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Sad News

The little bunny died today.

No posts for a bit.


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I am one of those people who does/doesn’t believe in Faeries. Is that clear?

I want to believe, I find the thought enchanting. But I don’t believe. When I was little I would pretend to believe in faeries, and leprachauns, and elves and such fanciful beings. This is a brillant movie about the Cottingley Fairies – a story about a man desperate to believe.

I am sure I was influenced by the beautiful books my Nana had in her home and that she gifted to me.  Books of fairy tales, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Arthur Rackham. My favourite book was The Water-Babies by Charles Kingsley. I actually thought it was a colouring book since some of the illustrations were black and white. Oops. I read fairy tales of all kinds voraciously, my favourite author was Hans Christian Andersen. I also liked Edgar Allen Poe as a child — pretty bleak stuff no?

I still love faery art and remember the tales fondly. They are things that I share with the children I work with and hope to one day share with my own children.

 Do/did you believe in fairies? What childhood beliefs do you hold dear?

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Which is something that I pretty much never am!

My Grandpa used to ask incredulously “There’s another 6 o’clock?” He began his day by waking around 9 and relaxing in bed (at least by the time I was on the scene), then rising at 10 am for a leisurely breakfast with the paper.

I think he had it just right. I detest mornings. I hate being woken up early – ooh am I instantly grouchy! I hate having to leave my house early. Actually, maybe it is not mornings I detest, it is having to be somewhere by a certain time in the morning. Not a good thing for a person who works!


My abhorrence for early mornings has led me to staunchly refuse opening shifts if they proceed 8 am. Even 8 am is an issue for me. I am traditionally 5-15 minutes late for work – well…for most events. (sorry Heidi) I figure – why be early? You’re just going to have to wait – or worse: make small talk. 
Unless it is a big event (like boarding a cruise ship, going to the theatre/concert) or a ferry I would rather arrive just on time than be early.

I have to share the 3 exceptions to the early morning thing.

1) I love, love, love waking up in a tent – and generally I wake up early when I camp. I am content, I am at peace, I am smiling when I wake up in my tent. Maybe because there is no schedule when you camp. (Unless you are camping with 15 children who want to actually eat breakfast at 7:45 am — ugh)

2) I am excited to wake up with the sun in Spring and very early Summer. I can barely wait to get out in my garden and see what has grown overnight. I love to spend an hour or more in the yard before I go to work. Honestly, this does fizzle out around mid-June.

3) Waking up to the quiet of a world blanketed in snow. Then I like to be up before anyone else so the snow is track free.

I used to worry about this issue I have in case I ever become a Mom, but if this wonder woman can stay in bed until 8…so can I! I have heard of people who walk their dogs at 6 am?!? I figure if Kira can be trained to sleep in, why can’t children? 🙂 Naive aren’t I?


btw: Nope, I can’t knit in my sleep. Though I can fall asleep while knitting!

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I thought it would be fun to experiment with a new photography style. 🙂


That’s a picture of Nagini.
Let’s try that again.


Here’s a Kinnear of our kids raiding our daycare garden. It is loaded with beans, peas and lettuce. Oh, and there are going to be potatoes enough for a township I am sure, given the size and number of plants.


Here is a pic of Nagini on.


I had made about 3″ more of progress but, like a genius I decreased for a snug fit on the ankle and couldnt’ get it on past my heel. So I ripped it back and haven’t re-knit yet. I am taking Nagini camping tomorrow and am sure I will find time to finish and perhaps start a mate. I totally overestimated the amount of spare time I would have camping with the kids and didn’t work on Nagini once — though I did play some rousing games of Chess (some of those 8 yr olds are far better than you may expect! also, I don’t really have any strategy to speak of) and Sudoku.


This is what my little one looks like after 1 day spent with the kids. I didn’t get a post camping picture – but when my Mom showed up to take the gear, Kira jumped in the car. She was done. And had the luxury to leave when she was done. 😉 No. We had a really good time and have already begun to plan next year’s trip. We also were inundated with food so I am more than set up for Quadra Island. Pretty sweet.

I am experimenting with post-dated publishing so I can carry on with the Encyclopedia of Me Meme while I am away.

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D is for


For as long as I can remember I have vivid, complex (and sometimes serial) dreams that I recall upon waking.

In fact, some I recall for years.

For example: When I was in the 5th Grade I dreamed that I was blindfolded, kidnapped and taken to this damp, underground place by a group of men. In the cave (but it was more like a subterranean complex) was this boy from Grade 6 (who lived down the street from me and I had a crush on for like 3 yrs — and whose little brother married a co-worker of mine and lives next door to me today — can you say small town?) and like all the littlest kids from my congregation. I mean, like toddlers even. And they were scared and crying and hungry and we took care of them. And we were there for weeks while the men tried to extort money for us. I don’t remember the details but this was one of the serial dreams – there were a lot of dramatic events and in the end we victims were like a big family and we didn’t really want to get rescued. Weird hey?

Another lifelike dream from my childhood involved me driving a school bus around this dreadful hairpin turn in town (Skyline Drive – which is now a Traffic Speed Hump Zone – seriously, they are calling them speed Humps and not bumps?!?) when the brakes fail and oh right – I don’t know how to drive. Scary stuff.

I have read many dream symbol books over the years becuase I find the subject fascinating. Some of the explanations they give though, are totally bizarre, such as:


To see a baboon in your dream, suggests that you need to be more expressive in your feelings. You need to be more direct in telling others how you feel. On the hand, it could be saying that you are expressing yourself in an inappropriate manner.

I don’t have many of the typical dreams like falling, or being naked, or back in school (my Mom frequently dreams that she is late for class and can’t remember her locker code) but I do often have dreams where I am searching for someone or something with a sense of rising panic. In one striking dream I kept uncovering corpse after corpse and trying to re-conceal them while I was searching. Creepy hey? And if I believe what the books say – sad. Because the consensus would seem to be that I’m searching for parts of myself/my life that I have allowed to ‘die’.   😦

Eep I do have the crumbling teeth dream alot. I hate that.

The one dream I know for sure changed my actual life was due to this horrible episode of Little House on the Prairie. My Dad cut trees for our firewood every Fall and it was one of my favourite things to do to spend the day in the forest exploring and imagining until that dreaded episode. That night I dreamed that my Dad was killed by a bear that he had woken with his chainsaw (and it was gory too) and I was there with my little sister and my little brother, in his feet pj’s even, and I couldn’t drive our silver Honda Hatchback and it was too far to walk home and we had eaten all of our picnic. No one would know where we were. The certainty of our fate and the frightful real-ness of the attack made me scream until my mother woke me up. I have never, never been unafraid in the woods again – though I still go in them. I am also mortally afraid of bears in the woods – not my backyard, or downtown (pg 8) but in their home. I shudder writing this!

As a break from the macabre turn this post has taken…D is also for Done.


Technically these have been done for awhile – but I thought a) This blog needs some knitting content and b) a modeled sock shot is a good thing. Look at the crazy pooling on sock #2! Curious how these things happen.

Oh, and D is also for d*ck humour which is pretty much what Superbad consists of. Even so, I did laugh so hard I was wheezing at one point. Michael Cera is a freaking genius. And an hour or so of looking at Seth Rogen is fine by me.

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C is for






Oh dear. This little bun is supposed to be staying here temporarily; until my vacation is over and then he is/was going to move to our daycare.

He is the sweetest little thing. And for the record…my Mom was the one that fits this descriptor, attributed to PT Barnum; to paraphrase: ‘there’s one born every minute’.

‘Just to tell you’ (something I heard a remarkable # of times in the last 2 days) Kira was not as cuddly with the bun once I was home from work. Her big brown eyes were just a little green tonight.

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B is for

B is for...

*I’m away for a few days, taking the kids @ work camping — hmmmm…what should C be for?

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