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Boo ya!!

I have lost another 3.2 lbs!
Seriously, this is working so well this time.

I am down 16.6 lbs altogether – putting me more than halfway to my 10% goal of 29 lbs by the end of July.

My realtionship to food seems to be changing. I am having less urges to indulge – or overindulge as the case may be 😉   I am wanting more veggies and fruit. In fact I have really missed veggies the last few days (I stopped at the store on my break today and picked up some more zucchini — lovin’ it grilled on the bbq YUM! and some super crispy green grapes)

Today I rode my bike again – and somehow got faster. Pretty surprising after just two days of riding. It took me about 18 mins this morning – and I ride just over 8 km  (or 5.29 miles for my friends south of the border) Not too shabby for someone who has been pretty darned sedentary the last few years.

I do have to say though, my allergies are something fierce tonight. Itchy, itchy, itchy eyes. Might just have something to do with the cottonwood that started blowing about this afternoon. A sure sign of summer here. That and the emergence of the Carpenter Ants. And 3 wasps nests at work. I cannot begin to count how many times I have heard a child shriek “Bee! Bee!” and those were the guys.


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(this title is a bit of an inside joke – a parent from our preschool brought us a book of horrific fables from Nepal – one of the stories was called Audacity Awarded…maybe I will type it out for you…seriously this book is full of stories so awful they remind me of The Eye of Argon if you haven’t read this infamous short story – you ain’t read nothin’ yet.)

Today, our High Scope Trainer was here from Ontario to observe us and perform a PQA (Preschool Quality Assessment) on us and our program. Annndd…we passed! Jacki and I are both Certified High Scope Preschool Teachers!! An endeavour nearly 3 yrs in the making.

pict1996.jpgIn honour of the fabulous weather we are enjoying — before the heat descends, as they are calling for this to be one of the hottest summers in decades — I have brought the Bike out of storage. After a quick cleaning, oiling and tire filling, I took her out for a spin. Whoo – my thighs were not quite as ready for it as I thought. Neither was my caboose – even though I have a gel seat.  

I checked out the BikeSense Manual and am feeling ready to ride to work tomorrow morning. I am not sure if I will be riding home at the end of the day, but, it is a beginning. Looks like I am not the only one feeling the call of the open road. And while this is a little out of my area, my new goal coincides nicely with Bike to Work Week.
Update: I did it!! I rode to work this morning. I gotta tell ya, I was about 2 minutes from my house and I thought, “whoo I am tired, my thighs kind of ache, I guess it is not too late to turn back – I could get some knitting done since I won’t have to drive yet…” But I kept on riding and it only took 25 mins! Yes. My feet ached this afternoon — but I think that was the cheap flipflops. Other than that I feel great! And I really enjoyed my dinner out. Mmmmm Pad Thai. Too bad there was no peanut sauce. 😦

Oh yeah! My nights and days in Richmond spent wandering the malls and the hotel hallways have pushed me over the edge – I met my 1st Runagogo goal of 100 miles! Yes!! I am even 15 miles into my next set of 100 miles…will I make it by July the 4th? Not too likely, but hey, I can try – and it can’t hurt the Weight Loss Challenge goals either.

pict1997.jpgIncidentally, this is how much past the cuff you can advance when you are sitting in a dull workshop.

Fan of The Office? Have you seen this?

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Home Again

I’m back! I was away at ECEBC for the weekend. Largely I found it to be a waste of time and money (again!). Such a shame. The courses did not move beyond the basics or challenge us as caregivers. We did get a whole lot of photocopied colouring sheets (great for the compost), vendors giving away catalogues and posters and a chance to network with other ECCE people. Honestly though, you can do that online for free. You  can’t however work on your Jaywalker socks while surfing the net so….I did get some knitting done during class time. Not a total waste then. 🙂

Our company paid to send our entire staff so we at least did not have to spend any of our own money. My 2 co-workers and I (there are 14 staff overall, but the 3 of us work closely in our 2 programs) had a good time together. Shopping, trying out some new restaurants, staying up late talking. My one co-worker is getting married this August so we were looking through some bridal magazines at ideas for boquets etc. She is so happy and excited, we can’t help but feel the same for her.

The only course that was moderately motivating was Waldorf: Truly Respecting Children. The speaker runs a home daycare for Infants and Toddlers in a mixed age grouping. The environment was beautiful, calm, peaceful and natural. Her yard was wonderful. Just an actual yard – grass, soil, rocks, logs and garden. Ideal. My ideal at any rate. Aside from telling us about her program we didn’t come away with much more of an understanding about Waldorf Education, what it looks like in the day to day operation for children older than 18 months, the benefits etc.

That was frustrating but it may be that they didn’t label/describe her presentation well. It should have been clearer that it was for Infants and Toddlers. The principles of care for that age group really reflected my own values – and essentially were not very different from the High Scope approach, or any true quality care program. The curriculum was caretaking, hinging on authentic relationships between the caretaker and the child/ren. There wasn’t instruction – there was life, living it together. It made me miss working with the little ones. It also has me trying to investigate more about Waldorf — though admittedly some of her answers to questions seemed pretty far out there, especially when it came to books, I don’t think a truly Waldorf philosophy would work for me, but aspects of it may.

I did buy some adorable toys from the Waldorf vendor onsite.

                          pict1991.jpg pict1988.jpg

They were also giving these away – and once we combined them, our program will have a great little set for fort building!

Just before I left I received this in my mail!

2 Skeins of Grape Fizz sock yarn from To Knit Perchance to Dream that are destined to become knee socks! Maybe even these ones.
Given how long it is taking me to reach an FO these days – look for the socks sometime in October!

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WLC – Week 6

Yippee! I am down another 1.6 lbs this week!

So I have lost 13.4 out of my mini goal of 29 lbs.

In 1.1 lbs I will be half way there – in 1.6 lbs I will have lost 15 — will I be able to achieve both this week? I am going to try.

This week I added much more veggies to my diet – grilled zucchini and sweet potato fries were my dinner twice. So…3 pts for a meal? Pretty darned good and totally delicious.

I also tried an online recipe that was fantastic.

Marinate a chicken breast in raspberry vinagrette.
Grill in the BBQ.
Slice and serve over salad. Add mango.
Toss in raspberry vinagrette.

So delicious, fast and super low in pts – I used half a chicken breast for my serving and the whole thing was 3 pts. Yum.

I did make a few reckless choices this week that I am hoping will not show up on the scale next weigh in. To counteract them I am going to try extra hard to eat well this week. Not as easy as it sounds since I am leaving for a conference right after work tomorrow and will be eating out until Sunday. This is going to put my self control to the test!

I haven’t even begun to pack yet but…I know what snacks I am bringing. 🙂
Oh – and I am going to bring at least 3 knitting projects. 1 pair of socks, a dishcloth and some Greensburg squares.
Yeah – I didn’t get as much knitting done during Lost as I expected. Whoa. My head is still swimming. I bet the boards are just humming tonight.

Goodness – please tell me that you know no-one is meant to answer a rhetorical question? They are supposed to make you think – to consider another perspective – to spark conversation – they are not the firing of a starter’s pistol.  They aren’t cowardly either. 😦

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So it was the first Long Weekend of summer (well, not technically – but it always feels like it)

I stuck around home, my cousin finished the hardwood on our stairs – oh, I should take a pic of that…coming soon! We hung out, talked ’til the wee hours, bbq’d, walked, played simultaneous Sudoku {I got her hooked last summer} and watched a lot of movies/tv.

Somebody is learning to walk! Kai started cruising around awhile ago – everytime he is getting a little braver – but it is good to have Mom right there. You never know when you might need an encouraging hug.

                                        pict1982.jpg pict1983.jpg

Some quick movie reviews: Notes on a Scandal – Excellent! Dame Judi Dench is startling and unnerving in this movie. Sadly, the topic is timely – something that has been in the news all too often these days. Might not be the best choice for sensitive viewers.

The Departed: Not sure if I have already reviewed this one here or not…At any rate. I had already seen this but my cousin had not. It is certainly violent, and the language leaves a lot to be desired but…if you can get past these things, it is an excellent film. I love Jack Nicholson, I think he is hilarious and let me tell you, some of his lines in this movie are priceless – of course his delivery makes all the difference. DiCaprio and Matt Damon are great and aside from their love interest, the supporting actors are superb. I have to say though, the rat scurrying across the balcony rail at the end is too cheesy.

Little Children: One of the best films I have seen in a very long time. The voice over narration, and a few sub-plot characters, add a bizarre bit of humour to this story of the complications that arise between people/families in a small neighborhood. Sensitive themes of morality are covered – so again, possibly not a good choice for the faint of heart. It seems clear this story was written by a man – the ending is far too tidy and uncomplicated by emotion to be otherwise — once you see it, I think you will know what I mean.

Oh – did you think I didn’t do any knitting all weekend?


A dear friend came up for the day on Saturday (we went for lunch and then lingered at Starbucks – wonderful!) We got talking about knitting and she asked if I had ever made dishcloths. She mentioned she might like a few someday so…Idipped into the stash, knit her 3 and sent them home with my cousin today. I have one on the needles, and plan to make a few more for her. I love how quickly dishcloths knit up.

I have to get cracking on my Stacy pullover front if I want to wear it to the Fibre Festival…perhaps tonight – ooh and tomorrow night during the Lost season finale – I am so excited for that I can hardly stand it. I hear there is going to be a major shakeup that sets the tone for the whole next season. Yay — although I have also heard that it is not coming back until February – yikes! Long, long time from now.

Oh – and I found the yummiest things at the grocery store. A great big bag of peeled and sliced Sweet Potato Fries – just season them and pop them in the oven. 1 cup for 1 point! They are so delicious, filling and easy-easy-easy.

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Slow Week

Things have been busy – too busy to knit, too busy to read, too busy to blog.
I just spent 2 hrs catching up on everyone else’s blogs. Phew. Now I’m too tired to knit!
Ah well, this is a long weekend right?

I did manage to finish my 1st square for the Greensburg project. Here’s a pic of my wee one doing her best Bono imitation while modeling the square.


And here is the completed square.


I am off to get in a bit of Sudoku before I have a collapse!

 ETA: I am using 2 balls of Knit Picks Simple Stripes at the same time — thanks for that tip Laura.

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Sooooo after 3 days of eating, eating, eating – when I wasn’t necessarily hungry but was in full blown snack mode – I lost .6 lbs   I will gladly take that! I was so sure that I was up like 5 lbs, I dreaded stepping on the scale last night. Phew. The ludicrous amount of excercise I got over the last week really paid off. I will try not to imagine how much I would have lost had I not been snacking like a crazy person!

I was at least snacking on healthy-ish foods. Like Quaker Mini Rice Cakes (cheddar – yum), Strawberry All Bran Squares and the new-to-me Breyers 100 calorie Ice Cream Sandwiches {which I am not going to buy again because I cannot eat just one and that defeats the whole purpose of the low cal choice – I just have to realize that I cannot have Ice Cream sandwiches in the house! Done.}

So – off to a new start this week beginning this morning with a healthy breakfast of Quaker Muffets, Vanilla Soy and Mangoes. Really it is so good.

 And now, a Project Spectrum themed edition of Poetry Thursday. Enjoy.

i have found what you are like

 i have found what you are like
the rain,

(Who feathers frightened fields
with the superior dust-of-sleep. wields

easily the pale club of the wind
and swirled justly souls of flower strike

the air in utterable coolness

deeds of green thrilling light

with thinned
newfragile yellows

lurch and.press

-in the woods





And the coolness of your smile is
stirringofbirds between my arms;but
i should rather than anything
have(almost when hugeness will shut

your kiss

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