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Newest Arrivals

A few weeks ago we upgraded our fish tank. Partly from necessity (imagine live fish as a table decoration at a wedding with nowhere to go once the party is over – yep. 60 of ’em. That’s how we got more fish – though not all 60!) and partly because it’s an addicting little hobby. Not that any of you would know anything about addiciting hobbies. No.
At any rate, Kira loves it. She watches the fish far more than our cats do.

It’s a really good thing we upsized tanks because this little one is needed:

After days on end of checking to see if the babies were there, I went to feed the pregnant lady fish at the end of my lunch break on Friday and what the?! Babies! Tonnes of them. Well 27 is the most I have been able to count – those little things can move.

If they all make it – and I hope they do – I’ll be starting an adoption program!

On the fibrey end, look what else arrived on Friday!


The 2nd installation of the 7 Deadly Spins. There is a handmade soap in this package that is sublime. When I tore open the info envelope I was confused. Wrath? I looked at the package again – hmmmm…chocolate, pale blue super soft cotton, bath salts, candle…Wrath?

They went with wrath’s oppposite – calm, peace. And it really worked. I’d been envisioning some blood reds, bruised purple-blue-yellow, explosive treats (not really explosive, more like Pop Rocks) but…I couldnt’ be disappointed the yarn is so soft and smells like the heavenly soap. And there’s chammomile tea and a candle. Deep breath. Release.

This reminded me that I hadn’t posted my 1st installation: Gluttony!


Great little package, just packed with extra goodies. I especially enjoyed the gourmet jelly beans. I’ve yet to use the yarn, 4 skeins of brightly coloured sock yarn meant to blend together in a gradient-rainbowy fashion, but that’s hardly surprising given the low number of FO’s on this blog!



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Blankets that is…


This is Brandon’s blanket. There are still 3 row/strips to be sewn on and since we are still expecting a few shipments of squares I’m holding off finishing the blankie with what we have.


This is Denver’s blankie at the moment. There are still 5 strips to be added.

I am starting to think the blankies might be better size if they had 2-4 more rows. But I am not completely sure. I am going to take Brandon’s blanket with me to my Aunties tomorrow night to have my niece hold for size approximation — maybe I am just used to adult sized blankies, know what I mean?

Both blankies are going to have a crocheted border with the same yarn used to sew the squares together which will add incrementally to the size.

What do you all think?

In other fibrey news, I have been making the minutest of progress on my Arbor top (my Earth project for PS3){of course I forgot to take a picture of it—again}. The fun has temporarily gone out of that project so I figured I should try my hand at something quick and simple. Or quick and dirty as Wendy would say.


I think this might be more headband than I need, since my hair is only shoulder length. If that’s the case I have a cousin with some pretty wild hair, she might like this. 😉

Note the Red Heart Super Saver – prepare yourselves for a shock….this is stash intended to be a baby’s Babette Blanket. (I know, I have read the Yarn Harlot and that acrylic melts/burns in fires — but really, what are the odds? how terrible is that to even ask??)

Yeah. Well after buying 12 balls/lumps of the stuff in the vibrant colour choices of said baby’s Mom’s preferences I rediscovered a little thing called gauge. And relearned the cardinal rule of pattern adaptations…go for the same yarn weight as the pattern calls for!! Babette is written for fingering weight yarn. Super Saver? Yeah. It’s worsted. Those were some honkin’ huge squares. No one, no one wants a Babette blanket of that magnitude – especially when it is meant to be for a newborn baby. So yeah – I have some acrylic to use up. For like the next 10-20 years of my knitting life. Actually, I think this Project Backfire may have resulted in my acrylic stash reaching SABLE proportions. 🙂

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I love that I can’t ever forget my brother’s wedding date (he just wants to make sure he gets anniversary gifts, I know it). It was hard to cancel my standing plans but…I made an exception for my baby brother.


The ceremony was beautiful and moving. It was a small gathering – all who were there truly know and love them both. The setting was simple and elegant – and the weather co-operated, the rain holding off until the end of the portrait session.


Each time I see this photo I choke up. The love and adoration for his bride clearly evident in his eyes.


We couldn’t love her more ourselves. She is a true sister of my heart.


The reception was a relaxed, fun filled evening of laughter and dancing — and incredible food!


s624117666_1245296_5050 s624117666_1245297_5471 s624117666_1245298_5882

s624117666_1245300_6795 s624117666_1245316_4491

I have to thank the many generous friends and family members (both new and old) who sent me pictures – as I accidentally hit the format button on our new digital camera and lost all of my pics and film footage of the day. 😦

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This is from April 27th!! I swear there will be a new post – with up to the minute details this week!

I am finally getting around to posting about Brandon’s Comfort Blanket.
Squares have come pouring in over the last 2 weeks – thank you everyone!
We are 4 away from our goal number and preparing to assemble the blankets later this week — right before my brother’s wedding (Yay!)

Along with the squares came this cozy hat from Jessalu.

We have new pets – who have given birth 3x since we got them. Kira pays more attention to them than the cats do.

End of old post.

The blankets have begun to be sewn, my brother is married and I have way too many blog posts to read! I swear I have no clue where the time has gone. My sincerest apologies to all I have neglected but…since my bloglines is over 600 posts I am going to have to mark all as read and start over. Please forgive me!

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