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10 Knittery Things About Me

1. I knit ‘backwards’ according to my Mom
2. I never stick to a pattern
3. I frequently forget simple things like ribbing: once you get to the next row do you begin with a purl or a knit?
4. I have only once used the recommended yarn for a pattern – it seems to be working out just fine
5. I have begun more projects than I can count
6. I knit slooooowly
7. I don’t like to share my yarn
8. I like buying yarn for other people
9. I have never made anything lacey
10. I think most Fair Isle is just ugly


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September Garden

Seem to have picked up a touch of the flu – and like all illnesses it came with a cough. I had pneumonia like 5 yrs ago and ever since then I develop coughs by looking sideways and inhaling. Well it feels like I do.

The day home from work let me see my garden on a cool fall morning. Normally I wouldn’t get to see this – I am either there at 7 AM or after 6 PM.

It was so nice to listen to the birds chirping and singing while they ate or waited to eat. This little one is my favourite.

Our cats seem to think we have set up a buffet for them. We lost a bird today. I hate that. I know it is instinctual but I wish it didn’t happen.

These are a work free addition to any garden – though they may be getting a little thirsty…

Here is delightful burst of autumn colour. Engelman’s Ivy. Isn’t it stunning?

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Bloodied from the Battle

Here is how I am progressing with my weapon.

Not 100% pleased with the end product but…. it is war, and war is not pretty.

I will likely make myself a knee sock version so I have to remember to jot down some notes on areas I would like to change.

I am feeling like I have won another battle altogether. For some reason unknown to man (or woman), our computer suddenly became incapable of sound yesterday. I didn’t realize it was a larger problem than my favourite game being muted UNTIL another blogger piqued a desire to hear Depeche Mode. Like now.

Not only would DM not play, I couldn’t open any sound files and when I tried to access our audio software I was informed we didn’t have any. At all. I had just assumed my sister had muted the audio. Wrong.

So after some frustrating troubleshooting instructions that were fruitless and waiting out some downloads and updates, I rebooted and lo and behold. That dragon was slain.

Fittingly Nothing’s Impossible is playing as I write this!

THIS JUST IN: This was my 100th POST!!

My blog is growing up, sniff, sniff, grin!

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It’s a boy!

Luc David Brubacher was born at 3:06 AM, Sunday, September 24th.
He weighs 7 lbs 9 oz and is 20″ long.

Mom and baby are both healthy and happy!
btw: Mom had nightmares until her water broke after Hotel Rwanda – I told ya so!

In other news, Kira and I made the long trek into IKEA today. How long was the trek?

In human time? 2.5 hrs

Before we hit IKEA we went to visit my cousin Richard. Kira was delighted to see him. I am always amazed by her memory capacity. We were about 3 blocks from my Aunt’s place and she started perking up. 1 block and she was whining and pawing at the window. Their block and she could hardly contain herself. The last time she was there with me was over 5 months ago.

This is her 10 minutes out from our own house after we met Luc at the hospital. (really it was not ‘we’, it was me – no dogs in the hospital)

She was groggy until I said “We’re going to see Old Lady soon.” I snapped this pic right after – try and tell me she is not smiling!

PS: Old Lady began as a joke since my Mom didn’t like to be referred to as a dog’s grandmother. Kira took to the nickname right away and now we use it all the time. It is not as disrespectful as it sounds. wink wink

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An Imminent Arrival…and Departure

My friend is in labour! How exciting!
We had been joking about risk of the GA Premiere kickstarting labour but she made it through. (She had another friend taping it at their place just in case – damned Thursday night overstacked tv schedules! Her vcr was already taping – why don’t we have TIVO?)

Last night she rented a show and I went over after work.
Her pick: Hotel Rwanda.
My immediate reaction: “You want this baby to come by tomorrow, don’t you?”

She went into labour early this morning and the baby should be here by the time I wake up tomorrow. That is wonderful. Pics will, of course, follow.

Now –
Sock of Doom news. I love this pattern – could it be any easier? I have a minor concern that the sock will be loose on my target – that would really suck. When I was at the forum though my results matched others posted so…the sock will go on. I can totally see myself making more of these socks. That is how easy this pattern is. And so, so much faster than SS Socky III – no disrespect but he is one time/labour intensive project.

I predict that the Sock of Doom will not be here long…

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We are on the home stretch people!
By the time this posts it will be one sleep ’til Grey’s is back and I am so, so close to having my first ever pair of handmade-by-me socks.

SS Socky III nearly has his mate! I am excited for him. It ‘s kinda funny that their stripes even might be working out the same on the foot…funny strange that is.

So far we are only at Episode 9 of Season 2, ummmm not looking like our marathon will be done in time for premiere night. Wow though – these episodes are so intense to watch in such a back to back fashion. I am not sure if my Mom is going to be able to take much more. She already told me that she is not going to watch the epsiodes dealing with George and Meredith and you-know – all that. AND the first time around she didn’t watch the episodes with Denny and
Man I don’t even want to write it.

Tonight we started with the train episode. You know the one with that charming young woman and gentleman pinned together by a steel rod? Yeah. That one broke my heart and I was not even emotionally invested in her. Anyways that made me think about how sad I will be to see Denny

to lose Denny again. (euphimisms do help me)

Not too sure if I can do it.

I know the last 2 episodes are on tomorrow night. Careful with your hearts if you choose to watch – we still have the aftermath to get through.

Thank goodness for the distraction of Meredith’s panties on the bulletin board!

Do you think it is Addy? Who else would put them up there?
Seriously. You would have to be some angry to do something that cruel and humiliating – who else cares that much?

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Fans Like Us

People if you love Grey’s get yourselves over here today:


What a brilliant idea. My mom and I just started our own Grey’s Marathon yesterday. I totally splurged and got Seasons 1 & 2. It is just as good this time around let me tell you.Now I can buy myself some yummy grey yarn…No. I am trying so hard to be good. I nearly ordered a LOT of Tilli Tomas this morning but I stopped myself. My stash is getting out of control and since I am such a slow knitter it could be distressing to see any more yarn just resting in a wicker chest.

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