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Sadly- I have not much to report. This week again has been ridiculously busy.

I have started the first sleeve for my RR but…working, working, working and had 2 day training over the weekend. Loved it but many times had itchy fingers!

I am looking forward to the holiday season for a few days of knitting leisure.

New pic coming soon…


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I haven’t had much time to knit this week – still not feeling the best and end of the month paperwork etc. Plus I just started A Million Little Pieces and have been in near catatonic state with book in hand until wee hours since Friday so…Also I have a real sickness when it comes to knitting. I am always more excited about a project when I begin it – so once I get to the mid-stage all I am thinking about is the next project and envisioning the yarn I will use and how to adapt the pattern and what people will say and I wind up abandoning the project of the moment.

BUT part of starting this blog is to help me through this – I have determined to FINISH projects this winter and not drop them like yesterdays Bennifer…and then it snows for the first time and I want to start a new hat for myself…and a cape…and a candy striped sweater…and a dress for my niece…and a coat for my dog…and a scarf and mitts for myself…
There are too many things I want to do!
Tell me I am not alone!!! Please?!?
In the meanwhile here is The Ravenclaw Raglan at the end of Week 1.

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