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Wash it away!

I’m into dishclothes again. I just stopped into our LYS for cotton to match the pink I had and…picked this up instead.

This is the 1st time I am doing a 2-tone Ballband cloth. I love this pattern. It is so simple but looks so tidy and neat.

In other news: Majeeks was in a fight Wednesday night. He got away with just a scratch below his right eye. By Thursday night his little face was a mess. Infection had set in and his nose had doubled in size and his eye was nearly swollen shut.

Having paid hefty vet fees in the past (and since it was nearly midnight) I thought I would just look online to see what sort of natural solution we might have on hand.

I found this site and we started treatment right away. Friday morning we thought he looked a little better. 3 applications later, he was completely himself! Unbelievable. I am still washing his scratch with ACV and warm water until all trace of the scratch is gone. We may well have saved ourselves $300 (or more) and a longer recovery time.


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Alive & Kicking

It has certainly been awhile since my last post – sorry about that!

Work has been really busy. When I am home there has been a lot of what you see to the left and some knitting on the baby blanket – which I forgot in my office last night so…no update pic right now.

I’m going to try and get in a decent post this weekend.

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Knitting right along

Look at my baby modeling the blankie. Awwwwww. The little ham.Since I suddenly know 3 new babies, 5 pregnant people, and 2 people planning to be pregnant, I think this could be a knit I repeat! Perfect for baby’s naps – or walks in a stroller to keep the chill off. Great stashbuster too.

Special Note: My trial with the No-poo is just that – a trial. It seems to be working right now so I will keep it up. BUT if my hair goes greasy or smelly (like some reported in their trial) I will use shampoo! Trust me. I am just aiming to reduce chemicals in my life – not eradicate them totally.

Tonight I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse after the Baking Soda wash. My hair feels really soft and it dried with body.

You can see it is a little frizzy – I am going for a trim/cut on Wednesday ’cause I have some dead ends. If the frizz doesn’t decrease after that I will try something new.

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Time to Change

Stop washing your hair with shampoo!!

I read about this seeming radical change in personal grooming from Haley Alaska – just one of the tips I’ve gleaned there. Can such a small change lead to larger changes? Attempting to go shampoo free is one of many little choices I try to make to lessen the amount of chemicals in my body and home. So far I am 5 days in and my hair is actually curlier and much easier to manage. I am hoping this continues to be true. It feels good to do something relatively healthy for myself – if I can just stop hitting drive-thru’s again! My non-existent waist would thank me!

Now I am going to leap from this little change to global change – I know what you’re thinking: Did I just stumble upon a socio-political blog? It’s called Knittnfool but…?

I just finished watching An Inconvenient Truth. Talk about food for thought – I have some personal reviewing to do in the next little while. If you haven’t seen this film you really should. Its simplicity and clarity are remarkable. I found it upsetting during the film that there seemed to be no suggestions to combat global warming – wait for it. The closing credits are brilliant. And effectively motivating.

IN OTHER NEWS: I also watched The Illusionist today. (“Illusions, Dad. You don’t have time for my Illusions.”) Beautiful film. Annnnd I watched the orignial debut movie for Trailer Park Boys (who knew they were pet assassins?!) & the Conky episode {my 3rd favourite – the carts episode where Ricky keeps falling down the hill? and the gasbar where he falls with the patch on? Deadly funny. This glut of viewership let me knit about 4″ of the baby blanket while I nursed my fever and sore throat.

It also let Kira do this:

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Oh Baby Oh

Look how big already! Where does the time go?

My cousin and Aunt stopped in this morning with 2 of the little ones in tow. Kai is such a happy baby. Each day that goes by he looks more and more like his father.

Shae-by loves Kai sooo much! She cannot stop talking to him, playing with him, dancing(read: hovering while bouncing) in front of him and she always, always reads to him. Cousins. Too precious.

In yet more baby related news: I
cast on for my friends baby
blanket today. Her shower
is on Saturday, what do you
think?What’s that? Yeah.
No chance this is making the party!

Actually when I found out that Kai is soon moving for up to 18 months, I started thinking he might have to take this blankie and I will buy a baby gift for the shower.

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Where the Wild Things Are

So, we are known to be a little soft when it comes to animals around this house. I regularly purchase seeds and nuts for the wild life that are rapidly losing habitat – even though that’s on the strata no-no list, shhhh.

We are rewarded by frequent visits by birds, squirrels, raccoons, frogs, bees & yellowjackets and bats. Great for the garden and for our love of creatures. Taunting for our house pets who aren’t keen on sharing their space (read KIRA).

On Sunday we were visited by a particularly pushy squirrel. (Incidentally I think it is the one who has been visiting for 2 years – but what do I know?) I have a planter on our fence that I use to hide nuts in during Fall & Winter, the squirrel emptied the planter 2x and he was fighting Stellar Jays the whole time. Kira was hyper alert and straining every muscle in her tiny, quivering body.

No lie.
On his hind legs.
Looking in the window.
Hitting the glass with his paws.

I tried really hard to get a pic of that – and of the window peeking – but it was pretty hard to control Kira and get a non Sasquatch-shot of the jumpy squirrel at the same time. The best I could get was one of him on his hind legs checking for Jays before burying a nut under my lion next to the Lavender.

Oh – and you have got to go here to watch this video. You really have to.

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FO’s Buddy!

The day I thought would never
arrive! SS Socky III is complete!

They are pretty comfy too.
I have to make some notes about
what needs changed for the next

I am going to be attempting a blend of 3 patterns for my next socks – MADNESS is it not?

I was thinking of casting on tonight but…that is starting to seem truly foolish.

And here you can see that I also
finished the Kureyon Seed
Stitch mitts! They are snug
babies. I am not sure what
was up with that pattern – then again I don’t ever check my gauge so…

I had started a seed stitch scarf as well but the Kureyon knits up too sturdily. It was like a flap of fabric with no give at all. Not a pleasant thing to have draped about your neck let me tell ya!

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