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This knitter has completed a project.
And then photographed the project.
And actually posted it – on her blog.

So very flattering, taking your own picture in a bathroom mirror.

You can see I couldn’t wait until I had added the collar and woven in the ends. I had to try it on. I did have someone else take my picture in my new sweater – but they were even less flattering. They all turned out to have either a vacant expression or my mouth open explaining how to work the camera.

Here is the best of those attempts:

See what I mean? Call 1-800-TIPS is what I’m seeing.

It is done, reblocked and resting – waiting to be worn to work tomorrow. If I ever get a better picture than on the back of a chair…I’ll put it up here.

I’m really, really happy with this sweater. It’s cozy, it’s comfy and I made it in less than 1.5 months! I might always work with Size 11 needles from now on.

I love the Sand Stitch that embellishes the cuffs and the fronts. Excuse the poor lighting – the colour is exactly as pictured on the back of the chair (for some reason seeing my sweater laying there like it’s just been taken off feels so good! like this is a real sweater)

I watched a record amount of television programming and movies while knitting this. But probably I will associate it with Knocked Up – which I watched two nights in a row (thank you Movie Central) as I finished the collar, redid the collar and then wove in those ends. Seth Rogen is so adorable. But, to quote B-Nessa, “I digress.”

I am still struggling to catch up on my blog reading (sorry folks – I’ll get to you – though it may not be safe). Some of my reading is leading to immediate action.

Mmmm….Elvis cake.

A rich, moist banana cake with incredible Peanut Butter icing. Honestly, I am tolerating the cake so I can have more icing! I never thought I would be the weird person in line at the grocery store with a jar of Marshmallow Creme but people – one taste of this icing has let me know it is worth cringing in the baked goods aisle as you add this totally kitzchy ingredient to your basket of organic snap peas, soy milk and eco friendly dishwasher detergent (though I’m thinking the energy it takes to run our old dishwasher probably negates the benefit of phosphate free soap).

Anyways, if you want some of your own you’ll have to go here and then get in line for the Marshmallow Creme.


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What next?

I have made some real progress on my Alaskan Jacket. Look!

Actual Blocking!

Not only did I finish the back and the 2 fronts, I washed them and blocked them!! There’s a first time for everything. Oooh was that water dirty too – and now the pieces don’t smell faintly of iron (I have no idea what that was about!). I was sold on this process by the dirty water alone.

Here are the 2 sleeves just before posting:


I should finish them tonight while I watch the sobfest I taped last night – otherwise known as Biggest Loser.  Spring Break, the house to myself and watching shows like In Treatment (brilliant){Gabriel Byrne with his accent} and No Country for Old Men (bloody brilliant – ha! literally but that is not what I meant) gave me lots of time to knit. The Size 11 needles didn’t hurt either.

I have adapted the pattern a little – the double moss stitch just looked like nothing with this yarn — Briggs and Little Heritage, a major steal on E-Bay — so I wound up using Sand Stitch (thank you Barbra Walker!) on the cuffs and the fronts. I’m really happy with how this stitch shows up.

Also over Spring Break: New Pets


And on a field trip:


How cool is that? This was one of 2 wood/stump carvings outside of Science World.

ETA: Just took Kira for her evening stroll and what do I hear? Frog Song!! Spring, spring, spring is here. Last night – no frogs to be heard. Tonight – serenaded.

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