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Where did the time go? How is it that another segment of Project Spectrum 2 is over already? This time I didn’t even get to dye my wool yet!

Oh wait – I did dye some of my handspun in the colours – see:

pict2054.jpg  Oops – I haven’t loaded a pic of the black onto the computer yet — pardon me. It turned out more blue than black – but the baggie exploded in the microwave while I was playing losing at online chess and after cleaning up that mess, I didn’t want to dye anymore that night.

Sheesh. I just finished my Jaywalkers from the 1st segment of PS2 for goodness sake. Ah well. So, now that I have all these Potter themed socks in the works I will have to integrate some of the new colours into Summer of Socks.

Hmmmm…Well the Weasley yarn will be ideal with the browns and oranges. The purple – well, my ambitious (read insane!) knee socks made in fingering weight could be started  I suppose…

 No WLC report this week: I am going to Bard on the Beach instead!! Taming of the Shrew with a salmon bbq and the Symphony of Fire after the show. Should be a fantastic evening.

I also managed another book this month – yippee! I am almost back to my pre-knitting level of reading. Check out the review on the 2007 Reads page.


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I am so very sad. Two things were finished today. My PS2 Jaywalkers and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (I will keep all book details on my 2007 Reads page so others can avoid spoilers)


Doesn’t Kira look like she has been Stupefied? That is pretty much how I am feeling to have reached the end of this series.

I re-read the last 4 chapters this afternoon and am seriously thinking of restarting the whole book tonight. I was reading in such a headlong rush, I am sure I missed out on subtleties — also, I am not ready to say good bye. Isn’t that something, to become so attached to fictional characters?

To help console myself I bought some Potter-esque yarn this afternoon. I do have my Severus Snape Gentleman’s Fancy socks and Nagini (doncha just love that the colourway I am using for Nagini is called Monster?!) to complete. I am planning to make Horcrux and Bellatrix socks too. Heck maybe I’ll even make Fawkes… An HP Summer of Socks. Sigh.

I have had a busy week/weekend and so couldn’t get to the book until Monday (which is why I ‘went dark’ the last 6 days! I couldn’t risk an inadvertant spoiler at this late stage).

I got a new haircut:


Boy is it hard to get a good picture of dark hair.

And I got to see Kai walking! Look at that guy.


I spent the weekend with my cousins and….take a look at what the Jaywalkers went through this Saturday.


Do not even ask me how she managed it! Somehow Tiggly (short for Tiger Lily) got my poor yarn tangled in a desperate fashion in the minutes it took me to walk to the kitchen and get a drink but that took nearly an hour to undo. Good thing she is so cute — the 9 lives help too.

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WLC Week 14

Thanks in part to everyone’s support of my efforts, I dug deep and really took my excercise up a notch this week. I rode my bike to work each day – and home (before I was getting picked up after work). I took some very long walks and made some of those little changes, like parking at the far end of the parking lot.

I relaxed my diet a litte more, adding back in some foods I had cut — but still no fast food (yippee!) — and tried to just carry on like I wasn’t worried about it.

At this week’s Weigh In I was down 5 lbs!! Even. Yay!

In knitting news: Tragedy was averted. Narrowly. I was unable to find my blue Jaywalkers for 6 days. I was convinced (but fortunately not angry) that my Mom had thrown them out by accident. I cast on Nagini to console myself. But I couldn’t shake the image of that nearly finished 2nd sock. It haunted me. Yesterday, when I was no longer looking for it, I went to put something in a box at work and there they were! Packed, in a box, for the Preschool. Weird but such a relief. So…the Jaywalkers continue unfinished into another week of the SoS’s.

If you are a sensitive knitter you may not want to scroll down for this pic…


I thought this was a dead leaf. I nearly used my hand to take it off the curtain. Ugh! Upon learning that moths do in fact eat wool I have a new found fear to combat. Curse these warm nights – we need to install new screens. Pronto. I can’t knit very fast and my stash could be threatened.

To soothe worried knitters I have included this picture of the Hydrangea growing outside our front door.

pict2072.jpg    Lovely isn’t it?

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So it has been two weeks since my last Weight Loss Challenge update and folks, it’s not going too well.

I shouldn’t be so dramatic. Really the WI on the 4th I was up .2 lbs   No big deal right? I had been expecting a loss because, well I was used to them. So the next week I made some big changes to my diet. I totally shook things up.

For 9 days I had no, absolutely NO drive-thru or restaurant food. I made my own meals, I ate nearly only veggies and fruit and I started excercising.

3 hikes, 3 times swimming, daily walks. But I had a week from H. E. Double Hockey Sticks: work + family in care +Ministry Investigation = No sleep and lots of stress.

2 things that fight against weight loss. So this Wednesday, I was up 1.6 lbs. And I was Upset. I know, in the scheme of things that is not quite 2lbs – so why am I so shaken up over it? Too tired to think it over much.

This is the 3rd week in a row that I am suffering from insomnia. Add to all these things that it has been too hot to knit (aaahhh!!)  so hot that for the last 4 days I haven’t wanted to eat a thing. Except for maybe Frozen Yogurt or an Ice Capp. Not good things when you are trying to lose weight.

I haven’t given up. I had salad and chicken for dinner. Soy Blueberry and Plum pancakes for breakfast. Dullsville sandwich for lunch and lite (read Dry) popcorn for a snack. And loads of water. I told you – it’s hot here.

So if anyone has some helpful advice, some words of encouragement, or a good kick in the seat for me – I could really use it!

In other news: I saw OtP the other night. I didn’t hate it…but….I didn’t love it either. I think they did an incredibly bad job with Sirius and Harry’s relationship – two winks and an accidental “James” right at the end? what sense does that make to most viewers? I LOVED Luna. She was perfect.

Maybe I am a little disappointed because I expected more Snape in this film. Harry and he did spend a lot of time together in OtP. I have to say, in our theatre there was a very young boy (5 or 6) and when Harry accessed Snape’s memories his little voice piped up a beat later “So THAT’S why he hates him so much.” Savvy little Potter-phile.

I am reading Book 6 in preparation for next weekend. Somehow I have to shield myself from all media and public conversations. I won’t be able to read the book until Sunday night. Good thing I have Monday and Tuesday off (not that I think it will take that long but…it is nice to think I can linger if I want to)

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of a sock in progress, in pictures.
imgp0239.jpg     Nexen Beach – Wednesday

Porteau Cove     Porteau Cove – Thursday

 imgp0257.jpg     Construction stop on Hwy 99 – Friday

I am sorry to say that the road stop is the only pic from Friday. I had this fantastic plan to get a pic of the sock at the Grand Entry  (video link) to the Squamish Nation Pow Wow (which is where we were headed to) but ah, the guy who gave me the info was quite off re: time. He told us it was at 1 pm. Yeah. That was for vendors to set up. Grand Entry wasn’t until 7 pm. Daycare closes at 6 pm – and it takes an hour to get back. So – no Pow Wow for the kids. 😦

They didn’t mind – they thought the Pow Wow was ‘awesome’. They bought jewellery and food and saw ‘real’ arrows and spears and animal pelts. Here they are so excited to be seated in the bleachers – totally not getting it.  imgp0259.jpg   But when you don’t know what you’re missing…notice just how empty it is behind them? We went swimming instead for the rest of the afternoon.

Sadly since then – no sock knitting progress. Is it just me, or do other people get bored beyond belief after the heel? I can’t stand the dull, dull, dull knitting for the top of the foot. Mostly though, this week has been just nutty busy and pretty hot so the kids are all kind of cranky and whiny and needing lots of adult support. I can’t always knit at work! Oh, and we have been hiking too – that makes it hard.  Tomorrow though, my co-worker is going to drive so perhaps, Perhaps that foot will be ready to graft when I get home.

Look for a WLC update tomorrow — whoops, didn’t post last week!

In the meanwhile look at what my Mom brought home tonight!!!!


Really all she knows is that it is more than 150 yrs old — do any of you recognize it? I am off to scour the internet! Hee hee!!

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or My 1st Pattern!

Now this pattern is inspired by a combination of two patterns, neither of which were quite what I was looking for. So I do feel a little strangely calling this ‘my’ pattern but don’t they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

I have been thinking of something like this for awhile – the disposable Swiffer cloths were always tweaking my eco-loving conscience and not in a good way. Since we installed hardwood floors I have also been focusing on finding a soft but scrubby cloth that does not leave streaks – not as easy as it sounds.

Last night, while watching Hamlet and trying to ignore the shouts from the people I refer to as our Drunken Neighbours (which incidentally stopped rather suddenly at 12:30?! Unheard of.) I created this cloth.

MD Swiffer Mop Cover

4.5 mm/US 7 Needles
1 50g ball Cotton yarn – colour A
1 50g ball Cotton yarn – colour B

Cast on 30 sts in colour A
Row 1: Knit all sts
Row 2: Purl all sts
Switch to colour B
Row 3: K4 sl1 purlwise six times
Row 4: K4, bring yf, sl1, bring yb – six times
Row 5: P4, bring yb, sl1, bring yf – six times
Row 6: K4, bring yf, sl1, bring yb – six times
Switch to colour A
Row 7: Knit all sts
Row 8: Purl all sts
Switch to colour B
Row 9: K1 sl1, {K4 sl1 five times} K2
Row 10: K1, bring yf, sl1, bring yb, {K4, bring yf, sl1, bring yb five times} K2
Row 11: P1, bring yb, sl1, bring yf, {P4, bring yb, sl1, bring yf five times} P2
Row 12: K1, bring yf, sl1, bring yb, {K4, bring yf, sl1, bring yb five times} K2

Repeat this 12 Row pattern nine times
Repeat Rows 1-8
Bind off

You will now have something that looks like this:


Place your cloth centered on your mop head, fold the ends over the surface and pin them in place like so: pict2107.jpg

With wrong side facing, stitch the edges together. Then fold them 1-1.5″ inwardly and stitch down – creating a little pocket.  pict2108.jpg Weave in all ends, turn inside out and voila!

pict2109.jpg A snug, reusable, earth friendly alternative.

Wanna see how it worked?

pict2111.jpg Gross right? But guess what? No streaks!

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Aww shucks…

 Toni nominated me for a Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award. Thank you!


The hard part of accepting this is that I am supposed to nominate 5 other girl bloggers in return – I am reluctant to do it only because I don’t want this to feel cliquey or anything. I really admire the women whose blogs I read for a great many reasons and encourage you to check out the list on the sidebar. But I will narrow the list down to the following:

1) Cynthia @ Two Wooden Sticks and a Ball of Wool  My very first online ‘friend’ who somehow found my blog when even I paid it next to no attention! Cynthia has undertaken, and called attention to, some truly significant projects to help others. She also has a stash to die for. Seriously.

2) Elizabeth @ A Mingled Yarn   Not only is she one of the fastest knit bloggers out there, she sews, she travels, she reads extensively (including aloud) AND she teaches Shakespeare. This is a woman I marvel at (and envy!) copiously.

3) Sheree @ She Knits Shizknits A very talented craftswoman who blogs her work and her children’s. Her photography is incredible. Her Love Thursday posts manage to be both uplifting and grounding at the same time.

4) Dorothy @ Knitting Stuff and Going On and On   A knit designer whose patterns have fabulous names like ‘Allo Guv’nr Fingerless Gloves. She has created a knit Swiffer cloth – yes! I am not sure there is another blogger I read who so encourages me to clean my house. 😉

5) Marie @ Yarn Slayer   A knitting designer who homeschools her 5 children and blogs with humour and an open heart. 

Like Toni, I am also going to list Deirdre and Yvette two bloggers I was privileged to get to know during Secret Pal swaps.

Look for some knitting news in my next post. I leave you with a pic from our trip to the city yesterday and another addition to my 2007 Reads page.


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