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Laura Tee

Here is my Laura Tee. I am about to place stitches on a holder for the left sleeve.
This is a lovely top to knit. It is the first time I am using hemp.
I think I like it. At first I was uncomfortable with the rough, stringy feel of it but after it has been worked just a little it feels quite soft and it holds its shape very well.
In fact in a moment of near panic I realized that I had absentmindedly continued to purl a row with a double pointed needle.
Uh a-yeah. So the stitches were just slipping off the other end of the needle. BUT the brilliant thing was that they did not shift or stretch or pull and I just slid the proper needle into them without disturbing the integrity of the stitches. Then I breathed again.
This tee also seems to be working up quickly. This is how much I have done after 3 or4 hours. Which is really quite a lot for me. I usually take months on end to complete something – and not always because I am neglecting it!
I had thought I would do more but my training was so riveting that I forgot all about my knitting for a day and a half.
Our instructor is more a dear friend and a mentor then a guest speaker. Oh and does she have personality!!
BTW I am using Lanaknits allhemp3 in Eggplant from Kpixie. So, so, so reasonably priced and a lucious shade. Oh and did I mention the rapid shipping? Yep. Muy Rapido!

As an aside: Because I had my book with me in class many people checked it out and had comments. Quite a few took offense to the fact that the accessory with the gorgeous model is a piece of cake. “What are they saying, Big Girls are fat and just to remind you of how they got that way, here’s a piece of cake?” is what my friend raved. It is the only pic of food in the whole book but it also seems to have nothing to add to the pic. I can’t guess why cake, but it was an interesting barometer in our classroom.

Oh one other funny/huh? comment from a co-worker (who is not my friend! ha ha). Upon looking at the photo of the Tee says “I guess you are much better knitter than you used to be.”
What the? It is not like she knits herself or something like that. I am not entirely sure what she meant but, whatever. I guess I am a better knitter than I used to be, ’cause I would like to think I am making progress!

Oooh. And did you notice the lovely beaded stitch marker? You should check out Shelby’s store. She has beautiful stuff.


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Wow. What a fabulous event!
I don’t think I can even put into words what a great time I had last night.
My co-workers and I, from Managers to assistants, took part in the 12 hour
Relay for Life.
It was beautiful. There was such a fun, family atmosphere. This is a fairly small
town still so I knew a lot of the other participants.There were a lot of our
families from the Preschool there. Tons of local businesses and their employees.

It was very well organized. Everything was a pleasure. Well, with the exception of some
crazed aerobics instructor whose mike was waaaay too loud at 5:18 AM. She shouted me
out of a dead sleep and into a panic in about 3 seconds! I thought it was closing ceremonies
and I leapt up and started packing up my bed. I didn’t need to be on the track until 6!
We did have a lot of laughs at her expense though, so there’s that.

In the photos you can see 2 of our team mates taking part in the Survivor Lap.

Our Team Captain and her little girl. The tiniest Hula Dancer. She had a coconut bra too, but she wouldn’t keep it on. Total toddler!

I tried to take a picture during the Lap of Silence. It was such a moving sight. Hundreds of people walking in total silence through the dark with candles to honour all those who have bravely fought against cancer.

There too you can see half of our team. We clearly had a Hawaiian theme. Next year we are going to be Runaway Brides! Isn’t that great? I cannot wait to find the perfect gaudy wedding dress. It is going to be a riot. The idea began as a Grad ceremony and from ball gowns we naturally thought of wedding gowns. It is going to be great fun.

The Relay for Life is certainly going to be an annual event for me. One that I am honoured to participate in.

Last nights event raised $92,400.10 for Cancer Research!!

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Today was our last day of Preschool. We had a picnic at the Lake with all of our families. The weather could not have been more perfect. Everyone had the best time.
I just had to include some pics here.
This duck was right by the waterline and was not afraid of me at all – I did not use a zoom to get that picture. So tame. It did however have the good sense to try and avoid the children as you can see in one of the other pics!
Most of these children will be going to Kindergarten in the Fall so they won’t be with us again after two years in the Preschool. Fortunately we will still be sort of in touch since not a few have younger siblings who will attend. But still…
One of the little boys had been away for two weeks and everyone was hoping he would make it to the picnic. You can see how happy his friends were to see him. One even jumped into his arms! Too precious. By the time the camera was ready he was starting to slide off but I did get the joy on the returning boys face!
You see those 3 boys in the Lake? One of them is only wearing a jacket! He and his 2 yr old brother were both running about in their coats and nothing else since they had gone all the way into the water in their clothing! The cheeky monkeys. It would have been the cutest picture ever – the 2 yr old was sitting at a picnic table eating a cupcake with his coat on and his little tush showing – but I thought I would allow the child some dignity.
I also finally remembered to post a pic of Kai wearing his hat. It nearly fit him perfectly. Right about next week it will be an ideal size for him. Right about when the heat is supposed to skyrocket from 14 degrees to 27! We are going to be in shock if it actually is sunny AND warm. In June? Will wonders never cease?
Also I was able to start the bathmat today. It is working up quite quickly – and that is just the kind of knit I need to be doing right now. Kira keeps tangling in my yarn so I thought I might as well include her in the bathmat pic.
Well – I think it is about time that I headed off to bed. I am already up way too late as it is.

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2nd Mary Jane

On my way back from the dentist today I was able to finish the knitting of Mary Jane #2.

Tomorrow night I will learn how to crochet on knitting and then I can do the finishing.

Perhaps I will finish in time to post a pic Friday night BEFORE the Relay for Life.

I am thinking I might just start that Log Cabin Bathmat next week while I am in training. That way I won’t have to keep referring to a pattern – or having to wait until after class to fully concentrate on the next part of a pattern.

Of course I could always work on Socky. Lord knows he’s taking long enough. And that pattern definitely repeats itself. Again and again and again and ag…..

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Here are 3 of the patterns I would really love to make from my new books. Of course given the fact that I cannot finish one sock these days…
I am heading into 3 days of training next week from 9-4 each day so I am thinking that should give me some valuable knitting time!
But the strangest thing – I seem to have really injured my elbow. I have been complaining of it aching since Sunday but tonight I noticed that it was swollen. And then I looked at it and it was REALLY swollen. I have no idea what I have done or how it could be but I have actually hurt my elbow. Strange. Very strange.
So in between work and the dentist tomorrow I have to try and see a doctor. I might just head to my chiropractor first and see if she can do something for me.
In the meanwhile…I will coontinue to drool over my new books while I knit in my mind. I am starting to think that may be my favourite part of knitting!

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It was lovely in the garden this evening.
My peonies have bloomed for the first time ever.
They are 4 years old this season. I love how huge the blooms are and they are so vibrant.
The shot of the Canterbury Bells is taken from my seat at the patio table where I peek between the plum tree and the Engelman’s Ivy – which is going wild this year. You can just see the first rose of the summer behind the Bells too. Sadly those roses have no fragrance. Why I ever planted an unscented rose I am not sure, but it is a prolific bloomer with flowers well into the late Fall.
All plans to grow veggies seems to have gone by the wayside. Though I do have heads of lettuce tucked away behind the Sedum – mostly slug fare! I used to scoff at gardens full of flowers and now I find I neglect my veggies terribly and baby my flowers and shrubs.
It is great to spend some time unwinding in my green space – whether the veggies are holey and nibbled to the stem or not (mostly they are!).
Oooh and I forgot – you can see one of my Lion’s that stands on either side of the path between the lavender. The detail on those Lions amazes me. I ordered them from E-Bay as they were so Aslan-ish, they have a real presence in the garden though they are comparatively small.
In knitting news – My KnitPicks order came today! Lots of little gifties for my Secret Pal – such fun! And 3 new Knitting books for me.
I may highlight some of my favourite patterns here tomorrow.
For now I will dream of adding new flower beds to my yard…

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Today was our ‘Kids Party’. A family tradition that we celebrated for the first time for the next generation of children. Each summer our parents used to hold a party for us grandchildren/cousins (there were 10 of us). We would have gifts from everyone and run around and eat huge dinners. It was totally overwhelming, loud, busy and fun! Some of our favourite times happened at these Kid Parties.
As we aged our youngest cousin sort of got ripped off – I was 15 and he was 1 (I am the oldest grandchild) so you can pretty much guess that by the time he was old enough to enjoy these parties we were all out of school and working etc. So for the last 10 or so years we haven’t had Kids Parties since there were no kids.
Seth is 4 now and living here, close to all of us (he used to live 11 hrs along a treacherous highway from us) and his sister is 2. He saw pictures of our parties at his Grandma’s and asked when he would be a kid.
Needless to say, we had our first party today!
It was so fun and a little strange to be the one giving gifts to the little ones. It was quite a multi-purpose occasion.
Richard (the youngest cousin) just graduated from High School, his sister Andrea just had Kai and Shelby is getting married in 12 days. We had gifts for all of them.
And wonder of all wonders my dog did not fight with either of the dogs who live there! That is a first, a welcome first.
We had a pinata – let’s just say there was some enthusiasm for that, in fact I got whacked across the fingers as I was hanging it up! That hurt.
Tonight was our Annual Burgers & Beer fundraiser for work so I had to leave the party early to sling burgers. We had a good turn out and I won a prize at the Silent Auction. Climbing gear!!
I am so excited. A climbing harness, 3 2-way radios, a fleece sweatshirt and 2 pairs of sunglasses all for $86 thank you very much. All proceeds to our childcare programs. This may be the longest post ever due to a few too many after I finished cooking. But hey – it was a great night and our kids will benefit from it.
Ooh the pillow is a preview of the quilt that my Mom is making for my cousin and her soon to be husband. Incredible isn’t it? So many details that mean so much – like she included a butterfly cut from a piece of our Nana’s handmade lace. It is a work of love.

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