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Yarn Pron!

Here is the beautiful, beautiful Midnight Rainbow/Yarn Harlot’s Peacock laceweight from To Knit Perchance to Dream.

The photo really doesn’t do it justice. It is lush.

Annnd my Spring Swap from KTC arrived. A great looking book – historical with dragons! I am looking forward to that – it will be a nice break from all of the serious reading I am doing right now.

She also sent me a fabulous skein of laceweight in a stunning blue, purple and pinky colourway. I cannot wait to get knitting with it – I already have a pattern chosen too. She also made a pretty lace bookmark for all the reading I am about to do – it is really excellent work. So dainty and her stitches are teeny tiny perfection.

Thank you, thank you! Go check out her blog:  http://athenamaria.blogspot.com

Yesterday I bought everything I needed to start a new pond (well…pond might be a bit much – maybe it’s a water feature…).  Some Irises, Fairy Moss, a large container and 4 new outdoor Goldfish! They are so beautiful. I promise the 1st sunny day here I will get a picture of them for you.


From everything I have read about backyard habitats you need to have a water feature or two. I would love if frogs and toads etc. started visiting my garden – not the least because they eat slugs! Last years was much too shallow and the water tended to evaporate very, very quickly – and that is not good for fish at all. Poor things.

I haven’t gone the dug in route because we have a very small back yard and well…we rent. Every now and again I break into a cold sweat worrying about what time of year would be best if we had to move and I needed to bring my plants with me. And would it be awful to come back in the Spring and dig them up? Would I tell them first or just come sneakily stealing my own plants? I know, right? It hasn’t happened for awhile but it is something I consider when planning new acquisitions for the garden.

Here is what happens when you like to squeeze yourself in between your favourite knitter and the back of the couch and then you favourite knitter gets up to make dinner between hockey periods!

By the way: Blogger’s Choice Awards are on — go vote! It is a fun site.


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This week has been insanely busy. I feel like I have not been home more than 20 min. at a time. Actually, that is possible…
So in the interest of not going on forever here is my week in a condensend format.

Wednesday was my WW’s WI and I am very glad to tell you that I lost another 4 lbs!! That brings my total loss to 7.8 lbs of my mini goal of a 30 lb loss by June 30th. I hope that doesn’t sound too ambitious? At any rate…this week I added brisk walking to my schedule. It has made such a difference in my mood and energy level – well combined with a much healthier diet it has. Veggies, I still haven’t had enough of them this week but I am having them daily – which honestly, is a big change from my regular life – sad isn’t it?

Right after WW’s was my Book Club meeting – what a blast. And my good friend served a platter of fresh fruit and yogurt dip in honour of our (there are 2 of us) WW’s goals. Wasn’t that so thoughtful? I appreciated it. The book was only so-so but we had great discussions nonetheless – mostly about books but also a range of topics. This month it is my selection (and depending on whether or not our floors get finished, the meeting may be hosted at our house – maybe it will even be nice enough to meet in the garden).

Yesterday is already a blur I can’t recall…all I know is I still have to watch Grey’s and The Office and Lost from Wednesday – guess I know what I’m doing this weekend!

Today I went into the city with my Mom, returned by my 11 AM meeting (over sushi lunch yum!) took our Kinder group to a African music and dance recital that some of our other kids were performing in — a total delight! So upbeat and energetic – so energetic we had to skip out a bit early so our Kinder boys could jump around without disturbing other guests (sorry I can’t post pics of the kids – it was a pretty great thing to see), then drove about to pick up the rest of our group, bought some trees, planted them, tried to keep the group calm for the half hour left before they were picked up. Yeah – that is a bit like trying to clear an avalanche with a soup spoon. Never – freaking – ending. Finally they were gone, I came home and threw my muddy wet clothes in the wash and now I am in my jammies by 6:30 and plan to cozy in and catch up on my knitting (which hasn’t been done all week! gasp) and tv. Did I mention it has rained all day? Rained? No – poured. Our windshield wipers could not keep up and the trees we were planting? the holes we had dug were filled with water – won’t have to water them for awhile.

I will leave you with some pics from last weekend. Two of my cousins were visiting and we had a bonfire.

                              pict1948.jpg                               pict1945.jpg


Yep. Kira has no fear of embers, sparks or smoke as you can see.

This is the Stacy Pullover Sunday night. Look for another pic soon!
Thanks for getting this far in the post!! 😀

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Lolly asked if we are planning our gardens yet…well, Yes. I am a little behind in starting my seeds indoors but given the rule of thumb for gardener’s on BC’s West Coast not to transplant until the Victoria Day long weekend that gives me 4 weeks to grow indoors. That should give the seedlings enough of a start to be moved into the greenhouse (which is tiny) or into the ground with some sort of plastic covering to speed them along.

Here is a mix of things that are already growing

                 pict1931.jpg           cukes.jpg           pict1940.jpg

and things I plan to grow.

           pict1938.jpg       pict1934.jpg       pict1936.jpg

Don’t those carrots look wild?  I am determined to grow more veggies – they just taste so much better right out of the garden – and this way I KNOW they are organic. I hope it will also encourage me to eat more fresh veggies. I think the herbs may be a fun addition to cooking this summer, and will hopefully lead me to try out some new recipes.

I also have a number of flower seeds whose packages don’t include photo’s but will be vibrant yellow – orange blooms. It should be bright in the garden this year.


This is the fabulous book I bought 3 years ago. It is my Gardening Bible. It has excellent tips, reminders and growing calendars. It also has pages to let you sketch your garden plots, make notes etc.  I might just be lost without this gem.

What are you doing in your garden?

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What a week this has been. The post that follows is a mish-mash of things – a bit of an indicator of my headspace today.

Despite the pattern, I am making headway on my Stacy Pullover. You know, I really love the items in this book – but this is the 5th time I have encountered a pretty big pattern issue that is not listed among the Errata on the website….and this book has been out for over a year now. Anyways. I muddled through it and it seems to be working so…I hope I don’t encounter any other complications further on, since I am not too secure with my ability to ‘figure’ out anything to do with sleeves or necklines!

I am making a summmer friendly version as the yarn I am using is thinner than called for. The stitch pattern is still showing – this was the only thing I was really worried about with the gauge change. 

In other news – Laura from Sugar Bunny Boulevard has started a Weight Loss Challenge group. Too fabulous! And judging from how badly I ate yesterday…much needed extra support.

My weigh in went well on Weds. night. I lost 3.8 lbs. Now why can’t I be happy with that? Why was I disappointed and down on myself? My friend thinks it could be from watching the Biggest Loser – that I am anticipating 5-8 lb losses at each weigh in. She could be right about that. In the meantime, I am struggling to regain my equilibrium and not eat like a fool because I am disappointed. And really – as if there aren’t going to be weigh ins of lesser signifigance in the weeks/months to come as I have a large amount of weight to lose. Perspective people. I lack perspective.

I was hoping to bring you some Yarn Pron but…the mails have failed me and I have nothing to show you today.  😦

10 PM –ETA: I was planning on adding a photo of my progress on the Stacy Pullover but…having frogged not once, not twice, but 5 stinking times – I decided to rip back to the beginning of the Honeycomb Pattern. I am going to try again. Really try.  I’ll fill you in tomorrow.

 And just cause how boring is this without any pics…
Kira treed the Squirrel folks!

A Meme – just ’cause it has been so long…taken from Tales from a Self-Taught Knitter.

Three Things That Scare Me:

-an earthquake – since I live on The faultline and they are always warning us about the Big One
-losing a loved one — including Kira of course!

Three People Who Make Me Laugh:


Three Things I Love:

-chocolate — and lots of it!

Three Things I Hate:


 Three Things I Don’t Understand:

-people who go to Starbucks and then smoke while they drink a $5 coffee
-Math and it’s many disguises
-the space/time continuum — or — why Jack believes The Others when the only thing we really know about them is that they LIE                            

Three Things On My Desk:

-digital camera
-oodles of sock yarn
-Kira’s collar

Three Things I’m Doing Right Now:

-blog entry
-freaking out (don’t ask me – having a day full of anxiety for no known reason)
-willing myself not to eat my way blindly through this anxiety

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

-get married
-have children
-work at a ‘fun’ job — book/yarn/coffee house kind of place

Three Things I Can Do:

-overhear bizarre conversations in public — the ones no one else seems to be paying attention to
-accumulate junk
-heal plants that appear past all hope

Three Things I Can’t Do:

-sweep very well – I hate sweeping!
-keep secrets

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To:

-your oldest friends
-your heart

Three Things You Should Never Listen To:

-your critical inner voice
-liars — yep, there they are again
-gossip — you know, unless it is juicy…

Three Things I’d Like To Learn:

-the tango
-why shows like the Bachelor or What About Brian continue to air while gems like The Nine or Arrested Development are cancelled?!

Three Favorite Foods:

-didn’t we already cover this under things I Love? Chocolate
-Green Grapes
-Thai — Vietnamese — Chinese — heck, Asian food

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid:

-The Monkees
-The Brady Bunch
-Family Ties

Three Things I Regret:

-thinking I was fat when I really wasn’t
-wasting money
-torturing my hair when I was a teen

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New Project

Here is my new Project Spectrum 2 Project…

I bought this yarn on E-Bay and I am loving how soft it is. It is a German blend, Dafne(made in Italy?) : 75% wool    10% Alapaca    5% Silk     10% Acrylic

So soft. And should be warm. I plan on making short sleeves for the top and a slightly longer hemline. It seems to be working up quickly so far. Which I really like. This is one of my first ever pink knitting projects. It’s a brownish-grey sort of pink that I quite like.

Do you have any new projects started or planned for PS2?

Speaking of PS2 – here is my yarn, dried, wound and ready to go.

The scarlet – which was meant to be pink – looks more orange than anything. I like it more now that it is wound – we’ll see how it looks when it is knit. I can’t wait to see if the math worked out for the stripes…you know what they say about math…5 out of 4 people have trouble with fractions.

Actually – just a few weeks ago I was talking to a co-worker and I said I was about 4/8ths complete….luckily the pause between sentences was blink of an eye short and I said or, you know….halfway. Where on earth did that fraction come from??

 ETA: A few people were asking what I used to dye the yarn. I used Tintex Fabric Dye. I bought it at a Dollar Store for $1.29 a box and used a miniscule amount of each colour. I had Scarlet Red, Forest Green and Brilliant Yellow.

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I think my favourite part of Project Spectrum 2 is how far outside my comfort zone it is pushing me. During the last colour segment I tried my hand at dyeing some self striping yarn. It didn’t work out the way I had expected – but I still like it.

This time I used Eunny’s Tutorial on Self Striping yarn (thank you Susie!) and let me tell you…it was a LOT of work. Since I knew I was going to use this technique I had already done the knitting and measuring bit and now had only to wind the yarn into humongous lengths. What a nightmare. The KnitPicks Bare I was using was so tangled it took me nearly 2 hrs to untangle it. I am not a patient person – I HATE details. So getting bogged down in untangling this wool – I had to take a LOT of deep breaths.
Wound Up!
Finally I could measure off the sections for each colour. I wanted to do 4 stripes of pink, 3 of green and 2 of yellow. During the dyeing process I devised a new way to colour all the wool at once. Ziploc Baggies! So simple. And Clean!
Ziploc Dyeing

I rinsed the wool – my sizzling fingers. Squeezed it out and now it is resting in the yard, drying in the open air.


I don’t know how I feel about the colours yet. We’ll see. I have found that this wool takes an average of 2-3 days to dry completely – if the sun would cooperate I am sure it would be faster. As soon as it is dry I plan on using it (unless I decide to over-dye it) and I will post a pic right away.

In other news – I sent off everyone’s prize packages yesterday, along with a few other belated gifties! I finished another book (I know! This is like my pre-knitting days.) and watched Bobby. I really enjoyed this movie. I do not know alot about Bobby Kennedy, but if he was half the man he presented in his speeches what a loss. The movie left me wondering how different the course of American history (and really world history) would have been were it not for the murders of Dr. King and Senator Kennedy. A thought provoking film that would have benefitted by leaving Ashton Kutcher in the audience!

I leave you with some pics of Kira. She has been digging under the dishwasher, growling and whining – apparently a cat kibble got beneath there and it is driving her nutso!


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Better late than never, right?
Here is my stunningly gorgeous sock yarn from To Knit Perchance to Dream. Irises Colourway. Don’t you love it? So perfectly Spring.
I also ordered some of the Midnight Rainbow you see at her site – it should be here any day now.

And here is my first ever Lorna’s Laces – in Sundae – that I purchased over at DeStash.

Lorna’s Laces

What I am most looking forward to is knowing exactly how much yarn I have to work with for the 2nd sock.

Here is a picture of Kai. Just ’cause.

Kai Kai

Overheard at Work

5 yr old girl: “I don’t drink coffee. I drink tea. Every morning before school I have some Gerbil Green Tea. It’s so good. I love Gerbil Green Tea.”    

10 yr old boy on playground: “Those kids seem to have a lot of, I guess you would call it ‘imagination’.”  Referring to my group of boys playing a space/war game together. “I don’t think imagination is any good. You just waste your time. Staring at the sky and seeing things that aren’t there.”     Yikes hey?

7 yr old girl: “We have an offer on our house. It was only listed for 10 hrs. and it was sold. But there are other interested parties so there could be a bidding war.”    Seriously!

6 yr old boy joining in a conversation about the pet food recall: “I-I-I saw that guy. I-I-I was at the factory that night, hiding under a table, aaaaand he didn’t see me. He had a whole cup of poison. Aaaand I saw it. A-a-a-a cupful. Right before he poured it in. Tha-a-at bad guy. Mustache. Glasses.  …. I would know him anywhere.”

I’m telling you – you couldn’t make this stuff up! “Mustache. Glasses.” I have been laughing over that all week. If you have read this category before – it’s the same guy that talks about the Kinder Bully with the High School Math homework. He has a tell that he needs to shake before he starts to play poker – he stutters when he lies! But he is so inventive.

Lastly, here is a pic of Mulder checking out the new green in the garden.


Thank you for all your support re: WW’s. The 1st weigh in was a loo-loo! I knew it was high, but apparently our scale is off by 8 lbs.    8 lbs. people!!

The thing I most like about WW’s is that it is not a diet per se. It’s portion control. And boy, oh boy have I become clueless about what constitutes a serving of food. But yeah – if it was a diet I would not be doing well – I don’t manage when I am told “no”. Bit of a toddler thing with me and that word/idea.

Thanks again!

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