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To me!

Today I am celebrating 2 years since I started blogging. I kept thinking I would write something profound but…thinking is a skill I am short on these days…still fighting off a cold and…not getting a lot of sleep so…

In lieu of something profound, let’s celebrate!

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Until December 7th, all commentors at the blog will be entered into a draw for a major stash busting prize package. With a few extras of course. It’s my way of saying thank you – I’ve grown a lot as a knitter and a blogger since my first posts (and if you don’t believe me go look at the archives…) and not a little of that is because of you!

I want to show you the wonderful hat my Mom made for me.

 Droplet Hat

 This is Nora Gaughan’s Droplet Hat from Knitting Nature – a truly inspired book of patterns.

Being modeled…

by Mrs. AhhWigons

 and on me after keeping me warm all day while I was out sledding.


It was a perfect day for sledding – just look:

Alice Lake Provincial Park

Best of all – it’s still snowing! No rain in our forecast til next week – pretty surprising for the West Coast. I couldn’t be happier.

They don’t mind either.


Martin Gore?


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I’ve neglected the blog of late – I’m sorry about that. It’s Facebook and….I’ve discovered group forums on Ravelry. Or rather, the usefulness of the forums. Dangerous.  I compare it to a freefall through a wormhole. I login and the next thing I know it’s past time for bed.

I’ve been knitting – we watched a few movies over the weekend. Like Miss Potter – so sweet. 🙂 and Family Man. I love that film. I’m knitting the sleeves for the pullover and antsy to start something new — but making myself finish. I am amazed at how dull, dull, dull sleeves quickly become. Arrrghhh! The end is in sight though. I have 4 days to meet my NaKniSweMo goal – and here I secretly thought I might finish one and start another this month…silly rabbit.

“A glimpse, by definition, is an impermanent thing.”


On my way to work wearing the my new Fetching mitts my Mom made for me. Great timing too – it is freezing!

I'm ready for my closeup 

She added extra length and another cable repeat.

What's that?

On our way home for lunch. Riding in the 15 passenger van — only when there are no children — petty rulemakers.

Safety 1st

I know she does it just to see better out the window, but it’s awfully cute!

A little bit me.....a little bit you. Too.

It’s not that easy taking pics in the van – here’s a bit of both of us.

Starting to snow

No wonder she needs to see out the window – look at that!

After a delectable Peanut Pad Thai dinner, I unwind (really?) with a bit of blog surfing. Oh wait, did I forgot to put the leftovers away 1st?

Fierce concentration     Helllooooo

I give up     I hope you feel guilty

Seriously – she didn’t move from there for over an hour. Oh, she groaned and moaned but she did not budge. She was perfectly positioned with a view of the food and also blocking the fridge.

A little knitting on the sleeves.

Forgiven but not forgotten

Some more snow pics…



and our day is nearly done.

My Mommy is making me Nora Gaughan’s Droplet Hat!!

Kira says G’night. (she was sleeping like that – she’s not in mid-roll!)

Look for a big post this Wednesday!

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1st Snow!

Yesterday we had snow for the first time.

I caught some of it falling on my new Noro Hat (which needs blocked).



I tried to get a picture of it falling…not too successful.


This is a little better.


The snow seemed to bring out the Eagles. We are their Winter Home.


I haven’t heard them in the morning yet – but that could be because I am opening this week so am out of doors before the sun is up. Usually I can hear them whistling and calling as I wake up.


Here’s a glimpse of Kira pretending to wait patiently for me outside Starbucks.


I say pretending because the whole time I am inside she is straining at her leash, jumping and yelping drawing the sympathy of all passersby. Making me look like a truly cruel dog owner. 😉 Aren’t I just?

Here is a note a Kinder boy brought into my office the other day!


He’d had me write out the sentence for him, saying he wanted to give it to his Mom. Half an hour later he came into my office and cleared his throat. “Ummmm…this one is actually for you, to call my Mom. Surprise!” 😀

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This is going to be a bleary-rambly post. I am too excited to go to bed. I just spun and plied my 1st ball of yarn!


This is how I spent the better part of my day – on the couch, pre-drafting my wool, watching Rome Season 1.

I thought of Navajo plying, but really I don’t understand the technique and the tutorial videos I found online only made me more confused. In the end I opted to try 3 balls in a very homemade Lazy Kate.


It worked (the Lazy Kate that is!) on my 1st try.

Part way through the plying I nearly gave up in tears because I thought it looked so ugly and clumsy {see above!!} – even though my aim was for a very bulky, handspun looking yarn to make an Unoriginal Hat and that was what I was achieving. I was disappointed and stressed and ready to give up entirely on spinning.  But I kept going. I’m stubborn like that.

I am so glad I did. Look – it’s even balanced! (though I was leaning to take the pic)


It is far from perfect but I am just thrilled with my little knot of yarn.


I have 2 more sections of roving to spin and ply for my hat…but I might just cast on tomorrow.

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I forgot my camera at work. So….no WIP pics tonight.

In the meanwhile you can look at this:


Pic from one of our camping trips this summer. Kira loves, LOVES camping. I’m not sure if it is getting so much time with me (she is ever so slightly attached) or so much time outside. Either way, it’s one of her favourite things. Mine too actually.

It’s been quite awhile since I shared any overheard work conversations – here you go

4 yr old boy to Teacher: Look at my Kindergarten pictures!
Teacher to 4 yr old: They are so great! Look how cute.
4 yr old while pointing to his face: That would be because I’m in them!

5 yr old boy upon seeing delivery boxes in entryway: Holy Mother of Life!

4 yr old girl (out of the clear blue sky): There are 2 number 6’s. But really there isn’t. There’s a 6 and a 9 and they are almost the same. That’s frustrating for little kids. It really is. They shouldn’t have done that.

Kindergarten Teacher to group of parents at pick-up time: Just wanted to welcome you to another aspect of the school system (there are lots of 1st time parents) and let you know that we have some students with lice in our class.
4 yr old boy walking down steps declares with a huge grin: Yep. That’d be me. I’ve got the Head Lice!
and his mother had been worried that we would tell people at daycare who had lice — same boy from 1st anecdote

5 yr old boy to teachers: My Mom changed my sister’s name ’cause she was tired of it. She didn’t tell me what it is ’cause I have to detect it out.
Mother after being told story by teachers: Well…he got it half right. I am tired of his sister.

8 yr old boy while running away from ‘It’ during tag: Help me God. Help me. Help me Tom Cruise!!

8 yr old boy: That’s just stupidious
6 yr old boy: There’s no such word as that
8 yr old: Yeah I know. I made it. It means when you are full of being stupid. You’re stupidious.
Different 6 yr old boy: No he’s not!
8 yr old: No. That’s what the word means. Full of stupid.
under his breath: Stupid

Warning:Not for the faint of heart
6 yr old to Teacher: I don’t need to eat snack today
Teacher: Oh. Why not?
6 yr old: ’cause I’ve been sniffing in my nose

WIP written update: I’m working on the back of my V-Neck — I would have been farther along if I’d remembered to knit the ribbing with the smaller size needles. The Picot-Edged Monkeys continue to grow slowly – they are my purse knitting. If only I got to sit. With my purse. Or even stand in line with my purse. I did some spindle spinning last night. My yarn is getting smaller and more even – yay!

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Cheap as Free**

I have long admired the beautiful yarn, artfully displayed on many blogs. I have toyed with the idea of taking photography classes – but hampered by time and finances, this has remained an idea frequently pushed to the back of my mind.

In my bloggy travels I have encountered a few tutorials on light boxes. After seeing the new pics at Dyed in the Wool I thought it was time to make my light box.

In about 10 minutes, using: a cardboard box, recycled tissue paper, posterboard and tape – I had my mini studio.

Not being patient enough to hunt down a lamp to increase my light I set to work taking pictures.


A side by side comparison

pict2248.jpg                  pict2252.jpg

How about these?

pict2247.jpg              pict2257.jpg 

pict2210.JPG      pict2256.jpg

An updated shot of the Picot-Edged Monkeys.


I really could have used the extra lighting – and a reflector board. I anticipate a lot more experimenting this weekend. 🙂

I should have a totally flat *ss after this long weekend – I finally joined Facebook and if you thought Ravelry was a time suck? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

** Today’s blog heading is brought to you by the Cheat Commandos

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It’s heeere!


The gorgeous, oh-so-soft yarn I bought at Destash that is going to become….the Trapeze Jacket. My NaKniSweMo project of choice after the pullover — or when I get tired of the pullover. 😉

The mail has been soooo good to me – look what else was waiting for me:


The most beautifully wrapped yarn from Wool Girl. Jen included some fabulous extras too. If you haven’t visited her shop you have got to go. Her selection is gorgeous, pricing fantastic, customer service superb and rapid shipping! Oooh and you can join the 7 Deadly Spins there too.

Here is Forest Afternoon: Yummy Sock Yarn from Miss Babs.


Luscious. Though maybe I should have taken the picture on a different background…

There hasn’t been a lot of knitting in the last few days – and that would be because of this:


Last bit of sun this fall. The forecast is for rain, rain and then more rain.

Some more good news – look what was waiting for my at the YS before our lace class


The last ball of Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora I needed to make Ophelia (snuggled up to my 1st pair of mitts – 6 yrs ago). I am going to be in a casting on frenzy soon. I can feel it!

YS Rant Update: I had a plan in place but am now thinking that I will contact Amy @ Knitty and let her decide if it is worth making an issue over. This is an extremely small town and I think it may create more grief than good if I pursue it personally. Thank you so much for all of your input. I really value it.

Coming soon: New Encyclopedia of Me post, WIP update

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