer months, one of which was a Kid’s Party whereat all of us cousins would receive gifts from our Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents. A total summer highlight. I remember the night before they arrived from the US being unable to sleep because I was so excited – I would kick my legs under the covers and try not to squeal out loud. When the family was coming to Squamish I couldn’t wait for them to arrive so I would ride my bike to the entrance of Valleycliffe and then race home to let everyone know as soon as their station wagon cleared the horizon!


Ahhh the 80’s.

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“Picture a box. You know something about boxes, don’t you John? Now picture a box that you can wish anything into. What would you say to that?”
                                                        – Benjamin Linus


If someone looked at me the way Ben looks at John Locke my insides would shrivel up!

What would you wish into the box?

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The Hobbit and Freckles are getting married!

Story here.

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You already know I’m a joiner. Well, I joined the 365 Day Project.

My dog might like cameras. After she heard the camera click this photo of me reading outside on the 1st summery day in some time (it’s raining even now and about 6 degrees) her little head popped up from where she was napping.

Rejected 365.2


I barely had time to snap her peeking face before this was my new portrait for Day 365.2.


I kind of like seeing the strap from the camera trailing across the table – adds some perspective. I’m off to walk my attention-whore dog.

ETA: Another month until this (hopefully arg) begins!

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Dose of Fibre

I thought it might be time for a little of the fibre here, you know, since I call it a knitting blog.
Here are the latest squares to arrive for Brandon & Denver. You’ll also notice a little seen guest – the sun! (cue angelic chorus)

David & the Squares

Also appearing here today: Madame Defarge from Nefarious.


I had never heard of her before this yarn — being the Dickens fan that I am. After reading about her, whenever I see the yarn this is what I hear:

Which I am so excited to say is returning to Vancouver next summer!

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