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I am so excited! {I should really be casting on my Mystery Stole 3, but after waiting 2 weeks I have lost my momentum. ūüė¶¬†¬†¬† It’ll be back I am sure.} My patterns arrived from Stitch Poet Designs!! I have cast on and will be stitching away on Passin’ the Dress Code tonight while I re-watch Season 2 of Rome — I am house/dog sitting and just saw that they have the DVD’s!

Look at all these furry babies – isn’t it funny how great big dogs want to sit in your lap? Look at them all over my Mom.


Sorry about the ‘haunted’ look we have in the photo – there is big mirror over the couch that is making the big blurs of light.

Now, since it is the Summer of Socks – here are some progress pics of the socks on the needles. Yep, more Jaywalkers.

pict2084.jpg                    pict2085.jpg

My Mom is making an ankle sock version that is working up very quickly — the green. Sorry to say that for some reason my Math Whiz sock pic didn’t load, I’ll try to remedy that another time.

Mmmm (forgot to take pics) went to the Farmer’s Market today and picked up some more scrumptious locally grown lettuces and radishes. Ooh, and a big bag of Okanagan Cherries that are ridiculously sweet and juicy. I also may have stopped in at the pastry/bread booth and indulged somewhat BUT I was walking and then did go for a big walk tonight too….so I don’t feel guilty at all.

Got some reading in, though I haven’t been doing a good job of updating the sidebar at all – look for a new post on the 2007 Reads page.

Have a great long weekend everyone!

ETA: I linked to 2 pics of Passin’ the Dress Code – The designer doesn’t have a website for her knitting, but you can contact her by e-mail and she will send you her list of designs – and you know what? They are all super cute and hip.

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Well, another week and I have lost .6 lbs!
Again, I was surprised. I was pretty sure I would have gained but…I somehow pulled out a loss. Hmmmm…

I have seen this quiz at a few blogs now and thought I would try it out – since things have been all about the dogs lately. Kira and her accident & quick recovery, I am dog sitting again for 5 days (so fun but soooo busy) AND …. let the rant begin Now: An Animal Control Officer has been going door to door in our town and fining people for having unlicensed dogs. Entering their private property after talking to neighbours, watching from her van etc. and¬† then quizzing them about the dog in their home and issuing tickets if the dog is unlicensed.

Now generally I think of myself as a reasonable person (stop smirking!), I know I do more than my share to support animal shelters, animal activist groups {and at the Farmer’s Market the other day I donated to the new foundation that pays vet bills etc. for the pets of the homeless and low income people in our community – a foundation NOT affiliated with our municipality btw} and I am all for helping to fund community initiatives.

I came home to one of these ‘tickets’ after my book club Weds. to find out my Mom had voluntarily given the woman all kinds of info I would have refused and closed the door.

Ever since getting Kira I have chosen not to license her for a $50 fee EACH year because in this small community pet owners talk and our Animal ‘Control’ lady is known to take leashed dogs from outside businesses and from within their own fenced in yards. She has personally stopped me twice while I was out with Kira – once to ask if she was a “stray”. Yep, take her away please before she attacks these children we’re walking with – and once to tell me¬†Kira needed to be wearing her license in our fenced in Daycare yard. “Oh, did she forget it again?” I replied rolling my eyes.

Ok so I have a personal issue with the employee BUT the kick in the pants is that while nearly every 3rd house in our community of 18,00 has a dog – there is not one dog park here. Dogs are prohibited from being on trails, parks, beaches, lakes and if seen unleashed and unlicensed from the rivers and forests¬†too. Of course the vast majority of people ignore these rules. I get that some dogs are unsafe, I really do. I understand that there are dogs requiring shelter, food and medical care who have no owners and Animal Control cares for them at the pound – BUT the food, vet care, walking and grooming are taken care of by VOLUNTEERS and DONATION. Oh, there’s taxes too helping to cover these costs and pay wages.¬† Oh wait – there are biodegradable doggie waste bags all over town but…what is this? Oh, covered by corporate and private donation – NOT the municipality.

So why such a high charge and why each year? I can see $50 the 1st year and then up to $10 renewal each subsequent year. But seriously.

Here is the thing – my friend has a dog. A family dog. He is 17 yrs old. He is blind, deaf and in failing health (I know, I think it would be a kindness to say good bye but – he is not my dog) and unlikely to survive the summer.

This Animal Control chick rang their doorbell and handed them a $50 fine for having an unlicensed dog. She saw him in the window and cross referenced their address to learn there was no dog registered there. And had the audacity to tell them this.

Don’t you think tax payer’s money could go to some other cause than allowing this woman to harass people? I am pretty sure the shelter dogs could do with a comfier bed or a bigger run or a location not beside the Human Waste Treatment Facility. Or heck, personalized licenses of their own.

Let’s say just for fun there are 18,000 people here and every¬†4th home had a dog, that would be 1334 dogs¬†or $66,700 in licensing fees alone, per year. Doesn’t that seem like an egregious money grab? And to be going door to door in each neighbourhood – boy I can think of a whole lot of ways to spend this woman’s wages that would help pets out more.

I left a lengthy voice mail to this affect and oddly enough – no answer. I just want to know what the money actually does to help me, my pet and the community. What does this over priced license DO for us? Anyone know? I sincerely want to know.

So {if you are still reading} are you surprised by these results?

You Are: 40% Dog, 60% Cat

You and cats have a lot in common.
You’re both smart and in charge – with a good amount of attitude.
However, you do have a very playful side that occasionally comes out!

Are You More Cat or Dog?

No? What about this?

You Are 54% Bitchy

Generally, you’re an average woman, with average moods. But sometimes… well, watch out!
Sometimes, you let your mean side get the better of you. And you enjoy every minute of it.

How Bitchy Are You?

or even this:

Your Wrath Quotient: 45%

Ouch! You’ve got a bit of a temper going on there, don’t you?
Just make sure to keep your revenge fantasies just that… fantasies only!

How Much Wrath Do You Have?

I hope you’re smiling!

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Somehow, in the midst of not tracking what I ate this past week, I lost 4.6 lbs! Coulda been the stress…
That brings my total loss to 19.8 lbs – boo ya!
So I have 10.2 to go to make my July goal — is it strange that I don’t remember if my goal was for the beginning of July or the end of July? ‘Cause I can’t. So let’s call it the end of July, ok? Ok.
I think that the veggie soup helped get me back on track. I must have needed it too because it tasted heavenly to me. Now I have got to drop the TimBits this week. D*mn those things.

In other news: The Summer of Socks has begun! I already have 3 pairs on the go…so, no need to cast on a new pair just yet.

pict2071.jpgHere are my Math Whiz socks. They are progressing quite nicely(given I have only spent 40 min or so on them – gotta love sportweight) and though you might not be able to see it in this pic, the pattern is so cool. All triangle-y. Who knew Math could be so fun?

I do have lots of plans for socks – coming in a future post. ūüôā

Now, an update on Kira. She is doing very, very well. She has needed a little more cuddle time than usual, but Thursday night she was back to her old perky self. Phew. She has a new, summer haircut.
Her wound is closing very rapidly (which is good since she pulled the staples out, little devil) but she was licking it quite a bit. So…she has had to be coned during parts of the day to prevent infection.

For bedtime we rig her up like this

Gauze covered by a baby sock! She has only pulled it off once, which is pretty darned good if you ask me. Other than that, she has resigned herself to it.


Thank you so much for all of your comments, e-mails and well wishes for Kira (and me!). We really appreciate it.

I know I referred to the high cost of her vet bill, and really it only seems high because we don’t have medical bills (for the most part) here in Canada. Our friends to the South are not so fortunate. One knitting friend, Annie Modesitt, is in need of some help offsetting her husband’s medical bills. Please stop by her site, read a little of their story and buy a knitting pattern – or two, or three.

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Dreadful! Updated

1b.jpgRight at the beginning I am just going to say that everything is ok now BUT today I left work early to go for a walk with my friend and our dogs, and while we were getting organized, Kira was hit by a car.

It was horrifying. I still feel a little sick over it – I called her (thinking she was at my feet but actually she was across the way and so she ran to me – directly in front of the car) she should have already been on a leash because she has a tendency to wander (those of you who know her, realize that is an understatement born of denial!), I wasn’t paying attention.

I know I scared the driver half to death, and my friend too because I was screaming – I didn’t think I was seeing her again. My friend’s baby, on the other hand, didn’t bat an eye – which is a little funny, you know how often people try and be quiet around babies, apparently we don’t need to worry so much with Luc.

So instead of a walk, we headed straight to the vet – which is moments away – and she was seen very quickly. It appears she has a fractured foot/toe on her left hind leg – which considering the horrid thump is very, very lucky. She never went into shock, and she remained in good tail-wagging, hand licking spirits until we got home and she crashed out beside me on the couch.

We go back tomorrow for the results of her X-Ray – she may or may not need surgery for her foot — who knew this was the approach for fractures in dogs? While I was checking her over I noticed something up with her eye – turns out she has a double eye infection, and needs some dental cleaning. This is going to be a seriously pricey visit. Sigh. Good thing I already have lots and lots of stash yarn!

Speaking of yarn – the Bartlett’s I used to cast on Eris was far too thick and stiff so I am in search of an alternate. Tonight I cast on for my Math Whiz socks with some of my lovely Spunky Eclectic in Cool Rain — and it still smells like the licorice soap I stored it with (because it had some serious funk when it arrived – let me tell ya – gagalicious). I think this pattern is going to work up very quickly, and not just because it is knit in Sport Weight – but it is a treat, I really like it. Pics later.

UPDATE: We just got home from the vet – Kira is so lucky. No fractures. She has a soft tissue injury, some bruising and a compression split. Which means she went completely under the wheel of the car and somehow is virtually unscathed. She had to have two staples to close the compression split – so awful to hear her cry when they were being done (I have a new found awe for parents, let me tell you). Next week she will have them removed, her teeth cleaned and her eyes re-checked. Thank goodness she is ok – so why am I so upset now? Must be the relief of it. We are going to go have a lay down.

Thank you for all your kind messages!

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New Projects

I am hoping for a quiet weekend Рand so far the rainy weather is helping! I would like to do some more spinning РI did a little this afternoon. Enough to knit up a square for Rebuilding Greensburg.    imgp0229.jpg   What do you think? My first ever hand spun yarn. Boy, do I have a lot to learn. Including how you finish spinning your roving without having it untwist! That was exciting.

I also began the Jaywalkers with the yarn I dyed for PS2 part 2 (green, pink and yellow). I am so pleased that the striping is working. I used Eunny’s tutorial and it worked really well. ¬†Even with my Math skills!


I also knit a swatch for the Mystery Stole 3. Since I have never knit lace before, I thought for once I should knit a swatch. I cheated and only did one pattern repeat, instead of the 3 asked for Рbut come on! That is a lot of non-knitting knitting.


I forgot to take a picture of it re-pinned when I saw the other swatches. It is now pinned so that the bottom extends to points beneath the center of the pyramids. There is a lot of guessing going on as to the theme. I am thinking Isis & Osiris – given the colours, the clues and the pyramid shapes. Or Phantom of the Opera (which has very little to do with pyramids – unless you have read this version). Two more weeks!

Now I am going to swatch for Eris – what is with all this new found swatching? Will it continue? Stay tuned.

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Sooo I really let things fall by the wayside while I was away. Yes, yes we walked nearly everywhere for most of each day but…not enough to counterbalance the food choices I was making.

But oh was it yummy! We had Thai, Dim Sum, Vietnamese (oh the Iced Coffee!! – not many calories in that condensed milk, no way) and desserts, scones and devonshire cream….oh I could go on.

End result: A gain of 1.8 lbs¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Not as badly as I was expecting so I can live with it. I am just shaking myself out of old food habits (so easy to fall back into aren’t they?) and trying to keep on moving. I am also focusing on more changes other than the scale. For example I am now wearing a Size 18! Down from a 22. Yep – Size 22 folks. And those pants were getting tight when I joined WW’s 11 weeks ago. I am wearing some black cords, and wearing them comfortably – when I could not even pull them up past my thighs 3.5 weeks ago! How is that for progress?

Also – today at work I was carrying some water cups out of the kitchen and a Kinder said to me, “Michelle you aren’t so — and made a puffed out face and held his hands in front of his belly (they can be so sensitive!) — as you used to be. You’re getting skinny looking.” And another little guy said, “That’s because she’s getting a new shape on. Right Michelle?”¬† Out of the mouths of babes. ūüėÄ

Ok – here are some new links/projects I have to share with you.
First: If you are in Canada, and would like to take part in a Dish Rag Tag game (you recieve a box with a cloth, some treats and 2 balls of cotton Рmake a cloth from one of the balls, add new treats and new cotton and pass it on) please contact Dorothy @ Knitting Stuff and Going On and On. This is an American swap game but she is working with the organizer to start a Canadian chapter Рshe needs 10 people to sign up and I think she has 3 right now. Come on Рyou know you wanna!
Second: Ravelry continues to get me in hot knitting water — there is so much to see and do! I might need to drop down to part time work (yeah right!). I found a Mystery Stole KAL queued in a friend’s notebook and couldn’t resist. Even though I have never knit lace before…I had to join. Check it out – sign ups close July 6th at midnight.

And now, here is what you have all been waiting for:

imgp0215a.jpgClick for a closeup view of the gorgeous pattern I found at the Beehive. This is what I am going to make with the Grape Fizz! The wonderful ladies sold me their store copy when they found out they were all out of this Regia booklet – talk about customer service.

imgp0219.jpgThese are going to be used to make up this little number. What do you think? A Scarlet Capelet for Miss Scarlett? I think it is too perfect. I do plan on making it a little longer…

And now that I have one Spinning lesson under my belt, I couldn’t resist buying roving. imgp0225.jpg

And some silk hankies that seemed ludicrously low priced. imgp0214.jpg There are 7 large hankies and 4 little bitty ones. $3 altogether.

Picked up some more sock yarn that was priced to fly off the table.pict2020.jpgpict2021.jpg

I also bought a few things that are not knit or for knitting – shocking isn’t it?imgp0216.jpg

I couldn’t leave Kira out.imgp0217.jpg¬†I picked these goodies up at t

he sweetest little shop with 2 resident dogs. The owner was so friendly – he included sample doggie cupcakes with my purchase. I will definitely be back – and if you are in the area, and know a doggie or love a doggie (really can those two things be seperated?) you have got to pay a visit to High End Dog in Fan Tan Alley. BTW – Kira totally gobbled her cupcakes! Yum.

Oh I nearly fogot! Debbie began knitting class at Beehive on Tuesday! She learned to cast on, knit, purl and cast off. Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting Debbie!


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Where to begin? Perhaps the beginning.

We had a beautiful crossing to the Island – with lots of time to knit. imgp0143.jpgimgp0146.jpgimgp0147.jpgEver leaving things to the last minute, here I am beginning the sleeves for my Pullover en route. Knitting in the car led to meeting a fellow knitter on her way from Kelowna to see the Yarn Harlot. We were all so excited!

Our 1st night was spent just catching up and most of the next day too. It was totally relaxing over at JD and Debbie’s. They took me out to the Breakwater (I think that is what it was called?) where we saw starfish, jellyfish and the cutest seal.imgp0151.jpgimgp0150.jpgimgp0150.jpg

The next morning we took a Spinning Class with Brenda.
imgp0157.jpg imgp0156.jpg imgp0155.jpg imgp0175.jpg
Spinning was so much fun! And thoroughly addictive – we couldn’t stop all weekend!
¬†During our class we met some fantastic knit-bloggers: Raven, Brenda and Trillium (from Suquamish – isn’t that funny?) I knew there would be a bonus to treating my Mom to the Spinning Class – she loved it so much, she declared she is buying an Ashford Joy in August! 2 months to go…let the shopping begin!

The afternoon was spent in a busy haze of knitting my sleeves, seaming and counting down to the Yarn Harlot!

This gentleman and his wife were visiting from Mississippi. They were in Victoria for 6 hrs on the Norwegian Star – talk about timing! He was so excited for his wife – their happiness was infectious.
imgp0158.jpg                  imgp0161.jpg

The Yarn Harlot was hilarious! Debbie hadn’t read her blog before and she loved the evening. We had tried to get my brother to go, but no dice – he would have been surprised to see so many male knitters there — including a fellow who¬†totally looked like a hardcore biker who was knitting with orangey-yellow fun fur! The YH filled us¬†in on the Skanky Underwear¬†Chick, gave more detail about her renovation and kept us laughing all evening – I¬†just wished I had remembered to ask about Margaret Atwood.

The line¬†for autographs was long -there’s Raven waiting in line – but so worth it! Stephanie was friendly, personable and so patient – whew that was a long line.¬†

imgp0166.jpg    imgp0167.jpg

The next morning we went to the Knit Out – despite rain and driving wind it was great fun. We added to our stash — saving those pictures for a Yarn Pr0n post — and saw the YH again (no pics – surely she must tire of that)


The rest of our time was spent together eating, laughing, talking and staying up waaaay too late¬†(good thing for sleeping on long ferry rides and through highway construction – thanks for driving Mom!) though that could have been the coffee…

imgp0178.jpg    imgp0180.jpg     imgp0183.jpg

On the ferry home we came across a pod of Killer Whales! They were incredibly close to the boats from a Whale Watching excursion – they got their money’s worth.

I will leave you with the highlight of the weekend.


I got to hold the sock! She knew who I was from the comments and she complimented my sweater – twice! I may never wash that sweater.¬†¬† ūüėČ

Oops – somehow this picture failed to show up. Here we are before the speech – the lady closest to you is Beth – check her blog out.


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Or maybe that should say “whew!” That was a jam packed 4 day trip. So much fun. It was so fabulous to spend all that time with my brother and his fabulous fiance, that we are so privileged to be adding to our family! We were so comfortable – it was like being at home, minus the cat hair. (which now I am thinking —- I could spin that)

Here is a bit of a preview for my next few posts…

Yarn Harlot


Yarn Pr0n




And somebunny missed me as much as I missed her!

She was in such a wagging frenzy her tail is a total blur!

Ahhhhh. It is so good to be home.

Oh, btw I have an FO to share! I’ll let that sink in while I go play at Ravelry some more.

OH and the Soprano’s!! I wanted to see the end of Phil – but eegads that was horrifying. I was screaming and covering my face – my brother thought my reaction was “awesome” – glad he was laughing. When the screen went blank I thought his cable cut out – I was freaking out. The last 10 minutes were so stressfull – that was kind of mean David Chase. I kept thinking, Oh no, Oh god this is it, someone’s going to die, no not him! no not her! What? Now I am just hoping those rumours about a movie are true. I am going to miss the Soprano’s.

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Well – even though I ate a bit like a maniac the last couple of days I managed to lose .4 lbs. Which brings my total weight loss to 17 lbs! yay 12 lbs to go til goal. Though I am starting to think that might be a little optimistic for July. Ah well.

I was surprised I lost at all, becuase while I stayed within my daily points allowance I was making poorer choices last week AND yesterday I was a snacking fiend. And all of the snacks I wanted were salty – annnnd I had a McDonalds cheeseburger. Talk about water retention – oh, and the good old monthly reason for water retention is here too. Such fun to be a female isn’t it?

We are off for Victoria, the Yarn Harlot, Fibre Festival and my first spinning class – I have a bad feeling I am about to become even poorer! Lots of pictures to come next week.

In the meantime here is a glimpse of some of the fibrey goodies that came in the mail this week.
Some pink 100% wool from Destash.
My very first Vesper Sock Yarn – in Crew.
Boy was that ever hard to buy I had to check in so many times to catch it before it was all sold out.

ETA: Yes!!!! I was just added to Ravelry! Yay. Me so ‘cited!¬† (too bad I am heading out the door now)

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That is the weather and not the knitting for once!

Good gracious. It is so d*mned hot here. Ugh. 29 freaking degrees of muggy humidity. It is totally gross. They have been calling for thundershowers and finally, finally there has been one lightning strike. It’s nearly 10 pm here and still nearly 30 degrees. Oh, oh wait….I think I hear rain!

Thank goodness. Ok. On to the knitting. Some of you may recall me mentioning that I am going to be seeing the YarnHarlot later this week. Hee hee! And I am determined to wear my Stacy Pullover. It will be finished by then — only a poor fit will leave me unable to wear it — and only if it has the gaping armholes of Sizzle. I even bought flipflops to match today.

I am a notoriously slow knitter. Sloooow. But somehow I have managed to get from the ribbing on the front to 4 rows from the armhole === TODAY!


This makes me very hopeful that my knitting skills are advancing. Maybe, maybe I will have 2 FO’s this month. Or heck, 3.

Some of the things that got me through the knitting today – Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 4. The Titmouse episode – titmouse – I thought I was going to stop breathing I was laughing so hard.¬† The Da Vinci Code – my poor Mom. “This is blasphemy Michelle” she ominously intoned looking over her glasses at me. Of course she didn’t leave, or turn the channel. Just wanted me informed.

And then, the Soprano’s. One episode left people. I don’t know if I can take the stress. Why Bobby? Huh? What did he ever do? Oh, admittedly there is that thing about him being a mobster. So he killed a guy once. Come on. He’s like a great big teddy bear. And Sil too? Such a shame. I know this is how it goes when you are in the mob. One day you’re on top the next, meh. Ultimately you’re expendable.

This one was not too sure what all the excitement was about. A lot of talking to the tv during Soprano’s tonight.

pict2014.jpg       pict2015.jpg

Look at her, positioned just so in front of the fan. Clever girl my Kira.

The only thing I can say about this excellent knitting progress is…I have not been reading my Book Club book. At. All. And….it was my selection. And the meeting is on Wednesday night! Oops. I am on about page 100 or so and it is a 340 page book. Mmm hmmm.¬† Well, maybe next month’s selection will be a little less complex and easier to pick up 2 weeks later — which is what I tried to do 6 days before the meeting. Not a good plan with this tome.

Oh, I nearly forgot. I went to see Knocked Up on Friday. It was pretty cute actually. A little better than I expected it to be.¬† A lot of the same people from 40 yr Old Virgin and The Office — the language is not quite as offensive as Virgin but it is close. Certainly mindless entertainment – but there is something disarming about Seth Rogen – he has a sincerity that shines through….could be ’cause he is Canadian…just teasing.

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