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The Letter L

The Letter L

Top – Bottom Left – Right

1. L: My beautiful Mom
2. Lost: My current obsession
3. Looking Glass: I wish the whole thing fit in the frame, it’s a handcarved antique
4. Lollipop: Nothing makes me feel young again like a Disneyland-style lollipop
5. Lions: Out of Africa is one of my favourite films – the image of the lions resting on Denys Finch-Hatton’s grave is one that is still with me
6. La Luna: Isn’t it stunning?
7. L: My vivacious Aunt
8. Letters: I love getting real mail, or finding old letters in the leaves of dusty books
9. Library: One of my favourite places to visit ever since I was 7 and sick in bed and my Mom brought me a stack of Bobbsey Twin books from the local library – magical places
10. Lemons: Mmmm…from wedges in my water to Lemon Meringue Pie, I love lemons. If it’s a flavour option the only thing it loses to is chocolate.
11. Listen: Love listening to music while walking, or right before sleep. Lately I am really into audiobooks – they let me multitask. 🙂
12. Lynch, David: Freaking Genius. So intriguing.
13. Lyre: love their balanced shape – have no idea how they sound but have always been drawn to them?
14. Lilacs: Some of my favourite flowers – they are so fragrant. They remind me of simpler times. And the garden is just about to explode with new growth when they are in bloom. Harbingers.
15. Literature: Classics are the genre I prefer to read. My, my, how precious I sound.
16. Limes: Citrus yes, but quite different from lemons. They make me want a crisp G&T from the freezer. I like 2-3 thin slices of lime soaking in my gin since the night before. Yum.
17. Lists: I like to write them. I like crossing things off – gives me a nice sense of accomplishment. Generally lose them and have to write another.
18. L: Cousin In Law — is that a real term?
19. Languages: Utterly fascinating – if I could study languages full time well…what would I do with them?
20. Leia, Princess: I was 4 and I knew who she was. I was going to be her when I grew up. I even had a stuffed pup named Leia whose floppy brown ears were rolled up and held with pins so she looked the part. Once my Mom did my hair like this for me in Gr.1. I totally loved it. But as I got closer to school I chickened out and took it down. Princess Leia didn’t even back down from the Interrogation Droid. Sigh.

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Mean Kitty?

Afer the unusal happenings of the other week – a good friend sent me this video.

My hand is almost totally healed. I still have 2 more days of antibiotics to go – I’m so glad I did go to the clinic, by the next afternoon I was really sick and it took about a day and a half for the antibiotics to kick in. Majeeks/Jeeksy is his old self, I’m just a little more cautious when petting him.

Kira went in for her teeth cleaning and during her appointment the Vet and I spoke about Jeeksy. Actually while examining Kira, the Vet said “Magic can get out of hand I hear.”

Riiiight. That Draco Malfoy is a problem.?? Sleep deprivation kept me from blurting out an inappropriate response and allowed my brain to clonk around looking for a reason behind this personal viewpoint statement and then I realized he meant Majeeks.

My Mom didn’t know how to spell his name so he is listed as Majiks on his file. It is a ridiculous name when written but it is him exactly, Cheeks Majeeks.

We proceeded to have a rational conversation about cats, like Magic, the signs to watch for, what to let visitors know, how to care for my hand. Eek – he told me that cat bites result in amputations for a lot of vets — if they bite a joint and it gets infected there isn’t anything else to do. I had no idea. Obviously their frequent contact with sick or injured cats jumps their stats up, but still.

Jeeksy is staying right where he is and I am just going to be much more aware of his body language — even if he is still purring. I really want to thank everyone for their input, ideas and well wishes. It was refreshing to hear from so many cat lovers – people I work with were mostly in the other camp.

Let me try and get some knitting news in here…


I’ve been working on adding some panels to Kira’s blankie. She likes to be super cozy, hiding her head under. I will post a WIPs update Wednesday.

I’m off to watch Mansfield Park while I work on the blankie. I am loving the PBS Jane Austen – thank you Jessalu!

ETA: Knitting news?? You’re all so nice. Yeah – that’s crochet. It’s pretty bad when I made it and still call it kniting. Oops.

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ETA: Oops! Just had family drop by and as they were leaving I called out, “Goodbye K!” and as the words left my mouth, it hit me – I left him out of the mosaic! That’s what max 4 hours sleep per night will get you.

The Letter K - Revised>

Centre: Kenneth/Ken — my beloved Grandpa. Whom I first called Bugga. I still miss him.

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom

1. K: Named after Centre. 3rd grandchild for #6. I call him nephew – though technically he’s my First Cousin Once Removed. You’d think they could have come up with a better term…
2. Ketch: Not that I sail much, but I do love it. Especially the beauty and balance of Tall Ships.
3. Kumquats: Such yummy juicy bursts!
4. Kilts: My family dress tartan – Royal Stewart. There’s just something about a man in a kilt.
5. Koalas: So cuddly and loving. And drugged out on the eucalyptus!
6. K: Aunty!
7. Keys: Love the promise and mystery of antique keys.
8. Kittens: Not that I don’t like cats, but kittens? I want to take them all home.
9. Kitchen: My favourite room in most houses.
10. Kira Ligons: Just look at that face! Doesn’t she look like she can talk?
11. Kiln: I’ve done ceramics off and on. It amazes me that kilns are so ancient and still used all over the world.
12. Kids: They’re everywhere, and well, I have a lot of fun with them.

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hover over the pics for the ‘story’

Me Feezy!

What? -3! That is cold!

For me?

I loves you Mom.

entry post for Bella Knitting’s contest

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The Letter J

The Letter J

Left to Right – Top to Bottom

1. Jungle — lush, green, teeming with life
2. Jellyfish — peaceful, elegant, ethereal
3. Juno — mythology fascinates me
4. J — baby brother
5. Journal –kept one on and off forever, love buying new ones
6. J — cousin
7. Joshua Tree — favourite album of all time
8. Justice/Judgement — always searching for justice; have a tendency to judge others
9. Jeeksy — cat of infamy
10. J — cousin in law
11. Jingle Dancer — would love to be one
12. Jupiter — loved space as a child, one of my favourite Mozart Symphonies
13. Jealousy — might rear its ugly head now and again
14. J — little sister
15. Junk Drawer — my Nana’s yielded many treasures & hours of fun
16. Jabberwocky — incredible imagery, fantastical language

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If you were on Lost who would you want to…

Befriend: Hurley for sure. After/with a lot of arguments, Sawyer. Libby – damn I would mourn her. Claire ‘cause I’m a sucker for babies. Sun – I love to garden. Mr. Eko – so big and strong (though I would also be a little afraid of him). Mr. Friendly – he’s so kind.

Be enemies with? Other than Ben? Ana Lucia (though not for long!) Definitely Juliet. Lots of people I wouldn’t get along with – but I would just pretend they didn’t exist.

Possibly kill? Kill – wow. Ben. Though I would rather hand him over to Jacob who he seems particularly afraid of by the end of Season 3

Kiss up to for favors or supplies? Ahhh I thought this was just kissing! I don’t believe in kissing up and I am no good at it.

Share a spot in the cave with? Jack – constant drama but he always comes back.

Hook up with just once? Sawyer. Mr. Eko (he’d take our secret to the grave). Ethan – Mr. Dangerous…but actually just trying to keep Claire alive.

Help the most? Jack & Claire. Really, anyone who’d ask.

Would you … Go on the raft or stay on the island? No question, stay on the island! And far away from Michael!

Live in the caves or on the beach? Probably the caves, but I’d end up back at the beach, that’s where everyone is now.

Open the hatch or leave it alone? Let Locke open it. I’m not messing with that – but I would shower there – and do my laundry in those ultra modern machines. Oh! And they have music there.

Keep other’s secrets or tell them? I always mean to keep secrets…

Know your blood type to help Boone? I know my blood type but that doesn’t mean I would transfuse him. Ugh.

Eat fish, boar, sushi or just fruit? Fruit and boar. Sushi if I could choke it down.  I might have to start liking fish since I’m stuck on an island.

If it were up to you …What would you name Claire’s baby? Adam Jesus Miller. Jesus — pronounced Hay-soos.

Who would get Kate, Jack or Sawyer? Jack.

Would you side with Locke or Jack? Jack. Locke loses direction too easily.

The truth behind Lost … What do you think is the secret of the island? No clue! But I’m sure it’s some mind-bending thing involving time travel.

What do you think the monster is? Something that doesn’t tolerate arguments in it’s jungle. The punisher unleashed by the Black Smoke.

Will they get off the island? Yes

Are the numbers really bad? I think they are linked to bad – but not bad in and of themselves.

If you were on an island with three of the people who would they be? Jack -gotta have a doctor. Sawyer – so good at finding supplies – and making me laugh. Kate – Jungle girl!

And you could bring three personal items? Journal, Kira:dog, lifetime supply of yarns — I could make needles.

And what part of the world would your island be in? I like this location.

Who is your favorite character on the show? Way too hard. Jack.

Tell me your answers in the comments!

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**Important question at end of post!!

I am going to try and make this a regular Weds. post — past notions like this (poetry thursday for example) have lasted for a time and then…gone the way of the Dodo.
Since it is so long between FO’s though, this should help keep up the fibre content on the blog. And we can all use more fibre content!

Kira’s blankie is moving along. Two squares to go and then I can start seaming.

She is having a hard time waiting I think. She keeps digging into the wool while I am working.

Elaine’s mitt is still progressing. I have set aside 4 hrs per week to work on it so…it is going to take awhile, but you can start to see the winds in the pattern’s namesake.

Now onto the feline from the title.

I have 3 cats. All with their unique personalities, attributes and quirks.
Jeeksy – so named for his tendency to be cheeky – is a skitzy type of cat.

We attribute it to his partial Siamese background – goodness knows he has always been treated well!

He is particularly fond of me, follows me about the house when I get home from work. Sleeps with me. Purrs when I talk to him.
And….bites me. Usually he gets a look on his face not unlike the one in the picture and tenses his body. Notice I said usually.

Yesterday morning I was laying in bed, petting him, postponing rising when he suddenly bit me.

HARD!  Check out the span of his teeth marks:

I was so shocked by the suddenness and the sheer strength of his jaw.
He managed to crunch my hand in half – my baby finger was touching my thumb! The puncture nearest my thumb actually extended (the redness no longer showed by the time I took the pic) 1 1/4″ sideways beneath the skin.

He was gone before I could say anything. After a few moments of pain, I sucked it up and carried on with my day. In the afternoon I noticed my hand was increasingly stiff and swollen. I thought I would just call the vet to ask what to do about a cat that would bite that hard. The vet interrupted to ask if I had seen a doctor yet.

Apparently cat bites are the most infectious of all domesticated pets. They have a bacteria in their mouths that causes 90% of all bites to become infected. Seriously infected. She told me that if ignored people end up on IV antibiotics and I’d better get to a Walk In Clinic.

So…I drove up to the clinic after work – but it was packed in the waiting area and I kept driving. I crocheted while watching Lost – thinking I needed to just get on with things. It’s just a catbite. By bedtime I couldn’t see 2 of my knuckles anymore. I decided to go to the clinic 1st thing in the morning.

In the morning it looked and felt much better. I nearly didn’t go – but the wait area was empty so I went in. I was worried about being a bother, wasting the doctor’s time and resources for a silly bite.

Uh I was so wrong! The doctor was very concerned about my hand and the amount of time I’d already waited. I am on a 2 week course of super strength antibiotics. I have to check my lymph nodes 3x a day for the next 48 hrs. If the redness extends in any direction I have to go right to the hospital for IV antibiotics. It’s crazy! I need to keep my hand elevated above my heart as much as possible (which blogging doesn’t quite allow come to think of it – oops) Oh. And I’m not supposed to use my hand – it will speed the spread of infection. No crochet/knit for me!

She told me if I hadn’t come in she would have been seeing me tonight or tomorrow at the Emergency Room and that I could expect to get sicker before I got better.

She was so right! Around 2 this afternoon I started to have more pain and to feel fatigued and ill. By 5 I had a raging fever and the swelling had increased.

This was taken around lunchtime. Right now I am fevered, clammy, exhausted and my hand is super red.

If I hadn’t gone to the clinic I would have totally thought I was getting the flu from these symptoms and maybe iced my hand. Sheesh.

I’m sharing this story since I am a person who has had cats all my life and I had no idea catbites could be so serious.

Also I’m putting this out there because I think I don’t have a clear perspective: What would you do about a cat that bites like this? Jeeksy has never bitten this hard before but he does bite me (just me for some reason). The vet said there is no need to have him put down but I have had a few people say I should. I think he has no way of knowing how bad this bite is and he is generally a purry happy guy. Should a pet really die for making a mistake?

Please know I will accept answers of all kinds – but still make my own decision in the end. I’m not asking for a poll to decide the outcome. Just wondering where other people would stand on this issue.

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