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Elements - FIRE

The first segment is finished.

I tried to add some Fire to my food choices this month. By adding colourful foods (raspberries, red peppers, red lettuce) and heat (mmmmm….cajun) with spices and soups.

Earth should be a cinch to explore with the coming of Spring.


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This is what I woke up to this morning:
March Madness

These two had the perfect response:

Scully sleeps through it.

Baby So-Cute!

(I borrowed this quote from Bella Dia.)
It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. ~Charles Dickens

It describes perfectly what we found later on our afternoon walk:


Leading us home to a gorgeous evening.

View on leaving

View upon returning

Next post will be knitting/fibrey related – I swear! Perhaps even a little Yarn Pr0n?

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The Letter N

Top to Bottom
Left to Right

1. That’s my Nana – when she was a young girl, just dating my Grandpa
2. Nutmeg — recently discovered how fabulous this is freshly grated over sweetened, milky tea
3. Love, love, love the Nine Inch Nails!
4. A smattering of Natural Wonders – I prefer most things natural: food, gardens, tea
5. A Neuron – incredibly beautiful and so powerful
6. Naan – just yummy especially with butter chicken…
7. Novels – my favourite type of literature
8. Nonsense – refreshing & restorative
9. Nebula – part of the Eagle Nebula here: the astonishing beauty of interstellar gases and dust
10. Nancy Drew – some of my favourite childhood reads, along with the Bobbsey Twins & Trixie Belden. I also loved Agatha Christie and Edgar Allan Poe – what kind of a kid? 😉
11. Narcissus – Mythology. Imagine dying of thirst lest you shatter your own image?
12. Aren’t Nurseries the most calm and peaceful rooms? you know, when there is no crying baby in them?
13. A stunning shot of the Nightsky.
14. Numbers – I have an affinity for remembering telephone, visa and address numbers – I have an aversion to math.
15. I could spend hours in garden Nurseries – the steamy, earthy warmth and all of the growing things feel like coming home.
16. Noodles – love them from all nations and in all sauces — with the exception of most spaghettis

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I’m back again – for good? Life has just been way too busy lately – I haven’t blogged, I haven’t read blogs…but I have been on Ravelry…and Facebook…and watching Lost and ‘Vivor.

It’s Spring Break – and while that means time off for most people, it means more work for us! But that’s alright, we have a lot of fun. In the last few days we’ve been on 3 field trips. Yesterday we had a blast at PlayDome – an indoor carnival at BC Place.

The day before we went to the Aquarium. We had a gorgeous day for it.


For once our kids were actually into watching the fish/sea creatures – so we weren’t rushing from one exhibit to another. I have to tell you – in the Tropical section (which is really beautiful – ponds, flowers, butterflies, birds, a sloth) it’s an entire eco-system. Fabulous right? Except…that includes spiders. Spiders as big as an adult’s palm! Literally.

No pic – I was worried it was an escapee and actually spoke to an employee (I bet they get that a lot! spiders aren’t most people’s favourites) It was crawling up a wall just outside the tropical eco-system. Ughhhh….I quickly diverted our group to the pygmy monkeys because there was no way I could keep my cool while they examined that spider closely.

Aside from the belugas and dolphins (not together) – this was one of my favourite guys to watch.


They seem so calm. And wise.

I’ll share a few Overheard at Work with you from that day:

6 yr old boy: It’s getting complicated in here. he points to the singers performing They’re singing, that lady’s blowing bubbles and now this guy comes. he points at a person in a beluga costume It’s just getting complicated. he shakes his head sadly

7 yr old boy: Just to warn you – you’re ex boyfriend’s here.
9 year old girl: Who?
7 year old boy: looks around to be sure he isn’t overheard You know, The Slob.
9 year old girl: Ohh…. looks worried.
point of interest – 7 year old boy is wearing baggy pants, 3 mismatched shirts, his hair is uncombed and his shoes are untied. Don’t even get me started on the ex-boyfriend bit and the need to determine which ex-boyfriend.

On our way out we had to walk one foot on the sidewalk, one foot on the lawn (yeah – people are pushy) and it had been raining the past few days and was kinda muddy and sinky
6 year old boy: Michelle! Get out of there – it’s Sandquick! You’re gonna suck down in the Sandquick!

8 year old boy to teacher: My friend’s are always telling me to hug my girlfriend. And I say: Dude! That’s sick.
Teacher: Are they? Why is that sick.
8 year old boy: rolls eyes Ummmm…her B-words are like out to there!
Incidentally, this fictional girlfriend is…a teenager! At least I hope she’s fictional.

In the meanwhile there has been knitting — I really will post about it soon. And squares have been rolling in:

These soft, squishy yellow squares are from Pam in St. Paul Minnesota


These lovely blue squares are from Charity in Northern BC.


Thank you ladies! There are more I need to photograph and post. Thank you all so much – my Mom is on vacation right now and knitting squares like crazy. So…there should be at least one blanket in the next 2 weeks.

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Its Been Awhile

Even I don’t know what’s been keeping me from blogging! Ravelry? Facebook? Actually reading books? (check out the new entries on my 2008 Reads page) All of the above with a virus that just kept hanging on has kept me from blogging – but I’m back.

I will have knitting related pics, news and wips coming up but for now here are some photos from a family game night.

For a 5 and 4 yr old – these two were really good at Pictionary.


Mouthing something yummy.


So shy!

Drooly Dolly

Charlie was out of there about 2 seconds after this pic was taken!


Comfort Blanket Update: Squares are starting to come in! We could still use quite a few more – squares and participants. Don’t be shy!

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