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On Thursday we picked my brother and his fiancee up from the airport. They had been visiting some of her family in the Philippines.


Check out these teensy monkeys they saw in Bohol:


What? The tourist is where?!

We are so glad they had such a fantastic trip – and that they are safely home again.

The very next day my Aunty brought this little one home.

                                                Meet Sadie.


She is a Silver Chinchilla Persian – and she is a heartbreaker!


We went over to meet her today and she is just a bundle of personality. It was a little hard to get pictures of her – she was pretty interested in the camera. Or rather, the strap of the camera.


Mostly gift knitting going on these last few days so…no pictures.

I did finally update the 2007 Reads page…check it out. Link at the top left hand corner of this screen.

eta: It is snowing, snowing, snowing here – so beautiful!


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Talking ‘Bout

Five hundred, twenty four thousand, six hundred stitches……

Ok, maybe not that many.


I did do the 50,000 + stitches in November. I’m thinking, quite a bit more than 50, 000 stitches given the size I knit.

I wasn’t able to complete the sweater until the 1st week of December because the sleeves were so badly shaped. I tore them out and redid straight sleeves instead.

Then every last darning needle in the house went missing – all at the same time. So it was another week before I bought some and then completed the seaming.


I wore it to work the very next day. Soooo warm. But I found out another great reason to block sweaters, aside from the fitting thing. Damp wool does not smell that great. And it rained, rained, rained the day I wore it.


I’m pretty happy with the uniformity of the stitches – and this is the 1st time I’ve completed a neckline and picked up my own stitches. If I was a little more dedicated I would go back and work a little more ribbing along the neck – it is not quite as substantial as I would like. I guess I could still do that in the future sometime. 

(sorry all the pics without the dog turned out very blurry)

Eeeewww. Yucky. Fortunately it was pretty close to the end of the day when I had to be out in the rain – or I would have had to work in a tank top only. Not exactly that time of year.

Incidentally, I saw that play and…I hated it. I much preferred Lease. Got to the point a lot quicker. 😉
“Come on everyone, we got quiltin’ to do!”

2007 Reads update coming very soon….

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Paring the Stash?

Did I say that? Did I join that 2008 Stash group on Ravelry? Hmmm…must have slipped my mind…

I went to the LYS yesterday to pick up some prize materials (not the Knitty violator – the LYS that is actually an hour away) and I might have just got a few things for myself while I was there.


This is a teensy skein of artisan yarn – 100% silk – beaded. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but there was no way I was leaving without it once I had felt it.

I’m thinking of using it to border a hat and mitt set? I bought some co-ordinating pine green just in case that is what I do.

Boy Socks

Girl Socks

My Mom picked up some sock yarn for her grand-nephews and grand-niece.

Here is some proof that while I have been off sick (and neglecting the blog) I have been knitting. Oh – and using yarn I already had…so kind of stash paring. 😉

The Paton’s V-Neck Pullover

Paton’s V-Neck - 95% done!

I had to rip the sleeves back because the decreases before the cuff were a little too Cirque d’Bizarre. After re-knitting, I discovered that somehow the darning needle — the very last one — was lost and so had to buy more yesterday too. Tonight, during Survivor’s finale (starting in t-8 minutes) I will seam them up and wear it to work tomorrow! yay!

And here is my Trapeze Jacket so far. Jeeksy asks “Oh, was there a camera?”


I like the construction of this sweater so far – but let me tell you, either I am used to being spoon fed patterns or I don’t know what. There have been a few steps that I was like what-the? and just carried on like they didn’t matter so….we’ll see where that gets me when it is time to do the sleeves. Eep!

I really love the slipped stitch ribbing. It looks so elegant and sort of tidy.


Uh-oh – Survivor’s on in 6 minutes. Gotta go!

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Of portraits and prizes

Last week over coffee at my Aunt’s, my little cousin drew this for me.


She took a few creative liberties – I wasn’t wearing a skirt, purple lipstick nor do I have green eyes (unless I was at your blog checking out your latest spinning).

Kira looks like she is in a rush doesn’t she?

At the last moment she added those two hill-ish items under my neck. Her Aunt and I have our ideas about what they represent… 😉


In other news, while I was off recovering from a throat that felt like I was swallowing glass, I finished my Pullover and started the Trapeze Jacket and….drew the winners of my De-stash Bloggiversary.

There is a bit of theme among the winners – two are about to become Mothers and one has a child (or two). This might change the focus from that of destashing and lead to more purchases — I read in Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Knitting Rules about safety when it comes to knitting for infants, eek!

If you are one of the lucky winners send me an e-mail.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and commented here – it really means a lot to me!

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