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"She Fee-zy…"

My poor baby. I had her hair cut this week.
It had been so hot and she was just panting and laying on the floor for days and days.
She was shorn on Thursday – she feels so silky soft.

Friday morning the weather changed.
We have gone from 35 C to 12 C.
Poor Kira was shivering this evening.
She had to wear a sweater and snuggle up on my lap.

She is wearing a cabled sweater that we bought at a garage sale for $1.
$1!! Imagine the work that went into that baby. We bought 2 sweaters at that sale.
Both cabled, both handmade, both for $1.
A knitter somewhere is going unappreciated in that family.

The remarkable thing is how perfectly the sweaters fit Kira. I think the colour looks lovely with her golden-y white hair too. But I am a little partial.

The title qoute is from a child, who in my 12 or more year career working with children, was the most difficult child to put to sleep EVER! In the history of childcare I am sure.
We would all begin to unclench our jaws when she would look up and say “Me fee-zy…” (me freezing). This meant she was tired. We could lay the blanket on her and in less than 5 minutes she would be asleep. As if the 45-1 hr previous had never happened. This would leave about 20 minutes before the rest of the group would wake up. Ahhhh. Daycare.

Ever since then whenever anyone is cold myself, a cousin co-worker and a few close friends use the “me fee-zy” shorthand we have become so fond of.

I am so loving this pattern! The fleece is outrageously soft.
I have 1 1/2 dishcloths done.
Maybe I just need to stick to tiny projects…
I am feeling such a sense of accomplishment.

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Fleecey Goodness

Mmmm. This yarn is so soft! I cannot
wait to try it out washing some dishes.

The cotton fleece was a gift from my
lovely S8Pal. It is blue and oh so

My mother made the diamond dishcloth and I have begun a dishcloth from the Mason Dixon book. {Despite my Kool Aid dyed socks I really hate multicoloured projects – so I have opted to make the dishcloth in blue only.} I seriously like these dishclothes. But when I was a teenager my Mom had a friend
who crocheted us a batch of
dishclothes and I hated them.
I thought it was disgusting to use them. Go figure!

Now I want everything to be handmade – handmade by me is even better.
I am half done Absorba the Great. I should have 3 dishclothes by Weds. and I have been looking at those linen hand towels in MDK…I haven’t yet knit with linen…

Oooh. I learned something new today: YF & YB. I had my Mom explain it to me but she thought it meant YO. The pattern was not working out at all when I did it her way. SO I was able to figure out that YF & YB are just ways to wrap around a slipped stitch to carry it multiple rows. That was a fun little moment.

I am trying desperately to keep myself away from KnitPicks, KPixie & E-Bay. Lately I have gone utterly overboard ordering knitting and sewing patterns online. Mon dieu! Will I never learn?

Also I had to buy a Skein of gorgeous wool for the One Skein Exchange and I just happened to buy about 12 balls of Ecowool @ $2 per ball. Curse my LYS! They have the sale section outside at the door and to the immediate left of their doorway. So you have no choice but to see the wares marked to clear.

Nearly time to get to work on my OSE gift. Perhaps next post.

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Are you Knitter enough?

Check out this fall challenge: Sock Wars 2006


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This is what I did to my leg before I even got in the Van to go to work this morning.
Lovely isn’t it?

The infliction of my injuries are always so mundane. I wasn’t rock climbing, or mountain biking, dirt biking, hiking or roller blading – all things I do WITHOUT bodily harm.

( FACT: I have broken my ankle while running along a paved sidewalk and – here’s the doozy – while climbing a set of stairs. Same ankle, not properly healed.)

Nope. I was just stepping out of my car with an armful of things I needed to take to work and not looking towards the ground. I completely forgot that there are a stack of brick/stepping stones (that I snagged for my garden for mosaic-ing from a reno project) leaning against the post beside the car.

I also forgot that two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Not without dreadful scrapes they can’t.

(The puffy ankle is unrelated to the scrape – but closely linked to the heat! Aaaand, it’s the twice broken one.)

Oh and tell me this: How did picking up a stitch that only ‘fell’ 4 rows take nearly 30 minutes tonight? Those miniscule sock needles….

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Process or Progress?

I do have a tendency to repeat things. Attachments to unavailable men. Jobs where I have to fight to invent the wheel. Diet and excercise regimes. I waffle between a determination NOT to gossip or complain and a natural inclination to do both frequently.

I fear I am easily influenced into doing exactly what I most want to do at the moment. Whether that be to forget about my long term health and have a Chocolate Extreme Blizzard or to abandon my Laura Tee and take up Socky after reading a sock heavy blog.

I spent the weekend in agonizing introspection, futilely trying to ignore the heatwave, and hard at work on Socky. I feel quite proud of Socky – but…I cannot actually see myself wearing this gharish thing. Those Kool-Aid colours. Interesting to work with but seriously what will they look good with?!

I read the pattern and was delighted to find out that ‘turning the heel’ is nothing but short row knitting. What the?! All that fuss for such a simple thing? I was sure it couldn’t be that easy. Everyone was so certain that I would hate the process and I found it nearly painless. In fact I liked it a lot better than making that damned endless cuff!

{I realize that Socky looks quite narrow through the heel – but it is because the stitches are all squished together otherwise the needles stuck up at insane angles and Socky looked like he wanted to head into orbit.}

So at long last I get to my point. I spent nearly 2 days of free time working on Socky and he is not done. And he will need a twin. So this knitting thing I can’t stop, must be about the process and not necessarily the progress. For me. Since clearly I take an awfully long time to get anywhere.

My intro to repetition? I was going to whine about my inability to knit quickly and compare myself to prolific knitters. Again. But I have decided that I value my time sitting and contemplating life in general and my own imparticular.

It’s all about the process baby!

You can see my evil influence hard at work on my dear cousin Mandy.
Now she can’t stop with the Sudoku either.

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Ok – apparently it is only 96.8 degrees here.
Boy does it feel worse than that. Maybe because it is typically 82 degrees when we think it is hot out.
Sheesh – and tomorrow they are predicting 100.4 degrees.
How will I make it?
Will I be able to knit??

Today I took the kids to Bowen Island. We had the best time. Until we left the seashore.
God it was unbearable. Those poor little people. They were just sweating. They devoured a watermelon in minutes! I did get them to drink enormous amounts of water. I just hope that they were sunscreened enough. I know I have some pink spots myself.
I did get a little knitting done on Laura’s L sleeve. Not much. But more than I have had time for this past week.

Maybe I will work on my socks tonight. That way I won’t have any yarn/hemp draped over me.
Maybe I will go watch a movie in the air conditioned darkness…Decisions, decisions.

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Proof Positive

Ha! Mom found a pic of me knitting when I was a little girl.
Here it is.
Not entirely sure what I am making – most likely a scarf or a blanket (for Barbie. I was ambitious but reasonable – at least then I was!)

Check out our groovy ’70’s decor!
Ahhh the memories.

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